Hello hello!

I’m currently in Tokyo but i’m blogging about my trip to USJ (Universal Studio Japan) in Osaka last week!

It was a media trip organized by Universal Studio Japan and Apple Tour Malaysia. I was one of the lucky person from around the world to experience first hand, the 2016 Universal Cool Japan five new attractions in USJ!

There was a massive press launch at USJ itself on that day. Will come back to that later on!



Universal Studio Japan is located in Osaka, Japan. If you have been there recently, you would have known that they have a lot more attractions in recent year!! The last time i was there was in 2012, and when i came back this time around, i felt like it has expanded sooooo much with so many new rides and parks, and one probably need more than one day to experience most out of the park!


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So the latest highlight of USJ is the Harry Potter theme park!

All HP fan will be so ecstatic!! I am not a super big fan (i do really like the movies though! Haven’t read the books yet >.<) but i really enjoyed myself there (despite of the massive crowd)! On hindsight now i do wish that i know more about HP cuz i’m possibly missing all the subtle references and jokes here and there.

Love the feel of it!!

The Japanese are huge HP fans too! They will all dress up in costumes and it’s just too amazing to see! I even saw one girl who totally wore a Hermoine wig! And the white fluffy things on their head? Owl warmers lolol.

There’s a Gladrag Wizardwear gift shop that sells all kinds of HP outfit, from full wizard suit to cute scarves.

There’s even a gift store that is dedicated to selling…. wizard wands @.@

As in like, the whole store. Selling nothing but wands.

Love love love this confectionery store! The desserts and cups and teapots are spinning!


The highlight of the park is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a 4D thrilling rides in Hogwarts Castle… which i wasn’t allowed in… because… i am pregnant T____T.

All i can do is pose peace signs outside it. T___T.

In fact, i wasn’t allowed in most of the Universal Cool Japan new rides too cuz they are way too thrilling for pregnant women. So word of caution, if you are pregnant and love adventurous rides, best wait till your baby is out before you visit USJ!


Minion Mart

Right now it is just a gift store and a cart, buuuuut this coming April 1st there will be a whole new Minion themed Plaza and even Minion themed hotel room!!!!


Minion Beanie

Minion Mittens

Minion Lunch Set

Inside is Hamburg stew!!



Universal Cool Japan 2016

Universal Cool Japan is a collaboration between USJ and Cool Japan in introducing pop cultures and anime into the theme park. They started in 2015 with 4 themes and this time around there’s a brand new attraction, which is also my Favorite…. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

The rest of the themes are “Evangelion,” “Attack on Titan,” “Biohazard,” and “Monster Hunter”.

Our main purpose here today is to witness the launch!!!

Soooooo many media from all over the country and also around the world!


And of course, the VVVIP herself made an appearance that day!!!

Kyary!!!!! <3 Peeking at her from afar and she is as kawaii as she is as always T__T

It’s amazing how a Pop Idol can have a whole theme park dedicated to her. That’s how ell-loved she is!

Launching Universal Cool Japan 2016 officially!!


So here are the lineup for Universal Cool Japan 2016:

Attack on Titan the Real 2

This is probably one of the most popular attractions! Boasting over 50 million copies of the original manga in print, the film version is currently being shown in 63 countries worldwide and now you get to experience it in real life!!


Love this Titan Wall!!! The eyeball actually moves and it’s super real >.<

Attack On Titan food stall, which is a meatloaf sandwich and a hot steamed potato. It sounds really simple buuuuuuut the potato was sooooooo goooood i don’t know what kind of magic butter they spread on it!


Monster Hunter the Real

There will be life-size monster attacking the guests!!!

Monster Hunter is a series of fantasy-themedaction role-playing video games that started with the game for PlayStation 2.

A real-size Airou also appears in the Monster Hunter Cross version in the park!

Monster Hunter manjyu, from the snack bar of the same theme.


Biohazard: The Escape 2

I really really really wished i could go for this.

Apparently it was so scary that they specifically put up a sign that disallows people with medical conditions and also pregnant women to go in.


The story is set in the research building of a giant pharmaceutical company, the guests must not only try to escape, but also succeed in their joint mission with their separated companions while solving detailed puzzles and being threatened by zombies, biological weapons, and a rapidly approaching time limit.

You guys please go ahead and get scared on my behalf, ok?


Evangelion The Real 2.0

I didn’t get a picture of this because again, it was a thrill ride and i couldn’t go in. This attraction is the world’s only “4D” Evangelion attraction with an all-new scenario and story.

Guests that encounter the Angel attack will have all five of their senses stimulated with visuals made with Hollywood 3D technology, vibrating action with special 4D effects, shock waves, flashes of light and great sprays of blood (!!!)

I had the Evangelion caramel pop corn, though, while waiting for other media members to enjoy themselves T___T.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride

I literally begged the organizer to at least let me in that one but alas they have really strict policy.

This is how it looks like!! Weird, cute, and juuust a little spooky, that’s signature Kyary.

Kyary is all kawaii but apparently people who went in for the ride told me it’s a proper roller coaster with a sudden drop (although it’s not a deep drop at all, but because you are wearing a pair of goggles that creates the illusion of super speed and gravity).

You can watch this video to get a feel on how it would be like!


Of course my music god Nakata Yasutaka wrote the original soundtrack for the Kyary ride called “Kyary Factory”.



Kyary fans can go crazy over the exclusive Kyary merchandise.

I did also go for the Kyary treats, though!!

Kyary Trick Drink, which is hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, gummies and choco candy!

That makes you a cute monster hahhaha.

Also the Kyary Churros with an eyeball mochi lol. Admire the creativity of the people who created all these!

Am about to eat an eyeball.

Even the eyeball is a surprise!!

And that’s all for the Universal Cool Japan attractions!!




Moppy’s Lucky Spot

This one is completely unrelated to the Universal Cool Japan theme and it wasn’t included in the media tour, but since i couldn’t go into most rides i also got a little extra privilege to shop on my private time.

And…. i went to Moppy’s!!!

Moppy is a new Sesame Street character exist only exclusively in Universal Studio Japan. Much like the Duffy, Shelliemay and Gelatoni in Disneysea. Damn, these Japanese people are good.

Moppy is Elmo’s good friend and there’s another elaborated story on how she was born. But basically she makes your dreams come true with the star-shaped mark on her right palm, and her favorite food is strawberry.

It’s just hard to resist if you love pink color and all things cute and fluffy.

Moppy’s merchandise.

This is Moppy!!!

With real life Ernie

And the real-life Moppy!!!! Soooo cute <3





That’s all on my USJ experience this year! ^^

For more information on Universal Cool Japan, you can visit this website!!

The events will run from 15 Jan until 26 June 2016 only, so buy your ticket to Osaka noooooow!