Hello ALL the kitties!!!!!!!!!

Happy that i can blog about the trip since Qiu has updated like 5 million posts and i could steal pictures from her.

Thanks to ExpediaXiaxueQiuQiuAud went on a trip to Taipei and Tokyo earlier, and during one of the days in Tokyo we decided to go to Sanrio Puroland, the land of all Hello Kitties!!!

None of us have been there before and since it was almost like the whole purpose of this trip is to Hello Kitty the hell out of ourselves started with Hello Kitty cafe in taipei, then Sanrio land and flying Kitty airline. We have pretty much eat sleep (on the plane) play Kitty, now we just need to crap some Kitties.


Anyway, make of the day!




And coordinate with Aud



Mom boobs -_-



Oyakodon for lunch!



And then took the train to Sanrio Puroland.

This picture is actually taken by a Japanese lady who recognized us from TV wtf. Feeling mini celebriti-ish at the same time a bit paiseh that we are all in a subway acting all noob like first timers liddat lol. We all! Y U NO can afford limo!



With Qiu. It’s a day with compulsory hair accessories.




This pic looks like a poster of some disaster movie where the heroes walk out from an explosion while buildings collapse behind them with sunglasses and biker jackets on. I’m not very sure if they do pece signs.



Someone commented on my Instagram saying this is “the Aud one out” LOLOL







First pic we took before we dashed to the Hello Kitty gift shop!



Love the name.



I struggled for very very very long and decided not to buy these. I blame iPhone 5.



But then we both bought RM15 water. I blame Sanrio.



Our pastel phone cases!!!



We then camho in the toilet.



This pic has got 3 me, 2 Aud, 1 Wendy and 0 Qiu. So i win.




And then!!!


There was this Hello Kitty art exhibition going on inside, which we had to pay 500 yen for because we stupidly bought only entrance ticket and not all-rides ticket.

I was struggling if we should go inside and i’m soooo glad that i sort of forced everyone inside because i really enjoyed it!!!



It’s like a mini Kitty museum with the history and origin of Hello Kitty.



And the life of Kitty.



They forgot “iPhones”.


Gotochi Kitty, symbolic kitties that represents each town/province in Japan.



This is just some of them.

Sigh sometimes the cuteness 感動 me.



And then during this exhibition, they also introduce a new limited ed Hello Kitty called Ichigoman.



There are big and small paints of Kitty with/in/as strawberries. And i LOVE all of them!!!!







And then i found out that…

They are all painted by Yamaguchi Yuko, the third character designer of Hello Kitty.


And then i suddenly feel very very 感動 that i have actually met such an incredible talented designer. She has just become one of my favorite designers in the world.

Not only have i met her in real life, i also have her judged and praised my work now i feel like an artist wtf.

The first time i saw her i got a shock because of how she dressed and her incredibly orange hair. It was during Kawaii Of The World’s first challenge– decorating a domokun. We were pre-warned of her notorious meanness and criticism.

But she loved the Domokun i made with Amandine. T__T



How cute is that!!!



We were told that a Kitty character will be greeting us in the last room, so i thought it must be some hyper Kitty prancing around waving franctically pretend friendly like the Disney characters, which i don’t mind la.


But when we went inside the room we saw…




Seriously the cutest mascot i’ve yet seen.

A quiet, demure, princess-like, super slow-moving kitty on her four legs just staring at us intently.





I queued to take a pic with her.



And then the 4 of us queued again to take a picture together




And then i queued again to take another picture.

I seriously…. have not been so fascinated by fur costume dressed with human in it. I’m not sure how Wendy and Qiu feels but when we went home, Aud (my roomie) and i just stared at her solo picture for 10 whole fucking minutes and all went all “awwww” and then looked at each other, then back to the iPhone screen and “awwww” again , repeat 800 times.



These stalker pix are taken by Aud HAHHAHAHA is like we really spotted a celebrity liddat!


But seriously this Kitty T_______________T



And then it’s the end of the exhibition.


My Melody sofa



Then we had tea at Sanrio cafe, Qiu had an unintentionally matchy Kitty ear with the donut lol.



Hello Kitty macaron. Yes it made Instagram Popular Page.

Hakuna Macaron.



Bunny ears pan cake.


Our food!



Kitty donuts




All of us!

It was a super fun day! For those of you who come to Tokyo (i say come because i am still here while typing this), if you have an extra day to spare, do visit Sanrio Puroland!! It’s not incredibly wow and magical and fucking amazing like Disneyland, but i am super impressed by the effort they put in during the shows, the costumes are gorrrrrrgeous. And it has, well, hello Kitty.


Lastly, thank you Expedia.com.my for sending us to Japan <3. Go get your super awesome travel deals too with them!! <3