Vietnam Day 1

August 29, 2006 in Vietnam

Pun of the day:
1. The cruise was quite a riverting cruisine, since we got to pig out quite a bit. 😀

2. I have one piece of advice for Vietnamese ladies–actually, never mind. I think what they wear suits them onederfully!

I’m sick!

I vomited like endless times and went to the toilet so often i might as well sleep on the toilet bowl.

I don’t think it’s food poisoning cuz Sze Kerng and Ivene seem fine. It must be CDS (Cheese Deprivation Syndrome).


Did i mention that i HATE VOMITING? Everytime i vomit, i develop some new food phobia. If i ever see the food which i threw up anytime again, it will automatically smell like puke to me. On the other hand, diarrhoea is so much better because it all smells the same, and you can’t develop shit phobia, because if you do, you don’t need to shit for the rest of your life.

I still have my vomit bag beside me while typing this. So, at the end of this post, you’d better leave a damn good comment, i tell you.

Anyway, let’s continue with my Vietnam trip.





Ok i forgot what i wanted to write. I must have vomited my brains out. Great, i’m now officially a bimbo.


Vietnam Day 1

Vietnam Airline’s uniform

The prettiest Vietnam Airline flight attendant.

The flight was only 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport.

A short sightseeing tour of Ho Chi Minh City:

This was the first thing i saw.

Damn scary! And nobody ever wears a helmet!

There were a lot of leng lui bikers too!

The old post office

So Ivene became the banana girl.

Warao that thingie was super heavy!

Got back to our hotel.

So colorful! Like honeymoon liddat!

We took a shower and changed. Next stop: Dinner on the Saigon River Cruise!

It looks gross but i tell you, damn, it was delicious!

Hot chick performance on the cruise.

We saw two pretty girls in Vietnamese attire and wanted to take a picture with them. Turns out they are Japanese, from Nagoya too! 😀

Then hor, there was more to come! We spotted some damn good looking Japanese too =P

Hora hora, isn’t he CUTE! 😀 😀 😀

After dinner, we went out to yumca.

This is how a Vietnamese mamak looks like.

I noticed one thing. Vietnamese ladies like to wear this one piece suit thing.

Maching top and pants.

Like, all of them!


The food was good though.

Alright that’s all for today. Hope i’ll get better tomorrow. 🙁

Stay cheesed for Day 2!

*runs to toilet*

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37 responses to “Vietnam Day 1”

  1. joe17301 says:

    Whoa… I was hungry before I read post. Then I read about vomit and was not hungry. Then I saw picture of food and became hungry again… my stomach so confuse T_T.

    You look very beautiful in pictures, and Ivene also. I wish I could see that “hot chick performance” haha. Two Japanese girl… good good! ^_^ YOSHA! Vietnam looks like really
    nice place, I hope I can go there one day

    Anyway, I hope you get better soon cheesie-sama… take care ok. We will support you while you are sick ^_^

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    first thing first

    I hope that u will get a swift recovery from your CDS. take your full cheese dosage 5 times a day. b4 and after meal.

    wish u cheesywell soon with all my cheesy heart. 🙂 i mail u a get well hug as well. *HUGS*

  3. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    ok back to comment.

    there sure r some hot chics in vietnam. but i think they can’t match the 2 spicy hot chics from malaysia. (sori i call u and ivene spicy hot chics but i meant it in a very nice way 🙂 )

    very nice camwhoring pics u both have there, very pretty, very Nice, very cheesy….
    very yummy… i meant that suckling pig. LOL

    oh man.. both of u sure look damn cute. nose bleeding aredi…. damn!!! where are those tissue papers when u need them. 😀

    day 2 pls pls…… i’ll get my tissue box redi

  4. naVICgaTOR says:

    The air stewardess is so skinny~! Looks like Popeye’s wife, Olive~!

    You look like a local…~ Haha

  5. enrico says:

    please drink more water, vomiting will dehydrate the cheese….

    then the cheese queen will become hard cheese queen….still queen ………. lol

  6. keju says:

    I think their mamak stalls are real cute loh. Like school kids sitting around kindergarten tables and chairs liddat. 😀

  7. e-quan says:

    get well soon.

    can’t wait for ur next post. edit sui sui ok?

  8. asada says:

    waa.. daijoubu kanaa? genki dene.

    betonamu no ryokou tanoshisou ne. urayamashii..
    betonamu no onna no ko mo kawaii ne. demo mochiron ringo chan ichiban kawaii yo!

    nagoya kara kita nihonjin mo kawaii ne ^_^

  9. Doreen says:

    Vietname is sooo beautiful! I must go there one day (^_^)

  10. astrosurge says:

    didja go to Mai Ly?

