Lepak Marathon Season One

June 22, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit / Happenings

Pun of the day:
Lemony Cheesie’s A Series Of Funtunate Events!

Warning: Boring camwhore pictures galore. Dont scroll down.

You don’t need a reason to celebrate. If you really do, make one up!

I just lost 8 pounds so i need to celebrate!
My hit counter just hit 100,000 so i need to celebrate!
I am so bored so i need to celebrate!
My toilet bowl piping system is finally fixed so i shit to celebrate!

Mozzie started working on Monday! Before she said goodbye to her holidays, I had a 3-day Lepak Marathon with her and other friends.

Lepak Day 1

It wasn’t supposed to be a gathering for Limkokwing graduates but we kept bumping into ex-college mates!

Wani Wunny Hunni Bunni

I made a T shirt for my punsultant, which sports a very appropriate slogan for him.

G, we bumped into someone else too!!

JOEY G from channel V!

Lepak Day 2

Good morning.

I took the time to post an article on the World Cup even though I was in the midst of my Lepak Marathon, just for you. Happy a not? 😀

Lunch in a fishy place.

Apparently the grilled platter is for people who are health conscious or on a diet.

And the deep fried platter is for those who don’t give a damn about bulging waistlines and clogged arteries.

Dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes

Mozzie and I are both yolk lovers. You see, this is a time when i prefer not to have too much in common. We fight over a yolk.

I look like a Hobbit sitting beside Elmo.

Supper at Baskin Robin’s

Some Bo Liao Camwhoring

All of a sudden, my mousie altercheesego took over the driver’s seat.


“i ate so much biscotti, i think i wanna go for a swim…” 

Just eggnore us!

Our sunny sides are up today!

That’s all for day two. To save some bandwidth, i’ll post more photos tomorrow.

P/S: I know I eat so much! Food food food! Lepak day 3 is even siaoer. Stay cheesed to find out. Do drop by cheeserland with a full stomach hor. 🙂

32 responses to “Lepak Marathon Season One”

  1. Sharon says:

    OH my god! you can eat so much and yet still stay so slim! What’s your secret really? 😐

  2. you lose 8 pound and you cerlebrate and you ate 10 pound?
    mana bole cheesie……. got to maintain mah?
    and i see you wan to jump into that coffe pool ah?
    later 4 days you kanot sleep woh! caffien over load in your body…

  3. ~amiko~ says:

    Harloe… Supprise…?? I am the 1st and also first time write a comment in your blog… Nice pics… 🙂 Sooo Sweets… ^^ … Seem very happy and enjoyed ya…(“,)… More pics pleasssseee… 😛

  4. sengkor says:

    manhattan fish market’s food not nice geh..

  5. cheesie says:

    Sharon: I tell you, i ate more on Day 3. Couldn’t believe i ate that much too LOL. I think i gained weight d… 🙁

    BananaFritter: That’s why lo, ate too much felt guilty, wanted to go for a swim to shake those calories off. And the latte was the nearest pool i could find.

    Amiko: Thanx for dropping by sweetheart!! Yea, more pix up tomorrow. :):):)

    Sengkor: I heard that their food quality dropped a lot since its opening. I don’t quite like it either. There’re better Fish n Chips in Seremban!

  6. Porkie says:

    I tell you, there is something wrong with those photos.. seems like there’s one person missing!!
    Camera shy maybe? I know he was there at all the Lepak sessions 😛

  7. Kelly says:

    yum yum yolk.. i love yolk too

    /me poke cheesie’s yolk.

    love the photos. upload more!

  8. Porkie says:

    Cheesie, aiya dun start saying you gained weight.. you look fine k!! and yah there is better fish n chips.. like in Harrods 😉

  9. cheesie says:

    Porkie: He doesn’t allow me to post his photos that bugger.
    Kelly: So you like to poke it and spill it all over? =P

  10. Porkie says:

    Cheesie, I think is probably cuz he looks terrible. You should go take some better photos with him lah 😛

  11. kenneth says:

    man cheesie.. lucky i did what u told me to…::: ate before i came onto ur site today ::::…

    aahaha llook @ all the food!!!GAH!!

    nice entry 🙂 i like the photos with the DOME ads :D.. lol cracked me up

  12. Michael says:

    Mozzie oh so pretty …

  13. angel says:

    cool photo blog post..
    very hungry di..

  14. Albert Ng says:

    In the first picture, there is an unlabelled figure. Is that a ghost? :O

  15. cheesie says:

    Albert: I don’t see any. 0_o
    If it is a ghost it should be a she, looooooooong hair. wearing all white. Am i right.

  16. astrosurge says:

    wow. EC hotter than ever… EC..a/s/l pls?

  17. s0hp0h says:

    with all dat food.. u lost 8 pounds.. oh gosh..seriously HOLY CHEESEEE

  18. cheesie says:

    Eh no la not me who lost 8 pounds, was just teasing a friend with that. Sowee… 0_o

  19. gwen says:

    I’m hungry.. =[

    and I like my egg yolk to be poked by my tongue 🙂

  20. ching says:

    wahsai!!! i didn’t know i can look alright with mata sepet also lo…. i looooooove you poke me i poke you photo!! 😀 slurp.

  21. Matthew says:

    hey, that’s da same slip you had on when u went with albert to the autocar exhibition! din wash? hah!

  22. cheesie says:

    Matt: Are you crazy? You really believed that bugger! lolol

  23. hafiz says:

    Haha i love the ‘selamat datang’ pic. You look like you’re a cutboard cardout as well. =p

  24. food lover says:

    you have a very interesting blog cheesie!!! love your edited pics! so cute!!! =)

  25. Leonard says:

    no worries, these pictures did not eat up my badwidth, everything load in a blink of an eye..

    more of the great pictures please..i can then feast my eyes on the food and u!! haha

  26. cheesie says:

    Hafiz: i love ur punniness! Join the punster club! 😀
    food lover: thanx… i food love too. =)
    Legallybimbo & Leonard: More to come! *roars*

  27. angel says:

    i thought you lost 8 pounds…
    i lost 11 pounds during this holiday…
    from fit to skinny…
    very sad..

  28. Albert Ng says:

    Matthew: She convinced them to allow her to keep the dress. Normally the girls return the leather/PVC outfits, where it is then reused in other products, such as footballs and sofa sets.

    There’s a cutboard cardout at KLCC which is even more convincing. 😮

  29. s0hp0h says:

    haha.. my bad my bad..

  30. joe17301 says:

    whoa this post is one of best 😀

    Cheesieさま… 狂っているだよ。。。CHEESIEさまのねずみ形はかわいいだよT_T

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