So cute can melt! ^_^

Pun of the day:
I’m acutely awhere of playces that have furry animals to pet. ^_^

I love animals. You can learn so much from them.

These are some pix i took recently in various pet shops (oops… shhh).

After observing and studying these critters, I realized many things.

1. Animals got clique also.

a24 by you.

a26 by you.


a3 by you.

a4 by you.

a6 by you.

So cute can die!

a13 by you.

Ok maybe not all of them were sleeping. But some sure looked SLEEPY!
a9 by you.

Maybe some are confused.

a7 by you.

Some are just plain cranky.

3. Animals like to do funny stunts.

a29 by you.

Some think they are Peter Pan.

a23 by you.

Some believe in therapeutic Yoga poses.

a32 by you.

But maybe they’re trying too hard…

4. They are vain.

Believe it or not, BUNNIES ARE BORN VAIN!!! So don’t blame me hor. =P

a30 by you.

Bunnies go on diet.

a21 by you.

They use Eyeliner. Man, I wonder how it doesn’t smear.

Apart from bunnies, other pets are just as vain.

They camwhore! And they even know their best angle! WTC -_-|||

a11 by you.

5. They are not only vain. The are like, super duper mega ultra vain.

But there’s a price to pay for it. So think twice before you go under the knife/syringe. Understand anot?

a14 by you.

I think hor, it completely epitomises the emo Oo_oO

a15 by you.

And this one’s literally O_O

6. They look funky.

a28 by you.

They make me wanna eat goldfish skewers.

a16 by you.

Fluorescent bugs! I wanna make them my earrings!

Some even look like, erm… men’s faces?

a17 by you.

Ok before you accuse me being sexist, how bout… they look like women’s faces too?



a18 by you.

Dang. Horrible, horrible make up skills.

7. They like to show PDA (public display of affection)…

PUPPY LOVE!! So sweeeeet! *melts*

a12 by you.

Some go a little too far…

a10 by you.

Some are just plain annoying…

(Look at the pic below carefully, the Papillon is sitting on a Pekingese’s head.)

a20 by you.


They can be damn ganas!!!

a19 by you.
Crab A: “Why do you look so crabby today?”
Crab B: “Look who’s talking!”

And damn emo!!!

a34 by you.

5 minutes later…

The dormant Jerboa finally woke up.

a0 by you.

a37 by you.

They were then happily watching the match.

a2 by you.


Man, their eyes remind me of the pearls in my milk tea.

What an eye-opening (yea, just pray i don’t look like the O_O fishie) experience!

However, it also made me realize that some people can be very cruel to animals. 🙁

a25 by you.



55 people cheesed “So cute can melt! ^_^”

  1. wow!! this is really really cute! kawaii ne.. ^_^

    “kan zhik tak yi dou sei ar!!!”
    as cute as you babe!

  2. wow!! where you get all the energy to do these?!!…

    “lei jan hai hou tak han ar!!”
    anyways it was ‘informing’ and ‘entertaining’ i guess…

  3. asada: Kawaikute Shinisou!!! Yuuki no kotoba ne. =P
    kcin: I’m an Energizer Bunny that’s why! 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    wah,that’s like the bestestest (sounds familliar) post!
    I like the post very much!!
    Gambateh nei.


  5. no way… did not know animal camwhore so much… 😐

    Animal in Japan Ueno zoo just sit there and not move because so cold (December)…
    So maybe got to go Malaysia to see “lively” animal. Hmmm…

  6. wow, were u using a camera phone ? how did you get to sneak so many pictures
    i get caught too often, they then eye on me =(

    which petshop did you go ? they have soooo many variety of animals !
    i dont remember pet safari even having so many variety

  7. kekeke: Thank you. I love those cuties too. 🙂
    Joe: LOL i can imagine them sitting there, eyes like O_O, stoning all the way. Wahaha damn funny. Ueno Doubutsu En is the biggest in Japan? Actually most animals in Malaysia are also just sitting and stoning, if not sleeping. Wahaha you just gave me ideas to blog about stoning animals.

    Adam: I was using a proper camera! 😀 The trick is to have someone big size to cover you up lo. And never use flash. So must have steady hands to get the best quality. =)

  8. wa.. nice… whr is this pet shop?? the midvalley wan?? or somewhr else??

  9. i love this post!

    that mouse looking thing that stands on 2 feets only looks like mini kangaroos… weird…

    fluoresent bugs look so cool!!

  10. phew, all these cute pictures of animals and the cute dialogues made my day!!!

    looks like pet shop is ur fav hunt! 😉

  11. sOpOh: Various pet shops. The ones in the curve, 1 Utama and Aquaria. 🙂
    Kelly: I think they are some dessert desert animal called Jerboa. They are damn cute! There’s this feather thingie at the end of their tails. And thay make funny expressions! 0_o
    Leonard: Yea. Tired of shopping d. Now i need my daily dose of cuteness. 🙂

  12. muahahahahahahaha… funny la….laff till half die…

    omg….i like the puppies…

    The OS is so cute la…

  13. Hey great post cheesie. just wonder what camera are u using? the picture quality is really good!

  14. HappiGurL says:

    OMG soooooo dammmmn cuuuuute!!! dam dam funny lol

  15. i love your sense of humor. nice post. keep it up!

  16. haha…i’ll be dealing with these fella sooner or later as a vet…wahaha

  17. eh eh… last sentence why is there an apperance of wtf? isnt it wtc??

    oh im not eating those pearls anymore…thanks to you >.

