Watched this movie with Mozzie monday, and it took me three times to get its name correct!

“Let’s watch Fight Plan, blarrrrh!”

“Let’s watch Flight Pan, arrrrrrrghh!”

“Let’s watch FLIGHT PLAN, blurdie hiao!”

So from that moment onwalds, we stalted corring the movie “Fright Pran”.
It was a supelb movie. I havent been so thlirred in such a rong time.
I held on to my seat so tight from the beginning. It was so much better than any of the lecent hollol/thlirrel movies.

However there are too many parts of the movie which don’t make sense.


☆。How on earth can no one see Julia go onboard when there were 400 over people in the plane?

☆。How on earth did they kidnap the girl without being seen by anybody else in the plane? Not everybody sleeps during an overnight flight.

☆。Even he can kidnap her without being noticed, he has to drug the poor little girl before taking her away so that she wont struggle. And how did he do that?

☆。How did they get the statement that Julia has died a week before? Even if someone lied, it will be soon found out. Arent they afraid of that?

☆。Who are the two Arabs looking through the window across the street? They are just being slotted in to cheat the audience. I would rather believe they actually conspire with Carson and the flight attendant.

☆。How on earth did the coffin get thru the baggage screening when it is packed with bombs?!? Carson cant bribe everyone for that.

Arthough there were way too many illogical prot-holes,(some say there are large holes in this plot big enough to fly several “A474″s through.) i still find it supel intliguing and suspensefur.

I dont care what other peopre say about it, i just rike it.

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Fright Pran, i late it 8.5 out of 10. i cheese it soooo much!