Pun of the day:
Lemony Cheesie’s A Series Of Funtunate Events!

Warning: Boring camwhore pictures galore. Dont scroll down.

You don’t need a reason to celebrate. If you really do, make one up!

I just lost 8 pounds so i need to celebrate!
My hit counter just hit 100,000 so i need to celebrate!
I am so bored so i need to celebrate!
My toilet bowl piping system is finally fixed so i shit to celebrate!

Mozzie started working on Monday! Before she said goodbye to her holidays, I had a 3-day Lepak Marathon with her and other friends.

Lepak Day 1

It wasn’t supposed to be a gathering for Limkokwing graduates but we kept bumping into ex-college mates!

Wani Wunny Hunni Bunni

I made a T shirt for my punsultant, which sports a very appropriate slogan for him.

G, we bumped into someone else too!!

JOEY G from channel V!

Lepak Day 2

Good morning.

I took the time to post an article on the World Cup even though I was in the midst of my Lepak Marathon, just for you. Happy a not? 😀

Lunch in a fishy place.

Apparently the grilled platter is for people who are health conscious or on a diet.

And the deep fried platter is for those who don’t give a damn about bulging waistlines and clogged arteries.

Dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes

Mozzie and I are both yolk lovers. You see, this is a time when i prefer not to have too much in common. We fight over a yolk.

I look like a Hobbit sitting beside Elmo.

Supper at Baskin Robin’s

Some Bo Liao Camwhoring

All of a sudden, my mousie altercheesego took over the driver’s seat.


“i ate so much biscotti, i think i wanna go for a swim…” 

Just eggnore us!

Our sunny sides are up today!

That’s all for day two. To save some bandwidth, i’ll post more photos tomorrow.

P/S: I know I eat so much! Food food food! Lepak day 3 is even siaoer. Stay cheesed to find out. Do drop by cheeserland with a full stomach hor. 🙂