Puteri Cheesie Gunung Ledang

July 29, 2006 in Photoshoot

Pun of the day:
i’ll busy-ing you soon!

I have been very very busy these few days! 0_0

Gonna be busy during the weekend too 🙁

For now, i’ll just give you an exclusive preview of my shoot at Gunung Ledang sometime ago.

200360175_36694e8efe_o by you.

200361987_8534ec3a44_o by you.

200360172_ce796c8bd2_o by you.

Where is my Hang Tuah?


Updates soon. Stay cheesed hor. ;P

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  1. nice parody! 😀

  2. kcin: Not a parody leh, its a proper shoot 😀

  3. but really look like puteri gunung ledang wo…. seriously! the pose and the background…

  4. oh, i think the key ingredient is the long hair 😉

  5. gunung ledang?
    that’s my district… -_-“

  6. hang tuah?
    hang tua wan ah?

    hang tua with loads of moolah.


  7. Hang Tuah says:

    I love to eat “Hang” satay, and i m so ber” tuah” reading your blog and knowing u.
    Can i date u my Puteri Gunung Ledang? I’ve been waiting for u for centuries.
    I knew u are my princess when i first read your blog
    I love you my dear Puteri, i sworn by my Taming Sari kris
    or i shall die by the kris. U cannot imagine how long i’ve been waiting for u. 🙁

    I may sound like an antique, but i’ll try to dress up to date and be more cheesy.
    I grill damn good “Hang” satay too. 🙂 but if u love pasta, i will cook it for u too with all my love for u. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    wah, show cleavage.. >_

  9. Anonymous says:

    i thought it’s fixed d??…


  10. wow very pretty pictures 😉

  11. Great picts. Now for picts with Hang Tuah =)

  12. wow!!! u look gorgeous, u just took my breath away……. splendid pics. can’t wait for your follow up pics. …..where’s my asthma relief inhaler?

  13. the shooting is for shampoo commercial?

  14. the hot pants and all…yikes, lol

  15. lol!I thought it’s another commercial shooting of Amber Chia…look kinda alike -_-

  16. Splashmilk says:

    Wah! Who’s the photographer?

  17. whoa… this is nice. cheeesie, you should’ve dressed in some batik sarung ler…… more essence then.

  18. i agree with endroo ^_^

  19. Dear Cheesie,
    nice photo shoot:) is it a rehearsal a new shampoo commercial?:D~

  20. beautiful………. looks like malay >_

  21. really pretty n elegant… looks somewat like chindian.. no insult intended.

  22. Gunung Ledang..has nothing to do with Hang Tuah eh?suppose to be related with some Sultan..

  23. 1st & 2nd u looked gorgeous! 😛 the 3rd pic is showed your eyelashes too long ler, not natural like puteri liao 😛

  24. wow you look stunning in those photos, nicely done
    especially the first and third

  25. WOW, so sexy!! HEhehehe ;P

  26. wow… why must you be so cheesiful in the photos!!! makes me dream of you all the time…. that is so bad!! you know it is hard to concentrate? hehehe….

    well, take good care.. and hope that what you need to get done will be done swiftly… tata

  27. notti cheesie-sama made all the buaya go crazy.
    I think I should arrange buaya contest, they can fight each other and I will say winner
    can win cheesie-sama ne?

    Of course, when winner is decided, we will kill him also but… is less work than kill all the buaya, right? It’s because I am so clever.

    Please buaya… PLEASE find girlfriend in real life 🙂

    yakibuaya… mmmm so tasty!

  28. Cheesie you have the ability to look so incredibily beautiful. What make up did you have on and what did you do to your hair in the shots? So are you a model then?

  29. looks very.. edited.. sorry, just my honest opinion..

  30. crocodile dundee says:

    joel17, hv u look into the mirror lately? 🙂

    i skin buayas(both crocodiles and alligators) for pleasures and business. LOL
    i wear buaya skin boots.
    one thing u r right. buaya sure is tasty.

  31. crocodile dundee:
    ya I looked into mirror but I’m so ugly it explode T_T
    I got girlfriend ya, just I say cheesie-sama is beautiful, my meaning is not “omg you are so gorgeous please marry me or I cut myself!!!!!” 🙂

    ya buaya deep fried and then… dip in sauce… mmm sure is tasty. Maybe we can exchange recipe sometime.

  32. yucky buaya is tasy? haha~

  33. Would you be interested in a deviantart account? Or you already have one? 🙂

  34. Blah: No photoshop at all (apart from the watermark). The trick is in the lens. 😉

  35. Hi Cheesie, hha.. I think i got nose bleed now… Must see doctor.. Ask the doctor what’s the pescription of seeing a sexy Cheesie post… Esp the first pic..

    Hahha.. Your pics r pretty professional.. And Would the director mind if i get some of the water that you’ve steped in? lots of guys will wanna buy from me..

  36. hmmm.. I dont think you wanna meet Hang tuah at this era.. He might not love to shave, have a hairy butt.. Loves sleeping in the forest.. I think it would be..

    Where’s Wang Lee Hom.. hehehe…

  37. You’re soooo skinny :P. haha

  38. wow… al naturale….

  39. the water looks awesome

  40. eh i see longkang!!!!!!!!!!!!! haahahahahahahahaha

  41. I don’t know about your Hang Tuah, but if you looked behind when you were cheesy dipping, you’d have spotted a peacock in its natural habitat – taking pictures of a cheesy dipper.

  42. wanna puteri u says:

    sexy!!!! u make me busy tnite!!!!!!

  43. WEST BOY.... says:


  44. anyone watch transformers lately? there’s 1 spanish soldier guy earlier at the movie who says crocs have the most succulant meat on earth… i don’t myself cuz never ate one before… walau!! you went even to show your longkang man!! OMG, shit, my nose’s starting to bleed!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  45. O.O your hair.. sunsilk should choose you to become their model. XD

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