Sakura year 2012

Sakura Year 2013

And…. this year’s version. Just got back from Japan, finally settled down a little (with house still full of unpacked luggages omg), and i’m here to annoy you right away.


Needless to say, April is my absolute favorite month to visit Japan, not only i get to have an excuse to buy myself a birthday present (air tickets to japan), the whole country is also in-your-face-pink. Even people who hate pink, too bad, you just have to accept your fate, there’s no escape lolol.

And the reason for all the pinkness: sakura.

So of course there’s the white (more like pink) strawberries! I’m not sure if it is seasonal, but i only seem to see it during spring!

Indulgence every year!

Pink candy-cherry earring.

Snidel pink pop corn!


Cheat One™ Full bloom at Shibuya station!!!


Pink Lolita shop


Pink ice-cream from Haagan Dazs


And limited edition Sakura and Rose flavored Haagen Dazs.

Tasted surprisingly good!

Even SKII is not losing out.


And of course McDonald’s has to be all sakura-themed.


Sakura macaron from Q Pot cafe


Pregnancy application also all pink XD


All pink YSL party!


My absolute favorite dish washer JOY is also now pink!


Even vending machines are sakura-themed!


Night sakura


Sakura Mont Blanc


Pink Hello Kitty goods


Pink Hello Kitty iPhone sticker


Tsubaki. The most perfect flower i’ve seen ♡


Sakura Jelly with a whole sakura in it!

Pink sakura jelly and mochi set

Pink party by Qoo!


White strawberry upgrade —> Shiroi Ichigo tart


Pink hello kitty toilet paper


Sakura donuts


Sakura jam


Sakura marshmallow


Sakura sparkling wine! (Keeping it for later haha)


Ok that’s all! Which was your favorite pink/sakura item? (Cannot say “ALL”!)