Pun of the day:
I don’t watch Ahn Jung Hwan just for kicks…he’s my goal!


Two hot chicks and I had a steamy hot sofa session with Malay Male. We discussed about the size of your *ahem*. Check out Weekend Mail this Saturday and Sunday. Behind-the-scenes photos up soon.

*end of update*

Some people protested when they thought KejuSia assumed that all girls don’t watch football. Not all girls are anti-football, alright? … But guess what? Most of my guy friends don’t give a damn about footie!

Peacock doesn’t watch football. He’s too encucumbered in hunting peahens. Damion doesn’t watch football too. He’s too busy emo’ing over his injured car. Sze Kerng doesn’t watch football. He prefers handballs. Even Mahathir doesn’t watch football (quoted 8th April, Guang Ming Daily newspaper). Ask Them.

Honestly, I can enjoy watching footie one. Im just a bit very blur la.
Four years ago I watched footie like mad leh. Its a very fun thing to do when you can scream together and insult each others team without offending anyone. But there’s one thing I dont get though.

How on earth do you choose a team to support? Is it the country? Sentimental reason? Cool Factor? The skill? (bullshit la, like you supported Elliot Yamin. Simon Cowell said he’s probably the most skilled male vocalist ever in the show… yet why did Taylor Hicks win? Huh huh huh?). I dont know how guys choose their team but my girl friends and I choose the good looking ones (admit it okay).

01 by you.

I was gaga over Korea during World Cup 2002. Ya la I know right, damn predictable. Ahn Jung Hwan! *drools*. They are Asians after all. I prefer bananas to white radishes. *smirks*

Or, if there are two countries with national flags I dont recognize at all, i’ll choose the one that sounds more delicious. Côte d’Ivoire sounds like some wonderful desserts name. Yum. The same goes for the Premier League. I think some people choose Man U because it sounds cool. (How bout “U’re the Man”?) (Aiks, but it can be “MAN, U suck” too).

I prefer Chelsea to Liverpool because it sounds cheesier.

I decided to do a survey on the reasons why people support certain teams. I spoke to a guy who BRBed me on MSN because Spain VS Ukraine was starting.

Cheesie: Wait. Answer a question before you go.
Andrew: Yes… quick. Its starting!
Cheesie: Which country do you support?
Andrew: Italy.
Cheesie: Why!
Andrew: actually i have no idea why i support 0_o
Cheesie: How can! Must have a reason what. Faster tell!
Andrew: hmm.. coz they hav totti? del piero? cannavaro? toni?
Cheesie: wtf are those.
Andrew: Players la. Gtg byeeeee.

Ok ok, Im clueless. Let’s face it.

But my imagination often goes wild…

Cheesie: Which country do you support?
Andrew: Italy.
Cheesie: Why!
Andrew: : Because they have spaghetti, pizzas, lasagna, Quattro Formaggi pasta …
Cheesie: Cheesarific!
Andrew: : Who do *you* support?
Cheesie: Initially Switzerland.
Andrew: Why!
Cheesie: Because it produces the holiest cheese in the world.
Andrew: Then why did you change your mind?
Cheesie: Because it is playing against France, and France produces the most variety of cheese in the world. Dilemma. -__-
Andrew: Then how?
Cheesie: Actually my fav was the sushi country. But since sushi country sucks I think I’ll go for kimchi country.

Footie is not like American Idol, whereby the preference is obvious and easy to make. Kate–got boobs. Taylor–Ugly. Or mp3 players. iPod–expensive. made-in-china-rip-off–cheap.

Tell me, why would you choose Perrier over Evian?

Speaking of mineral water, I’d like to digress.

One day, I was eating alone in a food court, when a man with two kids entered.
They occupied a table, and the tauke came to take their order.

The two kids, a girl and a boy, spoke.

Youd expect them to go like,
Boy: I want Coke!!!111
Girl: I want… hmm… I want apple juice! lollipop cotton candy! *giggles abit*

Instead, they adjusted their seats a bit, and nonchalantly said…

Boy: Coke.
Girl: Pepsi.

02 by you.
(Ya, i’m very mean. But these might be the great leaders of our country in the future. Better snap a photo before they become famous.)

During that time, I felt strange, but I’m not sure why.

The waiter replied, sorry no Pepsi la, Coke?

Girl: No. I only want Pepsi.


Ok, I am not interested in some beverage filled with some special gas, but they are like, hello, 5 or 6-year-old kindergarten kids? What makes such a big difference? Not like it will end your 5 million dollar contract if you are seen holding a rival company’s cola can.

Do they really taste so different? I guess not. They prolly like it because of the color. Assuming the boy boy likes red and the girl girl likes blue.

03 by you.

Imagine this.

5 years later…

Boy: Arsenal
Girl: Cheesea Chelsea

04 by you.

10 years later…

Boy: Marlboro.
Girl: Mild Seven

05 by you.

15 years later…

Boy: DAP
Girl: BN

06 by you.

Right… Back to footie.

Yea. So how exactly do you choose your favorite team? Guys, do enlighten me please.

Meanwhile, for girls who are equally clueless out there, who should you support, if you are forced to make a choice? Simple. Choose the one with more lengjais.
Ahn Jung Hwan!

07 by you.

So how if both teams are equally ugly? Simple too. Choose the team that is opposing your guy’s, and bet with him.

That way, if you win, you can happily go shopping with the $ and leave your man sulking to his heart’s content at home. If your team loses, just pretend to be very upset (not like you care anyway), and your man will surely be too happy to claim the bet from you. In case he does remember, just give him a banana (cuz he’s turned into a chimpanzee jumping up and down).

Actually hor, to make things easy, just select the team which is likely to win la. That way, it reduces the chances of you having to kick a fluffy bunny or clean up any mess, if say, you leave a path of destruction.