Instead of cheese, im doing a lunch review today. Fresh from my stomach! LOL. But this time no simultaneous tasting and typing.

Just came back from Chikusen, the newly opened japanese restaurant in Aman Suria. So happy there are so many nice restaurants opened near my place. Need not travel that far for good food next time.

Anyway, this is a dainty little one. However i think it is a little overpriced for a restaurant. Chikusen and Eyuzu (Eastin) and Genji (PJ Hilton), as far as price goes, they are on a par.

It was Chikusen Bento for lunch today. I always opt for the signature bento whenever i try a new jap restaurant. If my cheesy tastebuds react nastily to it, then it’s not worth going the second time. How good can the restaurant be if the signature dish is not up to the standard.

Anyway, the bento consists of the typical chawanmushi, miso soup, gohan, salmon and white fish sashimi, sliced beef, mini tempura, marinated baby octopus, pickles and fruits. And it came along with a free macha ice cream too, during its opening promotion. All for the price of RM35.

Believe it or not, i finished everything, except the gohan. Cheesing huge appetite today. And these are my observations:

1. You can already give a rough rating to a jap restaurant the moment you try their chawanmushi. For Chikusen i give a 6.5. The smoothness and fragrance actually deserve a 7.5 but it’s a tad too salty. For me it’s alright, but most of the people like to eat chawanmushi with shoyu. If u add shoyu in this chawanmushi you are like eating salted custard.

2. The sashimi is good and fresh.

3. The baby octupus is superb. Juicy and, crunchy too!

4. The salad dressing taste a little out of place. Imagine thousand island which as a strong sesame/peanut flavor. It is like eating satay sauce.

5. The sliced beef taste more like pork, seriously. I tot the Halal sign was my hallucination again.

6. The macha ice-cream is totally refreshing. Instead of the traditional scoop, it came in little square cubes. And it tasted more popsicle-icy than rich and creamy, therefore it wont make u feel over satiated after a heavy meal.

7. The ocha tasted like plain water in a glass that used to be filled with tea leaves before.

Overall the food deserve a 7. But because of the price, i give it only a 6. Nothing beats Mitsu Koshi when quality and price are concerned.