Pun of the day:
Keju: *packs bunny in suitcase*
Bunny: *packs bunny suit just in case*

When Peachick sent me this photo, I went omicheezcheesuscrust non-stop for 5 minutes.

Omicheez Cheesus Crust!

A bigass wall ad!

How often do you see a life-size you on the street? Cheez, I wonder how Amber Chia feels man. She sees herself everywhere wherever she goes. Not creepy one meh?

Excited, I went to KLCC to see myself for myself.

OMC! After careful scrutiny, I reckon I might want to take back some things I’ve said awhile ago in my Maxis entry.

They actually show my legs! (They didn’t show it on paper ad.)

Ok la, granted. It’s quite difficult to PS the reflection on the ground so my apolocheese.

After admiring myself the reflection of the water for awhile, I suddenly went wait-a-minute-WTFish.

>__“please come for a casting because you are shortlisted for a so and so print ad”, and when you ask for the pay they will tell you a figure that pushes your eyebrows inwards. Then you ask again “ WTF Sorry, but how come so little ah? It’s for (insert a bigtime company’s name) wor”, then they will reply you “Oh, the budget is low because it is only a small scale print ad that will only be out in the paper/brochure/mag”. They are not even sure which print it is.

Got such giant size tabloid ah?

You guys go MPH pick up an “Intro to Advertising”, turn to page 24, they will tell you this is an outdoor ad, print your ass!


It is not the first time happening lor. Previously some Z cosmetic company also paid me peanuts hazelnut ok la walnut (definitely not coconut) for a photoshoot they claimed “will only be printed on brochures for display at the cosmetic booths” (You know, those purchase-RMXXX-worth-of-product-and-get-a-free-makeover-and-some-weird hairstyle-and-get-stuffed-in-some-mink-and-hola-look-here-smile-and-*click*-and-print gimmick.)

Then I see myself smiling happily in X magazine

and Y magazine

Watson catalogue

and big banners in shopping malls.



smashpOp being his usual siao self.

Fucckaccino. I don’t get paid RM so-and-so to be humiliated like this ok! Imagine how many ball-scratching balding hamsuplows will ogle at your half unbuttoned top and god knows what they’ll do to the wall.

I’m going to sue Maxis kao kao!

Don’t angwee ok Maxis people who read this. By the way i love your RM1 for 1000 SMS Maniac Monday. 🙂