  11. Porkie says:

    My dear Princess, do take care of yourself k.. rest up..drink lots of water..and most importantly.. sleep early 🙂 Do not blog just because people are impatiently waiting for your posts. Your health is much more important or at least to me take care of yourself 1st, blog later 🙂

    Onto your post, the Air stewardess looks seriously thin..quite scary wei O_o You look your usual good self…must say Ivene looks reli young O_O and Sze Kerng..well looks like Sze Kerng 😛 Hey.. how could you eat my pig brother.. such an evil bunny..nemai.. he’s only a distant distant relative and at least he tasted delicious..ehehe.. All those motorbikes would remind me more of Thailand…and all so daring riding without helmet hor..

  12. cheesie says:

    Thank you people! *sniffs*
    I’m feeling much better d, 😀 😀

  13. fish fish says:

    Hmmm… very interesting sight of the no-helmet riding and one piece suit thing. Get well soon!

  14. gwen says:

    the piggy looks yummeh.
    and the japanese guy look like a japanese girl >.

  15. s0hp0h says: cham.. insert *sayang* emo.. lolx.. wah, foodddddddddddd my comment good enough?? ^^

  16. cheeselover says:

    get well soon!wah their mamak stall so special..haha!reminds me of my childhood days in kindergarden!

  17. Leonard says:

    hmm…vietnam looks rather interesting lei.

    why the roadside stall’s chair and table so cute one, like eating in kindergarden!

    the motorcyclists power sia, no helmet one, guess their road very safe one.

    the one piece suit was ermm….colorful and transparent, did u manage to get one for urself?

    glad to know u feel betta, will be waiting for part deux!

  18. ronin says:

    I was there in January. You must ABSOLUTELY try their beef noodles … or else … rugi-liao!

  19. DonJuanabe Wannadate says:

    What new food phobia hv u developed this time?

    let me see… u aredi hv phobia for asparagus, escargot and fresh oyster. allergy to french
    coffee and champagne or anything alcohol… that makes dating u to a french restautant very difficult. i hope u havent develope another phobia for french cuisine.

    But i m a Spanish wannabe, so seafood paella should be acceptable. So dating me shld be a good and safe choice for your food palate.

    Can i hv the honour of dating u? 🙂

  20. sue-n says:

    haha the first pic of the air stewadess looks really funny.. speedy recovery cheesie!

  21. sue-n says:

    haha the first pic of the air stewardess looks really funny.. speedy recovery cheesie!

  22. cheesie says:

    DonJuanabe Wannadate: Yep i miss squid ink paella 😐

  23. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    What air stewardess? Where? i can’t even c her. too thin, can’t c her side view. LOL

  24. DonJuanabe Wannadate says:

    GReeeeaaat….. i love anyfood that cooked in or serve with squid ink. In fact, i got a few bottle stock up at home. Just like u malaysian stock up lite and dark soya sos.

    So when r we having our first date? 😀

    and Joe17301.. i know.. buayas.. i think i m a very big one. I think i m categorised as ALLIGATOR. the room fits me onli. LOL

  25. interpreter says:

    i cant understand vietnamese. but “Tau Ben Nghe” resembles the chinese word “Ta Pien Lu” (ie. steamboat). Ferry is a kind of boat rite? so…. taking a steamboat that served steamboat on board sounds very punny. 😀

  26. vivien says:

    take care! You should have brought the Poh Chai pills with you…. 😉

  27. Ben says:

    I came, I saw, I look at urs VN pics, and I wannt go to VN

  28. Dan says:

    Love ur site! The pics of HCM are really nice… Going there next weekend and looking forward to it… Any thing that was particulary memorable there?

  29. cheesie says:

    Dan: Beef noodleeeeeeee!

  30. hi i/m Vn people
    Welcome to Vietnam

  31. Hoang says:

    Nice pix.

  32. Freddy says:

    Your blog is very cheesy!!!
    I am from France and I’d like to talk to you soon.
    Have a great day!

  33. cheesie says:

    I’m going to visit Paris soon! 😀

  34. tran dinh hoc says:

    hi chao ban
    ban ten gi ? vay
    ban o dau ? con ban !!!!

  35. adidasgal says:

    Commented 🙂

    Haiz … This Comment so Late liao T.T

    You vomit also all come out lerh -.-

  36. Am says:

    aw what happened to the photos?
    i want to see them. the captions were kinda fun though:)

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