Pun of the day:
Cute animals get hare-assed a lot, purr things. They suffur at the hands of their a-boring public.

Come to think of it, I kinda kesian those so-cute-can-melt animals.

When I went to Taipei right, there were soooooooooo many cute puppies on display in pet shops every freaking where, my gooness (yes, i can’t pronounce it proferly. Stop laffing). So cute until ice cream can also melt in winter.

But it’s actually very tough being a cute animal.

original pix from cuteoverload.com

You see hor, just because you look extra cute, everyone will come and see you, disrupt your peaceful rest, want to take pictures of you, and keep going like

original pic from cuteoverload.com

followed by…

(below is a list of possible quotes)

1.So cute!
2.OMG so kiuuuuut!
3.OMGWTF this bugger damn cute la!
4.Eh comel nya!!!
5.Waa~ Kawaii ne!
好得意呀 (Cantonese)
7.Hou dak yee ah!
(Buggers who can speak cantonese but cannot write)
9.Hao ke ai oh!
(Buggers who can speak mandrin but cannot write)
10.Chin ko ai yo…
11.Sipeh kiut man!!!!!!!


So sien right!

Imagine you are the said animal. Every five minutes, your boss will come and take you out and hand you to whoever wants to play with you.

*pinches your cheeks*
*pulls your ears*
*pulls your tail*
*talks to you in some foreign language you don’t understand*
*holds your front legs and claps them*
*asks you so say hello/wow wow/mama (WTF?)*

Then continues to say how cute you are.

Sometimes, you just wanna go

So, if you ever become an animal (cheese forbids), don’t be a cute one. Be a fugly one.