They are air flown then driven back from far far away land back to PJ, so they’d better be cheesy!!

Epicure Cheese Cocktail
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These are little ice-cream cone puffs injected with cheese-flavored cream.
But those little puffs are all broken into halves and the stubborn cream gets stuck on either hemisphere. The cream texture is unrefined, and taste like those crude waffle biscuits come in bulk which could be found in Giant.

After all, it’s cheese flavored, what do you expect.


Let’s put our hope on some real-cheese snacks.

ROKA Cheese Fingers

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These are pastry fingers made with 30% Gouda cheese.

Unlike the previous Epicure assorted mini cheese puffs I’ve reviewed earlier, these fingers are separated in two sections—Poppy seed fingers and sesame fingers. It is good because it doesn’t mix up the flavors and create a chaotic medley on your tastebuds.

Very cheesy and extremely crispy. Crisp crisp crisp crisp!!

Also, love the poppy and sesame bits, which give you extra munchies!
The most munchable snack!


ROKA Cheese Crispies

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Ooops. I’m afraid I have to take back what I just said after eating this, err, Cheese Crispies.

Because, it sure lives up to its name. And I thought Cheese fingers were crispy enough.

These freaking crispy crispies, are the crispiest crispies you’ll ever try!

It tastes almost the same as the fingers, just in flaky flat pastry form.

Warning: do not munch these crispies while watching Lost in Translation. You will never hear a thing from your stereo.


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