Do you sometimes wish that someone would just pick a ready-to-wear outfit specially for you every now and then without having to go through the headache of mixing and matching? Or better, receive a surprise present every month?

HVV Mood Box by Her Velvet Vase is a a gift box of surprise that you can subscribe to every month/over several months, base on your mood of the month!

I love the idea! It’s like having a personal stylist to help you shop for a brand new outfit every month!

Before that, a brief intro about Her Velvet Vase!

Her Velvet Vase was established in 2007 and is one of the leading online female fashion stores in Singapore. They have been featured multiple times on the covers of newspapers and publications for their unique fashion concept and style.


At Her Velvet Vase, our vision for the modern multifaceted fashion experience incorporates a refreshing balance between style, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and well-being. We are constantly striving to educate our customers and to offer them an array of contemporary lifestyle alternatives so that they may always make well-informed decisions that will best suit their personalities and style.



First of all you can choose the type of subscription that you want, from S$100 to S$150 worth of products at different subscription fee. Of course, the longer you subscribe, the more worth it it becomes!

For me i picked 3 month subscription of $100 worth of products at S$70 each month.



After that is the fun part!

Every month you get to pick a different mood or style if you like! This month i went for something edgy/street chic. But i always love to just tick the “Surprise Me!” column because i like to challenge my stylist like that hahahha.


You also get a reminder email every month to select from a list of mood options. HVV changes options pretty frequently to keep everything fun and very refreshing! 

You can also include your IG or FB profile, i guess your stylist need to understand you better too rather than blindly picking an outfit for you.

Of course you will need to fill in your sizing and all.

And… that’s all! Then you just have to wait for your surprise parcel.


Mine arrived just a few days ago, and Champon is doing his “routine check”, sniffing around for suspicious item (he could steal) lol.


I was really excited to open it!



On first glance, the content looks the stuff i’d totally wear lol.

Let’s spread them out and see…

I got two tops, a necklace, a pair of sunglasses and denim pants, and a really gorgeous bag! All these for only S$70, i think it’s super worth it!!!

Trying them on.


Here’s the complete outfit picture:

Coordinate 1

(all from HVV Mood Box except the booties).

I love how they already think ahead for me and sent the knit top and a pair of warm jeggings suitable for traveling! Looks like my HVV stylist is preparing me for an autumn trip somewhere lol. Ok hint taken! XD


Of course you can always be creative and mix it up with other items you already have.

Coordinate 2

Top, necklace and bag from HVV Mood Box.




Subscribe your mood box now at Her Velvet Vase! Here’s a discount code you can use:

HVVXCHEESIE10OFF , valid till 30 September!


Also here are some of the lookbook outfits i like:




Happy shopping!