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Last year we missed sakura in Japan due to busy family schedule. But this year we are back in spring time, although not in time to catch full bloom but I did get to enjoy allllll the sakura and spring special editions!

Gari Gari Kun Ice Cream, Sakura Mochi edition! I just looove his expression lol.

Starbucks Sakura edition.

Even the cups have a hint of pink!

JunJun’s first Starbucks – Strawberry Sakura Latte!!

Sakura Jelly and white ichigo!

That’s what we do every year when I get to meet up with RinRin in spring!

Sakura roll cake from the combini.

Even Redbull is in pink!!!!! This one is for the danna when he drives haha.

Even beer has to be pink T___T

This one is not really related to sakura, but there’s a Sailormoon X Isetan Pop Up Shop selling Sailormoon cosmetic and fahsion stuff, which I missed T___T.

From the airport! Sakura Kitty flask!

Sakura Mt Fuji Kitty tea cup

Sakura Millefeuille

Sakura Matcha KitKat


Shinjuku Gyoen

I knew that I was gonna miss sakura again this year because I couldn’t stay long enough since I won’t be allowed to fly anymore by the time sakura blooms T__T.

But I was hopeful!! Every year there are a few species of sakura that blooms extra early, so this trip my mission was to search for sakura for hanami.

Miyabi was sooooo nice in helping me check almost everyday on sakura forecast to help me find my sakura!!! I was too late for Kawazuzakura (which typically blooms late February), but we decided that we would give Shinjuku Gyoen a try since there were many different species of sakura trees there.

We were determined to search for whatever hana we could mi!!!!!

All the sakura omiyage selling at the park!!

Sooooo much pink!

Sakura senbei

I bought Sakura mochi. Just looking at the packaging makes me happy!!!

We spotted a few trees but there were barely budding.

A few ume (i think!) were blooming beautifully though!


And as we walked further down, there was a lone tree. Big, giant, pink tree. The ground was dotted with pink too.

It was Kanzakura (Winter Sakura).

It was my first time seeing Kanzakura. It was too beautiful T_____T. I was too happy T___T.

Sakura mission completed for year 2016.

Thank you Miyabi for entertaining my stubborn requests T_T.


A sakura petal.

JunJun was napping in the stroller for almost 3 hours, and it was the coldest day ever in Tokyo. I had to keep checking if he was still breathing @.@

Miyabi and I waited in the cold for Junya to wake up, cuz it was too precious for him to miss!

Finally, JunJun’s first hanami! ^^

Hopefully we get to come back next year with Junjun and baby sister again ^^

See you soon. <3





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