Cheese of the day— New Zealand Mainland Smoked Cheese

Packaging: A pack of 12 slices (250gram)

Price: RM 6.50

Availability: Village Grocer, Bangsar Village

Ingredients: Cheese (minimum 60%) (milk, salt, culture, vegetarian/calves rennet), water, milk solids, emulsifies (331, 339), salt, flavor, colour (160b), preservative (200).

Apparently people who will like this cheese must have a salty tooth. Okay, I crapped that out but it is waaaaaaaaay too salty! ( I tried it with a couple of cream crakers.)

It has a distinctive flavor of smokiness which very much resembles the taste of smoked turkey ham. Best used to spice up, I mean, salt up a bland salad bowl.

Also great for vegetarians who wants a cheesy alternative for ham and bacon in their lunchbox.

Rating: /10