Say bye to depressingly relaxing holidays.
Say hi to depressingly annoying collegedays.

The almond therapy kinda worked for my pre-back-to-coll blue. Now I need a stronger dose to counter the post-back-to-coll indigo.

You know you have gone past the “wow-I’m-a-Limkokwing-student-wei” excitement when you hear all the going-to-enroll students go “this is cool man” the moment they see the magnificent rainbow paddlepop building whereas you utter “CRAP!” while slapping your forehead as a reaction to seeing the same magnificent sight.

Our new Journalism lecturer Neeraj, while being highly interesting, is uber cheong hei he could talk non-stop just about honey (yes, honey!) for 4 hours in a rowdy café on our first ever lecture, which he insisted is not but a mere warm-up to the subsequent proper lectures.


I wonder how proper his lecture could be?

*sweats profusely*

And because of his cheongheiness, I was late for enrollment and thus have to go back and do it again tomorrow.

You know, college days feel like PMS, just it’s a daily thing instead of monthly. I feel cranky. When I feel cranky, I speed. Especially under such boisterous weather. And when I speed, Parmie suffers. And when Parmie suffers, I suffer.

A series of unfortunate events:
1. We have a sucky timetable this semester. Again.
In what kind of college will you only know whether you have class on Monday only on Monday itself?

Seems like the faculty decides to give the Mass Comm students a surprise by posting up their schedule only on the first day of college so that when the students go back and check they will go like “Wow, I have a class today! Like, now!”

2. I paid RM6 for Parmie’s babysitting today. That’s enough for my one week’s supply of cheese, you know?
In what kind of college will you find the parking fees more expensive than Sunway Pyramid’s VALET PARKING?!?

I know I could have just paid a flat rate of RM3.50 if I went there 15mins earlier. Or need not pay at all, if I’m willing to take the risk of Parmie being robbed/raped/abducted by sending her 1km away from campus.

But the stupid thing is.

You pay RM1 per hour. Parmie played there for 6 hours so I paid RM6 so fine. If Parmie enters before 10am, it’s flat rate RM3.50 for a whole day at the playground. BUT. Let’s say Parmie enters at 9.59am and I decided to take her out at 10.15am because some sick (no pun intended, of course) lecturer decides to FFK the students, I have to pay RM3.50 too. For 16 minutes. I know my math sucks but even a bloody fool with an IQ of negative 20 will think that is STUPID. So people, stop honking me when you see me wait in front of the parking ticket machine until the digital clock jumps to 10.01 in a fine morning which I only have a class that last for half an hour.

3.In what kind of college do you get free sauna?
Tan Sri should just disable all the air conditioners so that he could turn this rainbow paddlepop building into a luxurious spaaaa.

So tell me la how can I remain as zenful as your Pilate teacher when I study in such a amasingh college? (Btw that’s a Neeraj-joke).

And that’s not all yet.

After cranky sprinting on the road, I was so hungry I was sure I could bungkus all my other invisible friends who only hunt for food during hungry ghost festival. And I drove all the way to my favorite restaurant just to discover that it is NOT OPEN TODAY.


Fine la. Had to eat that nasi kandar again. Urgh.

I ordered apple juice without sugar. I swear I said “Apple juice tak nak gula”. Then came this pale yellow glass of liquid. Heck did they give me orange again? I really pity those people who are deprived of the ability to differentiate epal and oren.

But it was not orange.

I took a sip.


Holy Hayley!

Tell me people, how does “Apple” sound even remotely close to “Starfruit”?!? (or belimbing in that matter) If there’s such thing as “ape juice” then ok la. I will just take that whatever ape juice because my pronunciation sucks. But starfruit… Urgh!! *bangs head against the hardest table cheese*

Juice rejected.

Two minutes later, the abang brought me another glass of faint green liquid, sour face abit, because I also masam-mukaed him a lil just now. PMS! Remember?

I took a sip.

It’s apple.

WITH sugar.


I didn’t bother to order the third glass because I won’t drink it anyway. God knows what kind of booster he will add into my drink to give Miss-PMS-Cranky-Face-Cheese a lesson?


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