So i’ve blogged about the 2016’s limited edition Eight Cola-Cola Chinese New Year Cans. Since I was given the message card, i thought it would be a great idea to dedicate each special can to a special person in my life.

So there are 8 different auspicious wishes and symbolisms, and here they are and they people i wish to gift the suitable cans to!

事业顺利: Smooth Sailing Career: Miyabi

Miyabi is a new friend i got to know from work, but we instantly promoted each other from work associates to the presidents of a secret club called the “Siao Club”, because before meeting each other, we could not believe there are people who love Japan as siao (crazily) as we do. Every time we talk about Japan we were like uh huh uh huh, you think so too?!? She is so full of positive energy that every time i talked to her it was like i was being cleansed from all the evil energies. Thank you Miyabi.

This year i know that she endeavours to venture into a new career so i want to wish her all the best because she is super talented and i think she can definitely achieve bigger things in life!

情场得意: Flourish In Love: Carolyn

None other than this girl XD. Whom sometimes i think people will mistake her as Junya’s mother instead when we go out together XD. I knew her maybe like 7 or 8 years ago and she was my blog reader! Now we talk to each other every day!

She was like me 4 years ago. Living a nice life, having a great career, and all she needs is a little good luck in the heart stuff. We went to Hakone to pray together last year, and soon enough she noticed that the love luck is on her way! I’d like to wish her to continue to be blessed with continuous love and flourish in a fruitful relationship. ^^

财源滚滚: Abundance In Wealth: Amy

I admire her courage. Amy is Number76’s top stylist yet she dared to risk losing all her customers in KL and venture into a whole new different country just to challenge herself (together with another top stylist Steve).

I got to know Amy in 2011 and she was just a salon assistant who cried to me when she couldn’t pass the weekly Number76 hair exam (shhh. Nobody is supposed to know this). It’s incredibly how much she has progressed in a short few years! She was initially very worried about her new life in Singapore, but i can see that she is doing better than what she expected!

So i wish her HUAT AHHHH! in the year of 2016 hahhaa. And please support her in Number76 Singapore so that she will be 财源滚滚 and not 滚回家 lol.

青春常驻:Lasting Youthfulness: Ichigo

My longest friend from high school! When we were in highschool, we used to worry that one day we would age and become obasan since we were 14 T___T. We were probably the vainest girls in the class.

Now we are both mothers of two kids (although one still on the way, for me)!!! I wish her all lasting youthfulness and be forever cute and pretty and remain a hot mama for the next few decades hahaha.

贵人相助: Benefactors Aplenty: QiuQiu

Junya’s potential mother in law hahahha.

In 2015 Qiu and her family gave immeasurable help to our family, especially when we first planned to relocate to Singapore. I don’t know how we would settle down in Singapore without their help.

I also know that she is facing some difficulties in life, so for the year of 2016 i would like to wish her the same, to have many many 贵人 queuing up to offer her support and guidance hahaha. Because i really believe in 好人有好报。

学业有成: Academic Success: All my young readers!!!

Aiya i couldn’t find a candicate i know for this particular Coca-Cola can because… I’m too old to have any peers who are still in school, and i am also not old enough to have children who needs this wish yet lol.

So… i know that a lot of you are still studying (don’t read too much blogs!!), so i wish you all in 2016 a great success in your studies, and pass alllllll your exams with flying unicorns in rainbow colors!!! 😀

生意兴隆:Prosperity In Business: Danna

Of course i keep one of the best wishes for my own husband!!! Hahaha.

I wish that everything goes well for him in 2016, so that he can afford to have more time to take a rest, go for a few surf, and spend a little more time to watch movies with his wife and play catch ball with his son. Oh my god and his new daughter. I almost forgot about that.

So yes!! Hope that he will have a prosperous new year and we will also live an even better life and also go back to Japan more often!!! 😀

合家平安: Peace In The Family: Mom

Just like me, this is probably the most significant wish for my mom too.

She is a very simple person, and her biggest wish will be health and happiness for everyone around her. So i wish her in year 2016, she will be surrounded by peacefulness and blessings and lots of love around her. May her daughter and grandchildren be super healthy and happy too! Hahhaha smart or not, indirectly benefit myself also XD.

And please prepare big ang pow this year thanks.

So yea, that’s all my 8 gift Coca-Cola cans for the people who meant a lot to me.

How about you?

Maybe this year around, you can take this chance to customize heartfelt greetings and gift the respective wishes to your loved ones during CNY!

You can get these limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans from the stores from now onwards!