(Yes wor, still got hanami.)


I was so excited to write this post because i was waiting for QiuQiu to announce her pregnancy!!!

Now that she did i can also mention here liao! 😀 Anyway i am SO HAPPY for her because of all my friends she probably wanted a baby the most (and i was one of those people who hated babies ) and is so so sweet to all her friend’s babies including Junya <333

This post happened in April when she came to Tokyo for a short trip and managed to find time to meet me! I was 7 months pregnant and she not yet.

Preggo coordinate.

She said she wanted to be like me when she gets pregnant, super chill and wear Cheat One™ outfits and eat eeeeeeverything. Well, now she can. 😀 Although i’m starting to think that she’s outdoing my chillness already XD

Hanami make.

First we met at Omotesando and had lunch at 76CAFE. With my danna and her danna Josh. Double lunch date hahaha.

Hi. The danna strategically blocked lolol.

Another one also strategically blocked lolol.

If his wife and son are super selfie-pros, he is the anti-selfie pro. He just somehow manages to siam from every single picture so you can’t blame me XD.


Lunch for the 4 of us! Chicken Karaage set was the yummiest! 76CAFE is also super famous for their Taco Rice among the locals though i have yet to try it!


And theeeeeeeeeen i brought Qiu and Josh to Yoyogi, cuz she was in Tokyo for a few days but haven’t even seen some decent sakuras. I told her the full bloom is kind of over and she’d better be prepared for disappointment cuz it was raining hard and most of the petals are probably fallen.


I have totally forgotten the beauty of fallen sakura. :3


Sakura Carpet.


Qiu was soooo happy cuz it was her first time to see proper sakura in a garden, not just a random sakura tree here and there. She was so excited like she just saw a unicorn lol and i always love seeing people’s first-time reaction to sakura!


So this was how it looked the entire Yoyogi Park! Just a few days ago i was there during full bloom, and a few more days before that before full bloom. I have gone through the whole sakura cycle with Yoyogi park!


Incredible. Pink carpet!!!

We took lots and lots of pictures, here are probably just 5% of them.

Sakura wind-in-our-face pic.

Only tortoises can look grumpy under the sakura. Actually the petals on the shell were our mischief lolol.

This one was actually a puddle. It rained hard the previously and all the sakura fell onto wet ground and created a sakura pool.

I die die wanted to climb into it for a picture. It’s called 水上花美人 LOLOL.


Here are some pix stolen from QiuQiu blog. Credit to Josh for photo and manual sakura petal effects XD

HAHAHA this one 穿包

Success XD

This one can see my baby bump hehe.

Anyway i hope the next time we go back to Japan she we have a role reversal!! She would be the heavily pregnant one and me slim and chio lol. With an extra Junya. 😀


After that we went back to a nearby shop to eat dessert since everyone was in a good mood. This is just the icing on the cake lololol.

Or rather, pancake.

Strawbie shortcake.


Qiu’s sakura Mont Blanc.



So Qiu and Josh had to rush somewhere else, and me to Asakusa to meet some other friends from Malaysia. Like i said the whole world was in Tokyo that time, and i was happily playing tour guide running here and there around Tokyo. Not literally run la. Cannot cuz belly big haha.

Asakusa also has sakura!

With Yuki and Horny photobombed (Yes his name is Horny. Not because he is. Explain next time. Anyway something to do with birth certificate registration and idiot officer lolol).

Yeap that’s Horny.

At Asakusa shrine!

After that we took a train to Sky Tree.

Strawbie Domokun!


Then night time went to Ebisu to meet RinRin for dinner.

And then back to Roppongi to rest.

That’s my one day. Quite eventful!!


Continue again next! (I know some of you are sick of hanami already. I think no more liao after this.)






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