It sucks being cute

June 30, 2006 in Cheesellaneous

Pun of the day:
Cute animals get hare-assed a lot, purr things. They suffur at the hands of their a-boring public.

Come to think of it, I kinda kesian those so-cute-can-melt animals.

When I went to Taipei right, there were soooooooooo many cute puppies on display in pet shops every freaking where, my gooness (yes, i can’t pronounce it proferly. Stop laffing). So cute until ice cream can also melt in winter.

But it’s actually very tough being a cute animal.

original pix from

You see hor, just because you look extra cute, everyone will come and see you, disrupt your peaceful rest, want to take pictures of you, and keep going like

original pic from

followed by…

(below is a list of possible quotes)

1.So cute!
2.OMG so kiuuuuut!
3.OMGWTF this bugger damn cute la!
4.Eh comel nya!!!
5.Waa~ Kawaii ne!
好得意呀 (Cantonese)
7.Hou dak yee ah!
(Buggers who can speak cantonese but cannot write)
9.Hao ke ai oh!
(Buggers who can speak mandrin but cannot write)
10.Chin ko ai yo…
11.Sipeh kiut man!!!!!!!


So sien right!

Imagine you are the said animal. Every five minutes, your boss will come and take you out and hand you to whoever wants to play with you.

*pinches your cheeks*
*pulls your ears*
*pulls your tail*
*talks to you in some foreign language you don’t understand*
*holds your front legs and claps them*
*asks you so say hello/wow wow/mama (WTF?)*

Then continues to say how cute you are.

Sometimes, you just wanna go

So, if you ever become an animal (cheese forbids), don’t be a cute one. Be a fugly one.






47 responses to “It sucks being cute”

  1. carol says:

    OMGOODNESS the last picture is TRAUMATIC!!!!! eurghhhhhhhh!!!! kekeke… i think i’d rather be cute ^.^

  2. Terry says:

    Yeah man,i was traumatise with last picture.Cheesie,you try to freak ppl out with it?

  3. cheesie says:

    But apparently, its owner adored it very much

  4. cheesie says:

    Its name is Sam. It had won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest three years in a row.
    Take a look at this .

    Official website here:

  5. funnycheese says:

    the last picture is the best….
    U know why, princess…coz he got dozens awards for the ugliest dog in the world.
    I still like him, coz he love his owner very much…
    cute one…hmm…picture no.4 I choose….the little one so cute ehhhhh!

  6. Terry says:

    Sam is way too cool name for the dog.. 🙂

  7. Porkie says:

    Ugly? Bah nemai ugly.. its cheesingly FUGLY!!! It can be cast as a zombie dog for another Resident Evil movie!!
    Rest are cute though.. gotta love cute doggies!! Thrid pic is by far cutest..some more a pair of them!!

  8. CraSH says:

    haha.. i think if the buglars see’s him in the house… sam will scare their pants off!! they might even pee in their pants… hehehe….
    that is what a dog should do!!… =)

  9. no dogs please says:

    That ugly dog looks like a zombie hound straight out of some horror movie flick. very disturbing. But i think in some countries, cute or ugly, they are treated equally, they are treated as delicacy and end up in the consumers’ stomach.

    Xtra por soup anyone?

  10. errrbad says:

    wah lan eh!!!! that last pic, naked ugly dog?
    like this can cambiatch also ar? my camera lens cracked aredi….

  11. no dogs please says:

    in some countries, all dogs are treated equally.
    Cute or ugly, fat or thin, they all ended up in the same place.
    the consumer’s stomach. How’s that for fairness?

    Por soup for stamina anyone?
    i heard it cures asthma too

  12. n305er says:

    Ahhhhh!!!!! *Run away*
    Looks like one of those dogs from resident evil… -.-“

  13. cheesie says:

    Which cute animal do you all like most? My fav is pic no.2. Never seen a real bunny stick its tongue out before! 😛
    Makes me wanna french kiss it.  😛

  14. Bluey says:

    Holy shit.

    That dog .. is so.. so…

    I wonder if the owner made it LOOK like that, or it was BORN like that.

    if the owner made it look like that then the owner’s balls (or boobs) should be ripped off and fed to sharks.


    I pity poor Sam because he is ridiculed 🙁 not like all the other cute doggies.

    If I had Sam I would not enter him in the World Ugliest Dog championships, because I believe he is not ugly. He’s just different looking, but inside he is the same puppy or dog as any other dog out there. 🙂

    So, I repeat, do not be cruel to animals.

