Every single update i do nowadays is a throwback post on Japan, so much that everyone asks me “when are you coming back to KL?” XD

And to be honest i haven’t been very fair to my own country… i mean, i haven’t even gone up to the twin towers or climb the tallest mountain in the country!! (Erm, have YOU???) But i have been to Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree and Mt Fuji. Many times.

Most of the time when i am in Malaysia i just stay home and look forward to my next trip to Japan XD. *cue slow head shakes in disapproval*


BUT! I redeem myself nao!!!


The danna and i have been wanting to spend more time with the family (ie Junya and Champon the shiba) as we were both really busy with work recently. And we decided to explore a little more around us since we are nowhere near escaping this country anytime soon. So yea we spent the last few weeks traveling around the world going to places far enough to be considered a mini getaway and near enough for a night back at the comfort of our own home.

And since his wife is Malaysian, the danna demanded i bring him to places that are considerably cool (as in temperature wise) because he’s got enough of this heat. -______-.



Erm so i guess some running water should be cooling?! We drove to Chamang waterfall at Bentong for our first ever picnic in Malaysia.

I happily prepared onigiri, tamagoyaki, drinks in cooler box and tapao KFC in hope to reminisce the sweet memories of our picnic under the sakura trees at Yoyogi Park. Then i also went to the pharmacy to buy leisure mats, mosquito repellents and baby sunblock.

JunJun’s first picnic.

But it seemed like insect bites and scorching sun was not the problem. The problem was flies T_____T.

We ended up spending most of our time shooing flies away T____T. Not cool.

Speaking of not cool, it was really nothing near the definition of cool. Junya had to change because he was drenched in sweat.

But ok la. At least Junya smelled the waterfall and saw some trees XD

And spent time with Champon.

And got lots of hugs from mama

And took family selfie. (Sorry about the unglamness of my exposing maternity bra strap -_-. When you have a baby this age and still nursing, you should expect to be forever 衣冠不整 -_____-)

And more with mama.


As i was saying it was not as cool as the danna expected it should be so he demanded to go to a cooler place. So we came to Bukit Tinggi.

Took this picture and went back home lolol.




A friend invited us to his parents’ place half way up Genting Highland for a BBQ/steak night! Usually the danna is very anti-social but i thought he may like it so i dragged him along.

And this was the house.

Wait what? Pine trees in the garden??? Did i just walk through Dokodemodoa?

This was probably the most unMalaysia place he’s ever seen and i think he was in love. It just rained so it was something like 22C. It was coooooool. After that he asked me to look for a land in Genting so we could sell everything, build a hut and retire there forever lolol.

Junya and playmates.





And apparently the danna wanted maximum chill. In both sense. So on another weekend we drove to Cameron Highland.

More like he drove and Champon vomitted and Junya spat up and i got really really nauseous. Which had me question myself why i made us come all the way here.

Giant Ichigo.

We stopped by the tea plantation cafe.

It’s amazing! Yes i have been here before (like 10 years ago) and it wowed me again. I have never seen anything so green that is not a long flight away!

Super unmatching mama&bb coordinate. Mama in her hooded parka and bb in his singlet XD

Anyway i feel that it’s quite wasted la. The scenery was amazing and we thought we could have a cute waiter serving cups of nice hot tea, a couple of scones and just sip away in mesmerism… only to realize that the “cafe” was a half-upgraded self-service mamak, the cups were wet and had gross lipstick stains and they also misspelled “stone” as “scone”.

But ok la. At least Junya breathed some tea leaf scented air. And got a kiss from mama.

Next we drove all the way up.

Our lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Tanah Rata was not bad!!! My beef steak rice bowl was really yummy.

JunJun had lunch too.

After that we braved the rain and visited the Cactus Point and then drove back home.


Or so we thought.


I took over the driver seat and drove on and on and on and on… this time i didn’t get nauseous because the road was not as windy as the way up Cameron Highland. And then i drove on and on and on… until i felt like i entered the twilight zone -_-


And then we reached Perak. -_____-

I guess that’s how Columbus discovered Uranus.


The signboard says 14KM to Ipoh and 200KM to Kuala Lumpur (!?!??!??!?!)

Then the danna decided that i shall Google and look up the most delicious thing to eat before heading back since we have already wasted half tank of petrol to come hereeeeeeeee.

That’s the story of how we accidentally visited Ipoh. Awesome.

Champon was probably kap niu (urgent to pee) until cannot.


So anyway Google told me i should have Ong Kee (over Lou Wong) so Ong Kee we went.

(The sign board says TITS Bits!!! Really?)

A lot of people!! Should be quite yummy!!

Plastic surgery gone wrong Doraemon.

The danna said this picture looks very nostalgic like a kid in Showa Era (the period of  radiant Japan) with the retro high chair and an uncle singlet lolol.

I myself had sat in one of these chairs before!

Bean sprout chicken. Not bad!

After that the danna demanded White Coffee before heading home but all the kopitiam were closed by now. A kind follower on Instagram pointed us here.

The danna had his coffee fix and we drove back home happily ever after.

Thank you so much, Instagram followers.


Anyway that ends the journey of our family time together away on mini vacations. I am really glad we did this together… it might not have been perfect but as long as it is family, it’s quite perfect. 🙂

After all that we had also jumped onto a plane for an impromptu trip to Bali (the danna decided the very morning and we had to frantically pack and book our flight -____-), and tomorrow we are driving up to Penang!!!!


Save the best for last. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