Who wants to date me today?

February 23, 2006 in Cheesellaneous


Your last name is


That was my MSN nick yesterday.

Omicheese there’re actually people who are willing to change their last names so that they can date me! Hmmm headachenya! *snub*

Let’s see, we’ve got Alan Santoro, Kit Santoro, Jeff Santoro… so many! But they all sound so weird. Imagine if i marry one of them in the future and i’ll have to tell people “Oh my husband’s name is Beng Keong Santoro…”


therefore finally I decided to choose this guy over the rest, because his name sounds best with “Santoro”.

Enrico Santoro!!

Rhymes right?

Isn’t that perfectly Brazilian? ;D

And also hor, his name is not only Brazilianizable, (or Portugesable or Spanishable, like, Enrico Espagnol) but also Italianizable! See, Enrico Romano (in case you are wondering why is it not Roman, Romano is one of the oldest Italian cheeses. Duh) or Enrico Focaccio or Enrico Capriccio. Sounds delicious too.

How versatile! My dear you must be so loving your name now.

2 responses to “Who wants to date me today?”

  1. Porkie says:

    Bah.. so many fake Santoros… you know the only real one is me.. Porkie Jack Shephard Santoro!! And nevermind date, someone already ask for you hand in marriage xoD

  2. errrbad says:

    I m totally losts.
    Haven’t even watch the series yet.
    do they show cheese?

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