After fashion, of course there’s food! 😀

Every time i post a food picture on Instagram, confirm i will receive at least 5 “ewww“s and “gross“s no matter what food it is! (including Mango shaved ice, believe it or not!!)

But to be fair to people who are not familiar with Asian food (most of the commenters are Western), it indeed might look a bit gross. But here are some of the noms i had in Tokyo, and i will introduce them! 😀


First meal in the morning!

It was cold and rainy the first morning and i had to rush to Yoyogi Park to meet RinRin for hanami (sakura viewing) so this is an instant tummy warmer! It’s called Corn Potashu (corn soup), and bought it for 90 yen from the combini (convenient store).



This is a night time favorite! It’s called Oden.

Although this one was in a proper restaurant, most of the time we buy it in combini for emergency meal/midnight snack! It’s braised radish, eggs, and other stuff (you get to choose whatever you want), and very very calorie saving. For example Konnyaku is 0 cal!



I didn’t buy this but this pic was one of the most LIKED pics on my Instagram.



Shiroi Ichigo (White strawberry)

I don’t think this is Pineberry because it looks very very different from Pineberry. Plus it’s mostly pink and not pure white. It’s crazy expensive, RinRin and i bought two for ¥1260 (more than RM20 each) but it was so limited edition and cute the novelty alone was worth RM20 lol.

Many of you asked me how it tastes like, well it may look sour but it’s actually even sweeter than red strawberries 😀 :D. But it also taste a little lighter and smoother!


This is how it looks inside!

See the texture quite different right!


Cabbage is spring’s seasonal specialty in Japan, so there are cabbage hotpots everywhere 😀

It is super healthy and tastes very light at first, but the danna looooves to add Mostu (it’s pork or beef… guts? I think?), which is one of the grossest looking thing i’ve seen, and i refused to eat it at first, but it tasted sooooooo good once i had the guts (HAHAH sorry) to try it. And it’s apparently full of natural collagen!



Misha brought us to her fav restaurant because she loves her veggies.

This dish is purely just fresh veggies steamed, and dipped with salt powder or Yuzu pepper to your liking. We just savored it piece by piece and went “hmmmmm” the entire time until the last bit. I really never thought veggies could taste so good one.



One of my fav Japanese style western dish is Hamburg steak! From 76 Cafe at Omotesando <3


Cabbage risotto from 76 cafe too. This was SO. GOOD. i immediately wanted to order a second plate T___T. And then i regretted i didn’t because i probably can’t eat it anymore the next time i go back since this is also a spring limited edition T___T



Did i mention how much i LOVE risotto???

This was from an Italian restaurant in Shibuya, it was very very good too! It’s a Tai (a kind of fish) soup risotto.



We also had sauteed avocado bacon. Very very good too T___T



Toridon (chicken rice bowl) at Sukiya!!!

With the deflation and super competitiveness between all the Gyudon shops (Sukiya/Yoshinoya/Matsuya… etc), the price is now as low as  ¥200 (RM6+) emp2emp2emp2emp2

And with the yen going lower and lower, everything in Japan is like on 30% discount 😀 😀 😀


Oh ya and i did i mention one thing i cannot live without in Japan is their eggs T___T.

For some reason right, their eggs all have white shells (the ones in malaysia are beige), and their yolks are super rich orangy color instead of the pale yellow i normally have.

And they are also super round! FYI if the yolk is flat, it is very not fresh, so avoid eating eggs with flat yolks! Just so you know nao! 😀

I can go on and on and on about eggs! But i also had very horrible egg incident in Bali, probably was salmonella.  T__T The two of us went down for one whole week.


And i only dare to eat raw eggs in Japan cuz so far so good!

This is a yolk separator from Sukiya! You separate the white so you can top the yolk on the rice bowl like the above pic. But i felt the white was super wasted so i added it into my soup wtf.



This is called Peko chan no hoppe (Peko’s cheek)

I had it once when i was in Nagoya and have not seen it ever.

It’s just a spongey cake with custard filling inside and it’s so fluffy and soft. It’s quite hard to find so i was super happy when i found it in very kampung area lol.



