Pun of the day:
Some Vietnamese locals like to sit outside and chick out hot babes walking around the city – it’s poultry in motion to them.

I finally made my first ever million in my life. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast! =)

So, I’m a rich cheese!

Well, at least in Vietnam Dong.

1USD = 15,800 Vietnam Dong. You do the math.

Before i drown you in a sea of great pictures (which i’m still editing), lemmi tell you a few things about South Vietnam.

First of all, Vietnam is so CHEESELESS! I was so traumatically deprived of cheese i nearly died.

This was about all the cheese i saw in Vietnam.

Secondly, their buildings are so slim! Just like their people.

Third, it’s famous for its chicks. You see them everywhere.

People go to Vietnam for their chickens.

That’s why they have the Chicken Town.

That’s also the reason why everyone is a happy cock cook there.

The word Ivene and I used most in Vietnam is…

No la, my favorite curse is still fucckaccino. Not like we have become vulgar since we went to Vietnam, but “diu” in Vietnam means “to pee”.

So hor, we were always like:

“Eh, i want to go diu, wanna follow?”
“You better go diu now la, because later long journey cannot diu liao.”
“I cannot tahan d, i must diu now >_< …”

Hehe. 😀

Seems like we cannot run away from vulgarities. 😛


Ivene and I both brought a 1GB memory card, and took more than 1000 pictures. Excluding vain-camwhore-pix-you-don’t-wanna-see (50%), vain-camwhore-pix-you-cannot-see (20%), blur shots (1% only, because we are damn good photographers), and ugly shots (1% only, because we are damn photogenic) , I still have 300 over pictures to edit.

So make sure your bandwidth is damn good. You have one day to upgrade it! 😀

Stay cheesed!