Super last minute!! I was about to be lazy and not do anything online today but I realized I did one for 2015, so here’s one for 2016!

My #2016bestnine. Oookay. It is very apparent how this is going lol.

Let’s look at my 2016 resolutions set last year:

1. There’s a new project I’m currently working on which is still at a hush hush stage, but I really hope everything turns out well!!!

Ok so that was my book la haha.

Thank you so much for your support! Just so you know if you have bought the physical book and would like to have the “behind the scene” version of ebook, just email me with proof of purchase and I’ll send you a copy! 🙂

If you would want just the ebook, you can purchase it here 🙂

2. Be emotionally stronger, be less selfish like me and more selfless like the danna (probably the hardest resolution I’ve ever made. But baby step), continue to practice patience.

Actually I’m not so sure about this one. Recently I’ve been quick short-tempered especially living with a typical monster toddler who is pretty much against everything I want him to do and not to do. Sometimes I go inside the room, close the door and punch the pillows lol.

But I think I am a little stronger. I braved new challenges and took on tasks that I did not think I was capable of doing.


Failed. Hahahaha. In fact it is the other way round. Spending so much SGD that my MYR account is draining out like a bathtub unplugged XD.

4. Go back to Nagasaki to see Junjun’s grandfather again. Go back to Hakone to give thanks to the baby tree, again.

Mission complete! With Sakura as a bonus!

Hakone mission checked too.

Plus I over-delivered (no pun intended), and wen back twice.


5. Cook better.

The danna’s answer would be just a very diplomatic “Hm, nice.” sooo, this one have to ask Junya and Sakura HAHAHA.

Not sure if I cook better but I definitely cooked more often!

6. Visit more prefectures in Japan, hopefully the Tohoku.

Yes, yes yes!! This year I went to 3 new prefectures in Tohoku!! Iwate, Fukushima and Niigata last month.

Ishimaki <3


7. Give birth to cute baby girl.

Checked. Hahaha.

8. Continue to keep this blog alive.

Hmmmm. What do you think? XD

9. Always be grateful and don’t forget to count my blessings.

Sometimes I forget, but overall it has been a very good year even though the fortune telling articles predicted that it was supposed to be a very bad year for me. I no believe. Hahaha. I had a baby!!! It cannot be a bad year 🙂

10.Be the best mother I ever can be to Junya and his little sister.

I give myself a pass for this. Even if I am lousy I am still the best mother they can ever have cuz they only have me. HAHA. But I can be better. Much, much, much better.


Looks like I cleared all my resolutions!!! My new year resolution is year is to set equally easy resolutions so next year I’d feel accomplished again XD.

Anyway, here are some other things/changes that happened in the year of 2016:


First none-Japan/Singapore/Malaysia overseas trip we went together as a family of four!


Hanami 2016

The reason why I named my daughter Sakura is so that I can hanami everyday HAHAHA.

I missed out Hanami in 2015 so I really really wanted to do it this year. Unfortunately it wasn’t cherry blossom season yet when I was there. But I was determined to hanawhateverthemi, so I found one tree in Shinjuku Gyoen that was blooming. It was winter sakura.

Birthday 2016

Spent a nice birthday with friends and family at a swanky Japanese restaurant <3.

Baby Shower

Qiu threw me a sort-of-baby-shower! First time ever someone do something like that for me hahah so happy <3.

KonMari-ed my house

It made me want to be a tidier person. Except that I had to do it multiple times. For KL, SG and Japan.

Travelled to and fro SG – KL

Lots of looooong bus rides.

Flying with one-month-old baby

Sakura’s first flight was 1 month old.

And then travelled back to Japan every month. With cheesiepetit X2.

It still sounds crazy even just typing it out.

Got addicted to Pokemon Go. For a few weeks.

Like really, really addicted haha. Already got two real life monsters still bother to catch virtual ones.

Bangkok Family Trip 

Leveled Up

I Lied

Not really. Haha. And like 3 people is sort of true lol.


My new year resolution for 2017:

1. Do not blog about 2018 new year resolution so damn last minute when my brain is frozen at 11:22PM, otherwise this blog post would probably have been a better read. My apology.


Happy new year everyone!!