I wonder if it is a Limkokwing culture to be completely insensitive to the concept of deadline.

Are the students just plain lazy or are they really that ignorant about time?

Yes offence! But I think the lecturers have really spoilt the students a little too much.

See. We have so many assignments/reports/commentaries/campaigns/projects/essays to do. That’s why I sometimes block people on MSN (because some morons don’t understand what busy sign means) and even sacrifice my movie dates just to finish my work.

But I DO finish them ON TIME, be it last minute. Then Mozzie and I will be happily carrying our final work to class for submission.

We pass up our work to the lecturer. And then.

He/she will turn around and snub,

“Oh. Submission is next week.”

Like, huhness?!?!?

Then Mozzie and I ask why, because we thought we’re supposed to hand it in today!

“Oh. Because a lot of students complained that they cannot finish their work on time. So deadline is extended to next week. By the way, if you want to hand it in today you can do so.”

Did he say *complained* ?!?!?!?

Double You Tea Eff .
Mozzie and I exclaim in sync.

So on every freaking submission day, Mozzie and I will look like the only fools who actually bring their work to college while others will be so conveniently empty handed having a mass plea for a deadline extension which they are so sure will be tacitly accepted.

Look, my time management isn’t brilliant. But I manage to set aside time to do my assignments (now you know why I always eggnog you on MSN), do a bit of socializing (though mostly online), and blog like mad (to keep you entertained). Even so, I still have a lil extra time to churn my brain over something silly such as pondering exactly how much cheese consumption should I increase to reach my targeted cheesiness, or do some altercheesego debate about why Chris got into bottom three in American Idol last week.

We all have 24 hours. God doesn’t give Drew Barry more or Mandy more.

Screw journalism students who can’t differentiate dateline and deadline.


Why can you not finish your work on time while Mozzie and I have no problem doing that?!?!?

Are we like smarter than you??

Cheesus Crust.

Bah. Don’t want to talk bout that already. Change of topic.

Let’s see. Today we learnt how to do newsletter in PR class. And the lecturer showed us some examples.

Check this out.

This is a sample of some Health Organization’s newsletter.

Read the caption.

And the text body.


There are four typos in one short paragraph!!

Time for manicure sweetheart.


Learn how to type properly