Chano Mama, Isetan Shinjuku

One of the most popular baby-friendly cafes in Tokyo is the one i have blogged about before (but haven’t visited), Chano Mama, located at 6F, Isetan Shinjuku.

In fact, baby-friendly is not really the accurate term to describe Chano Mama. It is a Baby Cafe, because without one, you are actually not really allowed to dine in.

So yea, it is a mama and baby heaven.


I went there with my mamatomo (mommy friend) Junna and her baby Ryoga.

It’s extremely popular so during weekends there’s usually a line, and if you are lucky, you will get a sofa bed seat like this:

We were the luckiest that day, we got a corner seat that was huuuge where Junya and Ryo Kun can sit/stand/crawl/lie/play around.

12m baby and 5m baby omg. Almost the same size T____T. JunJun why you so tiny hahaha.

If your baby have started solid, there’s even a Baby Meal Menu!! Amazing or what??

There are 3 categories, one for 7-8 months, one for 9-11 months and the last one for 12-18 months. The menu sounds really delicious too, it’s just that it is very pricey T___T, the price is almost the same as adult’s meals.

Love the table-less concept but with a toddler you have to be really careful too so that he doesn’t knock over your entire lunch lol.

The restaurant offers light and healthy menu, we ordered an On Yasai Bowl (warm seasonal vegetable) for starter. Junya had some of it!


For me it was white cabbage and seared scallop risotto. It’s really delicious except that it tasted extremely mild that i thought they forgot to put salt lol. But Junna said hers was quite bland too.

Junna’s Soymilk Soba. So we were guessing it was intentionally seasoned really light so that the babies can enjoy it too?

The desserts were amazing though. My cheesecake with coffee jelly.

Junna’s dark choclate cake in berry sauce.


Nowadays even toilet visits are challenging because Junya will offer to press the Otohime (Sound Princess) flush button for me lol.



Chano Ma, Daikanyama

RinRin, Misha and i were catching up since i was in Tokyo, so she suggested going to this amazing place she discovered in Daikanyama. And it turned out to be Chano Ma, i supposed is from the same group as Chano Mama.

While Chano Mama was for people with babies only, Chano Ma is baby-friendly at lunch, and anyone could go during dinner for drinks and to chill out.

Misha was saying that “Junya was our baby ticket to the restaurant “.

Indeed most of the diners are couples or friends with their kids.

The decor was similar to Chano Mama in Isetan, except much more spacious and there are large windows overlooking busy streets.

There’s a nursing room too!

JunJun was still sleeping. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a mattress seat so we had to be at the table.


He woke up shortly and was having the best mood ever!

with Misha & RinRin


The lunch is a little more pricy than other cafes in Tokyo but the good thing is that it comes with a drink & bread buffet set!

There are different types of mixed juices and teas, free refill. The juices are mostly caffein free so it’s perfect for small kids/pregnant moms.

And lots of bread!

JunJun happy with his bread. You can either bring the stroller in if your baby is sleeping, or they would provide you with a high chair or baby seat like this one.



My pasta with 20 types of vegetables.


I loved the place! The best thing about cafes like this is that you don’t have to be super kitsukau (be considerate/look out for other people) in case your baby throws a fit lolol. There are other babies who cry/make noise all the time so i guess the mommies can really just relax without worrying too much, occasionally exchanging a few glances with other mothers in empathy. 😛

Would definitely go back with Junya again!

Do let me know how it goes if you decide to visit the cafes!