(Tokyo Photopost)

This was a few days after my birthday in Tokyo! That time still very happening almost fully booked every day lolol. Must maximize play time before the baby arrives!

Coordinate of the day. The shoes are Cheat One™ because they were quite high and i had a whole day of walking, so changed to flats later on!

Make of the day. Only in Japan i bother to put on colorcon nowadays XD


So i cabbed to Omotesando and visited this super cute little apparel shop called Oui, Ayano Ruban.

Hello Kitty lovers will LOOOOOVE this because they always have collab items with Hello Kitty!

With Ayano, the producer of the brand. And she’s wearing Oui, Ayano Ruban of course!


Here are some of the decor and apparel items in the shop:

Ruban means Ribbon in French, and being a pink and everything-girly lover, Ayano designed everything to be super dreamy and princessy!


As you can see, lots and lots and lots of ribbons!

Kitty Collab items! The Ruban Kitty is wearing a giant pink bow, and the designs are also shapes of ribbon. #Ribbonception


There’s also a pet corner in the shop, where you can find the princessiest accessories for your fur babies.

Bags for pets (i think).


After Ruban, i also went to lilLilly to buy their summer swimsuit. HAHAHA so buay paiseh wan still 7 months pregnant already planning for bikini body lolol.

Todays shopping!

The Holiday In Paris bag is from Liz Lisa and it’s QiuQiu’s bday present for me.



Then night time i had a romantic dinner date with Yuria at Omotesando to celebrate our belated birthdays! <3

She’s also an Aries, and i just loooove hanging out with her because we could talk about everything!! I’m older than her but i always feel that she’s the elder sister cuz she’s just so caring and always looking out for me <333

My fake champagne Yuria ordered for me 😀

And her real beer XD

Love this restaurant!! I don’t think i’ve had such dainty meals in Japan cuz i always go for the stuff like Yakiniku and Ramen XD

Even mash and cheese have to look so good.


Romantic dinner indeed!

Yuria also ordered a cake for me!!

And a present!!!!!

It was Tokyo Lalini for baby Junya <3


I couldn’t eat the cake cuz we both were so so full so i brought to NALU and shared it with the staff, and eveveryone said that it’s the best strawberry cake they have ever ad @___@




I went back home to rest, the danna was hungry so we went downstairs to buy some stuff from the combini, and we saw a couple sitting outside with these two fellas.

Two cute Shiba Inu, apparently they are lost, according to the couple. They had been waiting there for over an hour hoping that the owner would find the dogs, but to no avail. They were so so worried they also called the police, and went into the combini tand bought water for the doggies.

I was very touched!!! So the danna and i also decided to stay and see how we could help out. They were so so so obedient! I don’t understand how they could get lost cuz they were so quiet and looks well-trained. I also felt quite sad for the owner, because we just decided to get Champon just weeks ago (he was still at the breeder’s place waiting for vaccination), and i would be devastated it that happened to me.


So the danna said, why don’t you tweet about this and see if anyone knows these dogs. In my heart i thought it was quite impossible la, it is Tokyo! I doubt i have many Japanese followers and that my mere tweet could actually do anything.

But i did it anyway.

I tweeted in Japanese reporting two lost Shiba Inu at Roppongi area, hoping my followers could spread the news.

In just a couple of hours, i got over 2000 retweets.

That was the most retweeted tweet in my entire tweeting history. Ever.


The police came and brought the two doggies back to the station, and we went back up to our apartment.

Just a short while after, i received a tweet mention from a Japanese follower saying that she was surprised to see the two dogs she just met at hanami earlier on the same day, and when she called the police, they told her it’s been found and brought home by the owner.


Incredible, this social media thing. Hope that the doggies are happily united with their owner!








Big Little Me

I received a care package from Big Little Me specially selected for my family! They carry organic products that are family/children focused at affordable prices. The shop owner Justine is so thoughtful she typed a personalized card for every product she sent me and explained what the products do and why she thinks i needed them. <3


Bio+Green Crystals

This baby-safe multi surface & toy cleaner comes in a sachet, you just drop it into the bottle that comes with it and mix it with warm water until it dissolves. It’s completely toxic-free and made up of plant derived ingredients. You can spray it on your baby’s toys/playmats and and it’s perfectly safe for pets too! (I use it to clean Champon’s toys.)


Little Innoscents

I also received a vapour balm and a soothing cream. The vapour balm smells really gentle, and it’s free from petroleum jelly. Totally need this when i bring Junya back Japan in winter! The soothing cream is not just a diaper rash cream, but a solution to sooth insect bites too. It works on babies with sensitive skin/suffering from eczema.


Bio Shield Healthy Feet

Justine sent this actually for the danna (probably because she saw how many dirty pair of shoes he has from my pictures lololol).  It helps protect the feet from bacteria that causes Athlete’s Foot and eliminate odor. Spray it on before putting shoes/socks or after exiting from public wet areas and rub into feet.


Bio Shield Body Protectant

The red one is Kiddie and blue for adults! Those of you who have little ones for sure are very conscious about hygiene. Instead of using sanitizers to clean your hands after touching a dirty objects, why not protect yourself BEFORE you even get exposed to it? Bio Shield contains all natural ingredients (including my favorite natto!), and you can just spray it on to protect yourself or your baby/kids from germs and common cold. Perfect for traveling with kids especial in public area  or enclosed environment like the airplane!

Do check out Big Little Me’s online store, and get a 5% discount on all purchase until 31 Oct 2014 if you quote “cheeserland”! No minimum purchase is required. Also, like their FB page to receive updates and promotions!