Pun of the day:
of a left angle of an angel, a fair fairy, a penguin mannequin, a chun kimberly and a sleazy cheesie.

Whoa. One fairy, one angel (she burns, dun pray pray), one monochromatic creature, the only normal being is Kimberly. Others are all cheeseen like me.

I shall provide pictures only la. I know you all sexcited already.

cm2 by you.

Kimberly Cun

cm6 by you.

Monochromatic being

cm3 by you.

Fireangel. I think we make very good BBQ sandwich πŸ˜€

cm5 by you.

I see no blue! 0_o

More like a KinkyTurquoiseFairy! Her top was turquoise, her bag was turquoise, even the fairy tattoo on her shoulder is also turquoise! (I love it alot, cuz nowadays i see butterflies everywhere, sien) I suspect she changes her tattoo color every three months to match her new clothes 0_o.

(Peacock says tortoise torqoise turquise turquoise is very challenging for typing, even for dylxslevsia people -_-)

And her face is really damn small like kuaci, makes her extra photogenic, geramnya.

cm4 by you.

Everyone wants a fairy kiss! It brings luck. πŸ˜‰



Meeting these hot beings (some supernatural ones summore) makes me hungry. I need my daily dose of calcium.

cm7 by you.

I wanted to post more pix but FireAngel says later people see until sien, so i reserved some juicy pix for her to post, as promised! πŸ˜›

Go go visit her site to see more pictures tomorrow!

Oh ya! Thanx for accomodating my right face! *mwah* πŸ˜›