It’s 2.55am now and i’m up here, blogging!!


and having a really bad gastric problem 🙁


Yeah, the Stellar dinner was a Stellarific one. So great i got so excited until i freaking have to get up at near 3am to blog is it?

But hey i’m like so damn tired!

I thought it must be the driving. You all know how Dazzie drives. *sweats*
How’s spinning her Beemer 720° in 3 seconds for a record?
On one hand, I had to tail so tight to make sure i don’t lose her (yea, and getting honked a million times), on the other hand, i had to keep checking the rear-view to make sure Jewel doesn’t lose me.

It’s stressful you know!

So when i finally came back home i was all exhausted. But i still can’t sleep.

Then i found the culprit.

Jewel, i don’t know about you. You might still be partying blissfully right now but i guess it’s a punishment for what i’ve sinned today.

I’ve commited a deadly Crime Brulee.

Next time, no more fancy dessert with espresso, seriously. (But hell it was damn nice >_