Era Walk Fashion Show Preview

July 31, 2006 in Malaysia / Useless fashion

Pun of the day:
Even though it’s all staged, it’s smiles away from being unexsighting.

Yea, this is what i was busy with. Fashion shows at Era Walk, Seremban, two days in a row. Plenty of pictures to edit! Don’t wanna keep you in suspense, so here are some of the pre-show photos.

201758699_d151c222aa by you.
Getting my hair and make up done in the salon.
They wanted to curl all models’ hair! I dread dread dread that. That curler thingie is so hot steam actually comes out from your hair. Imagine the damage it does to your hair. Damn scary! 🙁
But you get to see my very rare curly hair.

201758701_c27fda9fac by you.
The stylist Sebastian.

This was my freshly baked roasted curled hair. But my hair memang cannot tahan any form of curls. It straightens itself up after just half an hour. Sebastian said it’s too long and heavy wor. And that my hair is quite difficult to style cuz it’s healthy (?!).

They say that the dryer and more damaged your hair is, the better the styling result. So i guess…it is a good thing that my hair is difficult to style?? 0_o

201760098_2e76c2f015 by you.
Final touch-up at Era Walk.

There were also dance performances by some little cuties.

She was damn camera-sensitive! I was taking this picture from far (summore like 45 degrees from the right) and she noticed. Then she turned around and smiled at me. So cuteeee! >_<

She attempted to pose for me. So adorable right! Man, these apple pies are natural born performers and models!

201758703_d10c15799a by you.
The instructor explaining the walk.

And… the models!

201760099_7eae538665 by you.

Stay cheesed for the on-stage photos! 😀

34 responses to “Era Walk Fashion Show Preview”

  1. Paws says:

    How do you wear your jeans without breaking your nails @_@? Great gorgeous looking Delicious Cheesie!

  2. Porkie says:

    Absolutley gorgeous Princess Dear…looking forward to more!!! Wish I could have been there like the Bridal Show last year though 🙁

  3. strawberry says:

    hmm. u share some similar resemblance to carmen soo. maybe its the hair =)

  4. Jasmin84 says:

    Era walk, sban??
    Got function,meh?
    When ar???
    Why i duno wan..cham lar..
    I’m very out-dated d..
    Haha..i’m frm sban too!
    Which school u’re from during secondary?

  5. errrbad says:

    Wow!!! Nice Cheese Curls… u look very breath taking in curls too. U r definitely the fairest among them all. 🙂 and the cheesiest Cheese girl…ooops.. i mean Curls.

    Pls gorgeous cheesie, pls don’t keep us waiting for too long. pls… pls…
    I just can’t have enough of the Curls… simply delicious. 😀

  6. errrbad says:

    I suppose u must be getting your cheese curls straighten again. Well…. at least u hv taken plenty of photos with it. 🙂

  7. Porkie says:

    Hey Princess.. was this like last year with all the other known Seremban models taking part? Candice etc there?

  8. Porkie says:

    Those little ones are following in their big jie jies footsteps mah… the future Cheesies and Candices 😉

  9. Terry says:

    Paws: Cheesie could even type with those nails,so to her wearing jeans won’t be a problem at all.

  10. joe17301 says:

    buaya buaya buaya… must be buaya season maybe. Oh well, soon buaya gonna hibernate again I hope… 😐

    Cheesie-sama look very good there neeeee… And children also so cute haha. Already, at such young age, already better performer than old man Joe T_T

  11. CraSH says:

    did you mom go pay you a visit during the fashion show since it is in your hometown?

  12. damion says:

    i would assume that her mom was her photographer through the entire event… 😛

  13. stoney84 says:

    ur eyes….can shoot laser leh….XD

  14. enhaw says:

    Cheesie…the gal standing at your left i think she’s my coursemate elayne chua back in MMU : )

  15. Bluey says:

    UWAAAAH!! the guy model (is he a model ? ) O_O

    but even if he isnt..


    of course, you’re cute too, cheesie sama 😀 love the curls.

    my hair is like yours too. back when i had long hair they couldn’t stay curled !#$!%! !!

  16. ching says:

    sei lui bao, got show also never ajak me boong chiong!! *hmph*

    dowan friend you!! gimme my ruffles!!

  17. Bluey says:

    oh yeah.

    anyone can offer me free WordPress 2.0 bloghost?

    i am still a student, so i cannot support myself with the hosting fees (my parents are stingy. pfft).

    so can anyone help me out? i am getting sick of blogspot T_T

    my blog is here :


  18. Leonard says:

    nice pictures, anyway still cant get used to heavily makeup chessie, preferred the normal chessie. 🙂

  19. you look really pretty..but think u look better with straight hair..

  20. vic says:

    ohmegoodness. i THINK the girl on the far right is my friend..the make up makes it abit more difficult to recognize her. haha. that’s wendy right?

  21. cheesie says:

    enhaw: Yes she is Elaine. 🙂
    vic: Yes she is Wendy. 🙂

  22. cheesie says:

    Paws: Not a problem! The only thing i can’t do is clenching my fists! =P
    Jasmin84: I was from Chan Wa. Yourself?
    Ching: Like you will come liddat 🙁

  23. Jasmin84 says:

    U’re from Chan Wa ar..
    Haha..i’m from Puteri..
    Which batch u’re from?
    I mean…which year u grad from F5? i’m 2001
    hw bout u?

  24. audrey says:

    hey cheesie, just a question for u. do u normally wear light make up? ur skin looks stunning all the times, totally adore it. Can i know which facial product you’re currently using?

  25. Anon says:


  26. cheesie says:

    Audrey: I don’t wear foundation, i thinkits very bad for skin leh. My essentials are concealer, eyeliner, eyebrow liner and gloss! 😀

  27. audrey says:

    ohhh, u must hav flawless skin. i wish i have that too 🙁 by the way, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

  28. Nicole says:

    I love the hair, however, really shitty make-up!!!! You look like clowns, literally, my professional make-up artist who does models in California was laughing at this picture when i showed her, just plain ooooogly!!!!!!

  29. Melissa says:

    i love this site.r

  30. hey hey, din know u’re a fellow serembanian. i was from puteri though. stay cheese!~

  31. Bob says:

    This is very interesting site…T

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