Shopping haul!!!

Actually it has nothing to do with Osaka specialty hahaha it’s just that for this trip i only went to Osaka, but most of the stuff i bought are quite generic Japanese souvenirs, except maybe the ones i got from USJ (Universal Studio Japan).

If you are bored you can also read my Tokyo Omiyage post here.

Anyway i was reading some of my shopping haul video pre-motherhood, and i was shocked how different my shopping contents were. 90% of my shopping used to be clothes and make up. And some cute stuff for my house.

This time around, 90% of the stuff i bought are for other people. Over the years i have learnt that shopping for other people is such a great joy. Starting from Junya.

Actually i wished that i bought more but it was a media trip and our schedule was fully packed. Although there was plenty of shopping time, it was impossible for me to carry bags and bags of souvenir and run up and down a castle. With the belly of mine that has seemed to balloon twice the size in 3 days.

Nvm!!! Next trip! 😀

Ok here goes!!


For JunJun

Obviously i took the opportunity to stock up stuff that i really needed. Especially milk powderrrrr.

1.Meiji Milk Powder

I bought this from Don Quijote and i almost wanted to like buy a whole carton if it wasn’t like half my weight.

DO YOU KNOW HOW CHEAP IT IS!!!!! It was 1,480yen, which is like RM55?!??!?! And in Don Quijote you get tax refund so it was all worth carrying all the way, the whole day. T_T.


2. Picture Books

More books and playing cards to keep JunJun occupied!

A matching food card set.

Wooden puzzle book.


From Universal Studio Japan

From all the awesome attractions and gift stores!!!

3. Harry Potter Note Book


4. Minion Keychain


5. Snoopy Goods

I looove Snoopy!! The sweater is for myself!

There’s the Snoopy Waffles, ready-to-eat and comes with syrup!

And then there’s “Snoodle” lolol. It’s sooooo cute ok it contains Snoopy character Kamaboko!

Evangelion Pop Corn container.

Moppy!!!! This is a new character specially created by USJ, sort of like Duffy and Gelatoni for Disneysea. Man these people are gooooooood. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!


Tsum Tsum Goods

6. Tsum Tsum choco mould and Tsum Tsum Tomica

Adding new items to JunJun’s Tomica collection!


Sanrio Goods

7. My Melody & Hello Kitty Wet Wipes

This one is actually a bit overpriced but it’s toooo cute not to get T__T. I’m getting them for my mama friends who have kids ^^


Gudetama Goods

Sooooooo much lazy cuteness lol.

8. Gudetama Choco Maker

Valentine’s is coming and the entire Japan is preparing cute and convenient DIY choco sets for the girls. Really sucks to be Japanese girls lol never get presents nevermind must also hand make choco for their loved ones.

9. Gudetama Mint

Bought tons of this cuz it makes such a great souvenir!!! (And cheap too! hahaha)

10. Gudetama 2016 Mascot

This one is one of those cunning box set where you’ll never know what you get wan. Liek Gatcha Gatcha, but in a box. I reeeeeally wanted the Gudetama charm, but i got a Twin Yolk instead. Erm…. is that…. a sign…?! @.@


From Daiso

Actually most of the stuff are available in KL and SG too! It’s just that… well… in Japan it is RM3+. Or SGD1+. Hahahaha.

11. Kyaraben tools 

Junya loves vehicles so i got him the food separater sheet.

12. Sticker books

The sticker books are sooooo worth it omg? Like SGD1??? It comes in different themes and sooo many stickers for you to play with! I would buy like a hundred if they have that many variety!!

From Drug Stores

Hahha finally something for mama.

13. Hot Pad for Back Pain

I need this. Badly. lol

14. Vitamin Gummy

I love Japanese gummy! Instead of lots of bad sugar now you get to chew gummy that are actually vitamins. How awesome is that!

15. Anpanman Bath Sponge

Well just cuz it’s quite cute.

16. Milk Teeth Care Candy

I talked about this before but there’s a CANDY that helps prevent tooth decay?! Hahah that’s like a new cigarette that will prevent lung cancer lolol.

17. Furikake

This one is for all my friends who love Furikake and have no time to cook XD.




18. Omoshiro Sox

Previous i talked about how to coordinate your outfit with socks. Good luck with these. LOLOLOL.

Even the back is awesome!

19. Gotochi Kitty

My new Gotochi Kitty addition this time is Osaka Castle because i finally went there!!


20. Jaga Pirika

The standard souvenir. Bought this at Kansai airport and they limited one person to purchase maximum 5 boxes. This is a new edition which is different from Jagapokuru. It’s a tri-colored potato cube. Tasted just as great!!


Spent whole morning sorting out my omiyage packs!!! Don’t be confused cuz the bag says Narita Airport. Actually these are old old plastic bags from long long time ago. See how much souvenir our family bought?! XD


While writing this, i’m waiting for JunJun to wake up to his new friend.. Moppy.

I know… it’s pink. I mean… he can always gift it to his sister later! XD






Taste of Tohoku

So now you know what is Omiyage!!

The Omiyage (gifts/souvenir) is a very very important culture in Japan. It is more than just a friendly and caring gesture for your friends and relatives when you come back from a vacation. It is serious business.

Here are some of the occasions/reasons when you should be getting lots of Omiyage:

1. The best way to show gratitude, a symbol of friendship and respect for the people you care about.

2.When you meet someone (especially a Japanese person) for the first time to show that you are sincere in fostering a good relationship together. This is especially important when it comes to business or new clients.

3. To thank and show gratitude to someone whom you have troubled, or have helped you in the past.

4. Buying gifts in return for someone who had bought you omiyage in the past. This is one of the most important cycles in Japanese culture because by gifting non-stop (i buy for you so you buy for me so i buy for you so you buy for me…..), it also signifies a good relationship that’s ongoing and that the person is important in your life.

5. To make someone jealous that you get to enjoy such awesome trip but too bad the someone cannot HAHAHHA.



So if you happen to visit Tohoku, here’s what to bring when you come back!

You can read this complete list on this website for popular Omiyage of all the 6 Tohoku prefectures, but there’s my highlight!


Picture from this blog post.

1. Hagi No Tsuki (Miyagi)

You see the box on the bottom left corner? It’s one of the most famous Omiyage from Miyagi prefecture. It’s a custard cream spongey cake that’s super fluffy on the outside and rich on the inside.

2. Kamome No Tamago

See the bottom right corner? That’s a Tohoku specialty. It’s a sweet dessert with white chocolate coating and bean paste in inside.

3. Fukushima Peach

Peaches are Fukushima’s specialty!! Best if you can bring back fresh peaches (i actually got mine from Isetan during summer), but if you can’t, there are plenty of peach sweets and pastries and juices as great Omiyage!

For more tips on Tohoku culture and food, you can visit Taste of Tohoku! It’s available in both Italian and English!