Here’s a photo collection of all the coordinates during my trip in Tokyo so far! It’s a month’s worth so it’s really the biggest collection ever (wa talk until like big fashion show like that lol). It’s quite amazing how when you come to Japan, you won’t even think about slacking for even one day and just go no-make with anyhow-outfit. Cuz the fashionable people on the streets won’t allow you to even think about doing so lol.

Also i’m getting larger by day (sometimes really overnight) some of the clothes i brought here in the beginning don’t even fit anymore lol. Perfect excuse to shop for even more clothes!

Is it just me?? But I really don’t think a big belly is sexy in any way like everyone seems to think. And especially not those naked pregnancy pictures!!! (No. JUST NO.) So most of the time i just try to angle it in such a way to make it not so obvious XD. Having said that my bump is really quite big now and if you see me in real life you will actually get a shock hahahaha. I’m still not sure if it is the baby or all the birthday cakes.

So these are the Cheat One™ Coordinate (i haven’t done Cheat One™s in such a long time! XD) in chronological order by my pregnancy week and day:


Coordinate 1 (26w3d)

Top: lilLilly

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Jouetie


Coordinate 2 (26w4d)



Coordinate 3 (26w5d)

Dress & shoes: EMODA


Coordinate 4 (26w6d)

I know you want to ask!!! Caged heels are from lilLilly Tokyo.


Coordinate 5 (27w0d)

Tinkerbell top: LDS


Coordinate 6 (27w1d)




Coordinate 7 (27w2d)

Top says “I’ll take care of you!!” Maybe is mother instinct finally come out liao AHHAHAHA. Hardly ever wear so Harajuku!


Coordinate 8 (27w3d)

Leather jacket bought in H&M in Germany, in kid size lolol.


Coordinate 9 (27w4d)



Coordinate 10 (27w5d)

Navy set up: MeJane


Coordinate 11 (27w6d)

Shoes: MURUA


Coordinate 12 (28w0d)

Dress: Select shop

Jacket: Jouetie


Coordinate 13 (28w1d)



Coordinate 14 (28w2d)

Cherry earrings: lilLilly Tokyo

Denim: Vintage shop in Harajuku


Coordinate 15 (28w3d)

Shoes: Smir Nasli


Coordinate 16 (28w4d)



Coordinate 17 (28w5d)

Cardigan: MURUA


Coordinate 18 (28w6d)



Coordinate 19 (29w0d)

Lemon print top: EMODA


Coordinate 20 (29w1d)



Coordinate 21 (29w2d)



Coordinate 22 (29w2d)



Coordinate 23 (29w3d)

Knit top: EMODA


Coordinate 24 (29w4d)


Skirt: LDS

Clutch: Liz Lisa


Coordinate 25 (29w5d)

Jacket: EMODA


Coordinate 26 (29w6d)

Pink gingham jacket & dress: EMODA



Coordinate 27 (30w0d)

Trainer set-up: EMODA

And that was today!!! Which i turned 30 week along, which is 8 month and a half in Japanese pregnancy calendar! 10 more weeks to go!!!

I know ah. In this post you were also just scrolling to stare at my belly only ok now i feel shy. Hide baby, hide!!!

Anyway i’m quite amazed that in these whole 8 months i bought zero maternity clothing and managed to somehow fit into the usual clothes which i can still wear after delivery! Although i did get a belly band just last week cuz my back start to hurt like mad with all the crazy walking in Tokyo. But yea don’t let anyone fool you into buying expensive unflattering maternity pieces lol.

That’s all! Hope you all feel cheated.

Tell me your favorite preggo  Cheat One™!!! ^^




Herbal Essences Winners:

Anyway i’ve also picked 8 winners from the Herbal Essences entries, and they are:

1. Eri

2. Gina Ling

3. JacJacKhoo

4. Joey

5. Christy

6. Daphne

7. Jane

8. Marianna

Please email with your full name to claim your party tickets! ^^