Pun of the day:
Two books that make the entire bunny kingdom hare-wired.


(Violence against juvenile bunnies. To report, please contact the WTF WWF hotline on 01483 426333.)


Peacock gave me this book which he has absolutely no use of.
But to me it could be the ultimate bunny bible.

If only he gave it to me 2 months ago when I was contemplating

Too bad I can’t exactly apply anything from the book, because it’s only meant for normal-function sane bunnies. I know, I know. I’m a mutated bunny now, aka the Bist. Plus, I’m no longer suicidal.

Imagine if I received the book two months ago.

“Knife away your life”

I may not be as creative as the author Andy Riley, but sometimes the simplest way might be the best way.

“Relax with Anthrax”

You may want to read the instructions properly in order to bite the dust correctly.

Heck. The book came so untimely.

However, two minutes later, Peacock gave me another book.

The Return of the Bunny Suicide:
How to Advocate Bunni O’ cide.


“Chopper for the hopper”

Since I can’t kill myself now, I think it would be good if i could help those who wish to be killed.

“Cracks and cheese”

I read it everyday, everywhere, follow instructions and doing all kinds of experiments just to save kill save (i think?!) bunnykind. And I do free consultation too!! Am I a saint or what?

Apart from plan one, two and three, there are so many other ways to keep up with your Happy Tree Friends trend.


You know, a sifu will only achieve a great sense of fulfillment when she finally sees her apprentices getting the gist of what she teaches AND practicing them at the same time.

Yayness! Now my annoying little bunnycousin is suichildal!

I feel so gratified now.