I’m a millionaire!

August 28, 2006 in Vietnam

Pun of the day:
Some Vietnamese locals like to sit outside and chick out hot babes walking around the city – it’s poultry in motion to them.

I finally made my first ever million in my life. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast! =)

So, I’m a rich cheese!

Well, at least in Vietnam Dong.

1USD = 15,800 Vietnam Dong. You do the math.

Before i drown you in a sea of great pictures (which i’m still editing), lemmi tell you a few things about South Vietnam.

First of all, Vietnam is so CHEESELESS! I was so traumatically deprived of cheese i nearly died.

This was about all the cheese i saw in Vietnam.

Secondly, their buildings are so slim! Just like their people.

Third, it’s famous for its chicks. You see them everywhere.

People go to Vietnam for their chickens.

That’s why they have the Chicken Town.

That’s also the reason why everyone is a happy cock cook there.

The word Ivene and I used most in Vietnam is…

No la, my favorite curse is still fucckaccino. Not like we have become vulgar since we went to Vietnam, but “diu” in Vietnam means “to pee”.

So hor, we were always like:

“Eh, i want to go diu, wanna follow?”
“You better go diu now la, because later long journey cannot diu liao.”
“I cannot tahan d, i must diu now >_< …”

Hehe. 😀

Seems like we cannot run away from vulgarities. 😛


Ivene and I both brought a 1GB memory card, and took more than 1000 pictures. Excluding vain-camwhore-pix-you-don’t-wanna-see (50%), vain-camwhore-pix-you-cannot-see (20%), blur shots (1% only, because we are damn good photographers), and ugly shots (1% only, because we are damn photogenic) , I still have 300 over pictures to edit.

So make sure your bandwidth is damn good. You have one day to upgrade it! 😀

Stay cheesed!

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32 responses to “I’m a millionaire!”

  1. enrico says:

    hey….finally i’m the first here

  2. enrico says:

    from now on…i can say out loud the word….DIU…dun scold me, papa and mama…

  3. enrico says:

    let me be the first to ask….what is the currency rate?

  4. enrico says:

    beside the red cow brand, u all cant find president? poor and cheeseless country

  5. cheesie says:

    Eh didnt read properly ka. 1USD = 15,800 Vietnam Dong 😀

  6. cheesie says:

    So, One million Dong is about RM295. 🙂
    But things are damn cheap there la, i spent like less than 50USD.

  7. Porkie says:

    Heh.. come we go again… be multi-millionaires 😉 Pity about the place being cheeseless.. looks like we have to re-visit the place to change all that..

  8. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    wah!!!! i wanna be a millionaire too. hold it.. make it a billion. heheheh.. aim high mah.

  9. enrico says:

    missed that part….sorry lah

  10. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    so how does 50,000vietdong buffet taste like? xtra rich? 😉

  11. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    how much is a bottle of drinking water there? 10K

  12. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    oh man.. i think i can talk very loud in vietnam. evrything is valued by the Ks.

    i can say… so cheap ah.. 10k onli. 😀

  13. cheesie says:

    One bottle of 500ml is 3,000 Dong.

  14. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    wah!!! so cheap… 3k onli!!!

    LOL!!! 😀 always wanted to say that.

  15. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    correction… “WAH!!! SO CHEAP 3K ONLI!!! ALL DRINKS ON ME!!!!”

    LOL!!! talk LOUD mah. 😀

  16. Porkie says:

    3000 Dong for one 500ml.. hmm.. makes me wonder. How much is it to eat in proper resturants? Not sure if you did eat in the fine dining places during your trip, but I’m guessing that even after conversion it would still be cheap 🙂 Seeing as fastfood places are some of the cheapest eatings in most places in the world, I’m guessing these would be cheap there too?

    Anyway, rather than clog this post up with endless babble and give others a chance to post, I will await your posting tomorow 🙂

  17. asada says:

    wow! seems like vietnam is a good place…

    aa. souieba, JLPT 2 kyuu no ukejuuken ganshou mo dashita? tabun mada dane.
    deadline ha 15 sep kanaa? hayaku dashitene!

  18. stoney84 says:

    1 mil dong = RM295
    3k dong = gao puat…not that cheap ain’t it…xD

  19. wow….so beautiful….ahem. i mean the $$ 🙂

  20. joe17301 says:

    WOI that cheese with cow we got here in South Africa also -_-.
    Laughing Cow cheese -_-. Seems like can’t escape it even in Vietnam -_-.
    Nice picture cheesie-sama and nice you are back home again 😀

    So many buaya, so little time T_T. Maybe all buaya can go into one room and then we can just blow up that room only, save so much time… well, is good dream at least 😀

  21. CraSH says:

    welcome home…. so how many chicks did you bring back? haha….
    so why are you there for?

  22. tonyyy says:

    did u fully utilised your one million in vietnam? hehe

  23. Austin Powers says:

    quick go watch channel 33 tvb8 230pm today, 29/8/2006… your favourite! was in Indonesia and ya, i knew how a millionaire like u feels…

  24. Austin Powers says:

    always wanting to go there … where u stay? fly air asia? how much does it cost? arrrgh… need a HOLIDAY badly…

  25. chris says:

    “Eh, i want to go diu, wanna follow?”
    “You better go diu now la, because later long journey cannot diu liao.”
    “I cannot tahan d, i must diu now”

    all these sounds so wrong especially the last one

  26. gwen says:

    oh boy, I can’t wait!

  27. waNLei says:

    welcome back from Vietnam!!! waiting for ur next photos to show up.

  28. Lim says:

    Nice vacation… probably you’ve developed some typhoid, due to unclean water that you probably have drank…different people have different body tolerance..go see doctor..get some pills and rest…hope you’ll get better soon…

  29. Daamao says:


  30. Am says:

    food and oh pooy i forgot what my mommy said…oh yea food and labor in vietnam is cheaper than america and a lot of places. everything else like machinery ect. is basically the same price.

  31. Nisie says:

    Sorry, there is something wrong with the pictures. Could you please reupload it? 😈

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