Today i am going introduce yet another Japanese fashion website that delivers worldwide!

I’m sure one of the biggest woes for Japanese fashion lover overseas is the trouble of buying and shipping from online stores. The procedure is long and usually you end up paying a lot extra for all the shipping/concierge services.

KIEI TOKYO is not your usual mass fashion market. It is a new webstore that features various up and coming Japanese designers with their creative pieces.


There are several categories you can choose from, depending on your style of fashion, and once you order your items, they will ship it directly to you, and you pay the same retail price as in Japan,(during promotion, they even offer free worldwide shipping!!) Shopping for Japanese fashion has never been more worth it! XD

Of course the prices are higher than regular fast fashion brands, because these are created by creative individual local designers in Japan, which also mean that the items in the store are really one of a kind and you will probably not get it anywhere else!

Here are some of the brands under different categories that caught my attention:


Synaps and ARTY GRACE.



Guri, and APOLIA.

It is just sooooo Japanese <3

Some of the items available in store.





And so during my trip in Tokyo i had a chance to visit their office/press room for a tour, and tried on some of the items personally!


Coordinate 1

Top: Bodysong

Brooch: Hi-Me TOKYO

Close up of the ring. Black version and silver version available.

The brooch is from Hi-Me TOKYO, and they have all sort of funky accessories! On the image is the designer herself.

That’s a brooch and i pin it on the girl in my shirt hahaha. You can view it here.


Coordinate 2

Dress: Amie by Miely flare sleeve one piece in indigo.

Pearl ear cuff:

Rings: Hi-Me TOKYO

The pearl ear cuffs are super gorgeous!

And the trump card rings have reflective surface you can double up as a mini mirror. Super convenient for checking/touching up your make up XD

(Club ring and Heart Ring)


Coordinate 3

Set-up suit by ARTY Grace

Summer wool flat collar jacket 

Summer wool flare skirt


Coordinate 4

T shirt from q58

T shirt from q58

Cap from THUNDERBOX (coming soon!)


Coordinate 5

FUCK top from NuGgETEE


Coordinate 6

Unhappy Is Over maxi dress i bought from Kiei!! It’s super comfy!


T shirts: XXX


That’s all that i tried on!

With the person behind KIEI TOKYO, Ryo san. Thank you so much for the fashion visit!


to browse for more products!

 In conjunction of their grand opening, they are also offering at 10% discount coupon for everyone!!! 😀

Remember they ship directly worldwide, and you pay the exact same retail price as in Japan. Happy shopping!