[hard sell] Gotta tell you this. My this friend is really funny. Like excheesingly funny. Her name is Mozzie. [/hard sell]

Ok commercial time’s up. But, she is funny.

This cheese, you will never get her to tell the truth, because, she always takes the dare.

She once dared me to walk up to the BintangRinggits barista and say “One Mocha Fucckaccino, tall please.”


Of course I didn’t do it. I’m not chickening out la, just being… cautious.
If you are careless then you make careless mistakes.
But then.
I found out if I’m cautious I will make cautious mistakes.

Urrgh. Back to Mozzie. Talk about daring, she once lost miserably in the Cangkul Besar D game, and she had to run around the pool in her…..


*dodges the stinkeecheesespray attack by Mozzie*

Ok ok fine. I won’t tell.

*zips lips*

And she will coin all sorta funny nouns.

Mozzie: Eh, if you call a person who breaks someone’s heart a Heartbreaker, then what do you call a person whose heart gets broken?

Cheesie: …………

Mozzie: Heartbreakee la.

Cheesie: …………

So people, are you a dumper or a dumpee?

Cheesie: Then I ask you la. If you call a person who cheeses someone a Cheeser, then what do you call a person who gets cheesed?

Mozzie: …………..

Cheesie: Muahahahahha!!!!!

Anycheese. Miss you la girl. Faster come back, and clean the spider web around your unclaimed Ruffles.

FYI, your unclaimed Ruffles will be confiscated on my next sacred DVD Marathon day. Hurry woi.