    A Dog Lover who owns the naughtiest dog in the world. (But I still love her very very much.)

  15. Porkie says:

    The pair of dogs in no.3 but then cute bunny in no.2 steals it!! The cheek to stand up, arm on the wire and stick its tongue out? Heh.. cuteness to the max with added cheekiness!! Kinda remminds me of another bunny… ;o)

  16. ching says:

    b|tch!!! never feature my dog. dowan fren you d!! *hmph*

    my dogs not cute meh?? sob….

  17. chris says:

    omfg! the last pic…real dog??

  18. Matthew says:

    read today’s The Star papers?

    Front page, bottom left hand side corner “13 of man’s pet dogs shot to death”

    so much for the ‘great’ authorities, especially when they come from the Veterinary Dept, what an irony. thank you so much.

  19. errrbad says:

    yah… it has to be pic.2, the puppy that licks its own nose. Or izit a fully grown bitch? 😀

  20. wow… looks like the most famous dog has been getting a lot of attention. I prefer bunnies. #1

  21. angel says:

    The post seems to have other meanings leh..
    Are you tired of being a cute mutated bunny?
    Does it sucks being cute?
    I wish i’m cute..

  22. sharmain says:

    i dont believe such an ugly dog exist.

    Has the dog been disfigured or wad.
    I refuse to believe a dog can be born to this world looking so horrendous.

    Now im going to get nightmares!

  23. Bluey says:

    that asshole who shot the 13 dogs should be shot instead.


  24. Albert Ng says:

    Yeah, I wanna french kiss bunnies. Mutated or otherwise.

  25. cheesie says:

    Albert: You might wanna change it to freedom kiss or something, you know. I’m not over that french victory yet.

  26. s0hp0h says:

    i think i rather be a cute one.. or else everytime i look at the mirror, i might scare myself to death thinking whose that ugly thing keep following me around everywhr..

  27. kcin says:

    i pity the last dog… -.-
    was he biting his own leg or what?

  28. cheesie says:

    kcin: i think he’s smiling. 🙂

  29. Bluey says:

    nah. he’s roaring. 😀


    oh .. i love the bunny with the tongue and the 2nd pomeranian puppy (the picture below the bunny) with the tongue. he looks like a penguin. ;D

    oops. dinner.

    later people 😀

  30. nryu says:

    *Hugs & Kisses*…. to the last dog… ^^,

  31. Leonard says:

    phew, the first and last picture is of so much of a difference!!!!

    i prefer the first few pictures more!!

  32. kcin says:

    anyone notices the eyeball of the last dog? i’m sure his cruel owner made him look like that…

  33. X says:

    kcin please go to the site where the dog is featured, you will be surprise how admirable the owner is and after reading the site, makes you really think twice about dogs and animals that are not cute and loveable. They too requires your love and affection.

  34. cheesie says:

    Thanx for explaining, X. Yea kcin, Sam is a very much adored and loved dog. 🙂

  35. clement says:

    ahhahahaha….everytime read ur blog will….laff laff and laff…

    jus now argentina lose to an unfair game….pissed off….

    but still can laff after reading this blog….unbelievable…

  36. Bluey says:

    😀 .. .cheesie will cheer u up yes 😀

    germany cheered me up too ^_^

  37. cheesie says:

    Yea… Let’s eat pork knuckle 😀

  38. Porkie says:

    Hey… kenot eat pork!! :o(

  39. Tristan says:

    That Pomeranian tht sticking its tongue out really hou dak yee ah!But I really dun like ppl who cage their dog…like those displaying in pet shop.Poor fellow T.T…rather go SPCA to adopt one!

  40. funnycheese says:

    Pork head can be use for praying…
    body can be BBQ, make as BBQ rice, add with honey…hmm…yummy 😛
    Then the rest can be use to make soup…Good for health.. 😛

  41. Bluey says:

    i’m sick of pork. currently craving for BBQ beef : (
    ate too much curry chicken ;D

  42. nryu says:

    pork rulz

  43. KY says:

    too bad that ugly dog died…

  44. elim says:

    erm… wow at firsti thought the dog wasn’t real. as in it was a wax statue or something. 0.o

  45. Eilysha says:

    Omg they are cute but what is up with the dog at the end? (WTF)

  46. yo dogggg says:

    ooommmmggg that dogg scared the shizz outa me

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