Ok. I must repeat, this is a commercial.


My blog template that looked like a piece of foxed up mozzarella in mozilla firefox is finally fixed!

Thanx to Albert , better known as the senile peacock who has attempted so featherstakingly to fix it.

You know what. Peacock is no longer senile! Together with the rebirth of the easter bunny, he is now a rejuvenated peacock!

He is reborn!

Oh wait. That means he’s not a peacock anymore. He’s a peachick!!!


This peachick is highly adorable, despite being intimidatingly punny at times. He’s won several peageant titles. He’s beautiful! Go go go pea him out!


Anypea. Thanx for fixing my bloggie. Uh. And the scam. -__-

Here. Some peachick feed as a reward. =)

Bon appecheese!!

P/S: Mozzarella Firefox and other fancy browser users, pls pls pls lemmi know if my blog still looks foxed up to you, thank you cheesy much!