  18. can’t believe you actually managed to take the pictures of the animals without getting caught. i rememeber using my handphone cam also kena caught… your big guy must be BIG

  19. Cozzie: You are not *the* Cozzi hor, phewwww.
    Anyway. It’s still the mourning period, remember!!! Plus they were not in Cheeserland. So yea, WTF.

    ivan: 😛

  20. pets are cute, but then those words? or caption? are fabulous…funny stuff…

  21. hoi! you hamsap vulgar chick.. knnccb wtc la you hehehehehehee

  22. OMG! they are all SO cute…

  23. This post is very cute.
    The bunnies are especially adorable! I love the dialougue =)
    Thanks for making me laugh!

  24. Wah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! sipeh funny this new entry of yours. Very good references to human behaviours and friends… I love every single one of it.
    I can c many of us in there. My fav would hv to be that Peter Pan wannabe turtle, and special mention to that rabbit that use eyeliner/mascara and right face poser puppy. Gambatte. 🙂

  25. Mostly CUTE! But none as cute as you.. *sigh*

  26. the Jerboa kinda reminds me of grasshopper.dunno y -_- .but all of them really look cheesy cutesy except the fluorescent bug :/

  27. so kawaii…………………………..

  28. hope there will be cat there, i always think that cat is better than dog….they r cute…

  29. haha ya those animal so sad and pathetic… One animal, I took picture, walk away, take picture 5min later, walk away and take final picture 5min after that one. So three picture. In 15min this animal did not move. Just, it blinked once. I love that animal whatever is:D

    But in Osaka aquarium got “camwhore” stingray ya… follow me around all the time…

    Stoned animal sound so funny haha 😀 Damn lazy these animals… maybe need to feed some
    chilli or something 😐

  30. Enrico: Nooooo way. Puppies are kiuter.
    Joe-sama: LOLOL. I wanna go!!!!

  31. the bubble cheeked gold fishes are jus storing food in their mouth till winter..not botox enhanced..hah..

  32. ekekeke someone big.. now i gotta find myself someone big =D
    which petshop eh ?

  33. Omigoddd too cute liao! =D My fave is the swimming turtle one =)

  34. holy! what kind of insect is that? cool make up! haha…

  35. i think you mean you’re a duracell bunny. energizer where got bunny ah??

  36. Kennotspel says:

    OMG.. I juz lob dis animals… be it bani, mousi, pappi, raptal, fizh or insek. I used to hv 30 spesis at hom. Nope, my dadi dont own a pet shop, bcoz my dadi hates dem all. 1 day when i waz out, he donates dem all to de zoo.

    Since then, i visit de zoo everyweak. Once i tried to climb into de thaiger cage to get close to my dear pussi kats, but de zoo otoriti so mean, they throw me out. Since den, i hv to disguiz myself to sneek into de zoo and look at those kats outside the cage. Dat’s y i like Mission Impulsibel and James Bondage movies, bcoz they like to disguiz too. And dey get all de hot chicks. yah… i like chicks too.

  37. the fishes are just freaking weird… o_O

  38. LOL the Jerballs! It sure as heck looks like big furry balls. And you know what I do with them. Stop me!

  39. funnycheese says:

    wonder what were they doing at night?
    A night safari from cage to cage?
    or too busy betting on World Cup leh?
    hmm…can tortie the tortoise predict the result?

    btw, dun’t be surprise they paint themself wif cheese country, give them support a bit la.. lol =)

  40. oh your cheese, that’s hilarious!
    I know where’s that, I think.

    and I hate that goldfish.
    makes me feel like my cheeks are tearing.

  41. Heh remeber most of these so well!!
    I wonder if those crabs are still there waiting for each other to make a move!! Hahaha..
    The reptails and tortoises in the first two pics still look like statues to me..wahaha.. they all hardly moved!!
    Puppies were soooooooo cute.. pity the poor Pekingese though.. getting sat on because it got the attention from us :oP
    You wanna eat the poor parret fish :oO LMCAO @ the botox fishes!!!
    Eyeliner bunny is so adorable.. you want ah? come go and buy..ehehe..

    The non-moving fish and the upside down turtle..ehehe.. I really thought that fish was dead!!!!!

  42. wheeee so cuteee =D

  43. freaking hilarious wahahha love it 🙂

  44. Super cutez.. haha.. good job.

  45. thefunkyone says:

    omg..ur cute too cheesie!!! thank god for cute gals 😛

  46. “Man, their eyes remind me of the pearls in my milk tea.”

    I find this line very disturbing…. and you’ve totally spoiled my appetite for pearls milk tea… >.

  47. Dammit ctrl+fullstop not recognized. It spoils all my emos. x_x.
    Who knows how to fix this?

  48. hoi!! don’t simply simply camwhore without me!! animals also cannot!!! *hmph*

  49. Ching..make that us!! We can’t be the camwhoring threesome if only one of us is camwhoring ne?

  50. So creative! So adorable!

  51. So damn cute!! says:

    Why must u noe my email?? anyway, Tat was so interesting! give mie more next time!

  52. Hello. I’ve been trying to find a jerboa for about 8 years now, I’d really like to get one and was wondering if you would know where I could. I met one in a pet shop about 10 or 15 years ago and have been in love with them ever since. Thanks!

  53. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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  55. i hate animals but i dont disturb animal at all

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