Most of you know about Ippudo Ramen right???

This is their dried snack lolol



Mentaiko Motsu Nabe

Another Cabbage Motsu hot pot, but topped with gloooooooorious mentaiko <3 <3 <3



This one is a MUST. Although i have another fav ramen chain, this is so far the best rated by ALL my friends who have visited Japan. It is called Ichiran, and you can find one in most areas in Tokyo (Harajuku/Roppongi etc).



One of my fav breakfast place at Omotesando.


Their french toast. Their french toast. (it’s so good i have to repeat twice lol).

It’s super fluffy and you can feel zero oil one! (somehow i have a feeling that i’ve already blogged about this before, please correct me.)



I call this soft cream beer, but many of you called it shit beer. LOLOLOL



This is the only pic of me in the entire blog post. You are welcome.



Giant scallop lunch



Sauteed teppanyaki asparagus



Onsen tamago



Tsukune (Japanese meatball)




This thing right is like a grilled avocado, i dunno how they made this but the “skin” of  the avocado IS SO CRISPY and inside it’s just so soft and melty oh my god i’m hungry now why did i torture self like this.



Finally some sushi!!!!

This was a 75yen sushi shop. Dafug. And i thought 100 yen was already ridiculous but this was 75YEN!!!!!!! That’s like RM2+!!!!!!!

And this is a standing sushi bar so you cannot sit one lol.

Ok la not ALL their dishes are 75yen, it was 75yen AND above hahhaha. But the danna and i had one of the best dinners.

1. Engawa. I dunno what is it called in English but google says “flounder’s edge”. This is a life-changing sushi. I no bluff you. It’s the danna’s absolute favorite and it’s rapidly crawling up my list too, falling shortly after uni and and toro.

2. Octopus!

3. This one you all know! Amaebi!

4. Grilled octopus omg this was soo yummy

5. Uni uni uni uni i love you T___T

6. Ikura (left) and some shell fish (right). I don’t really like shell fish sushi.



Taco rice at 76 cafe again


One of my forever favorite: Omuraisu (omelette rice) also from 76 cafe


Burger at 76cafe and its very very very awesome fries



Sora Mame (Sky Bean).



Kohada sashimi

After visiting Japan i realized that i have zero knowledge in edible fish. T__T. 90% of the fish in the menu are names i have never heard of.

So imma just bluff my way through the sashimi section in this post wtf


Grilled anago (a type of unagi).

This sushi shop is one of the most famous but very far off city center. But really was one of the best T___T

After eating this i didn’t want to brush teeth for the rest of the day.



Assorted shell fish. Not a big fan though.


Eh sorry. Wrong picture.

This Kyspeaks sent to me because he got very annoyed i kept sending him yummy Japanese food picture lolol. So this is his revenge. And it worked T___T

You are right. This is the yummiest looking picture in this entire post T___T

But this pic alone probably also has more oil than all the other food in this post combined lolol



Jane doe fish sashimi


John doe fish sashimi is from Monzushi (紋寿司),it’s at Yuutenji, maybe a little hard to find since it’s a few train transits away from Shibuya, but definitely worth it!!!





This one we bought it from Sendai, and it’s Uni, scallop and Ikura.

One of the most luxurious bento i’ve ever had. We ate it in a park on the last day of our stay in Tokyo T__T



Okinawa’s specialty: Sea grape! Tastes like a vegetarian version of caviar!


Sandwich. It’s quite normal but just want to comment that the sweet pea is really VERY VERY sweet!!!



Aburi Salmon



Prawn miso soup



Wafu pasta


Ok that’s all!!




What? Dessert?

Ok ok ok.


Ichigo tart

Actually i never like sweets, and i didn’t even buy this strawbie tart.

That also explains the lack of sweetness in this food post.


But i go to Qpot just for its cuteness

It’s so incredibly fine and cute it looks wrong to be eaten



Sakura plate


Ok that’s all!

Now i just made myself hungry so imma cook instant noodle. Bai!