Pun of the day:
I don’t wanna drag-on any longer, so feast your eyes on these dishes, which i would say-very sweet!


The other day at the orchard, we saw a dragon fruit plant but it was fruitless. But guess what? We were invited to a dragon fruit orchard for a dragon fruit feast!


Damn shiok for a glutton like me.

But then i started thinking, what exactly can you make out of some cacti’s fruits? Dragon fruit cake? Dragon fruit juice? Dragon Fruit Ice Cream… Err… What else?

Before traveling down to Melaka, we had a little feast ourselves.

Our Breakfeast in Pasar Besar Seremban!!!

Mom had her Cuttle Fish Beehoon, WITHOUT the cuttle fish. WTC -_-. But so nostalgic! I used to eat that in the pasar right after school when i was in primary.

And i was craving for Seremban beef noodles. Didn’t get to eat much in Vietnam, so i ate it here instead.

The soup! Waaa damn shiok.

The orchard hor, is in some damn secluded place called Air Pa’abas. And we spent a freaking ONE AND A HALF HOURS looking for it.


When we finally arrived, we were so glad the first thing we heard wasn’t

“Hello latecomers, some leftovers, if you dont mind?”

I also kiasu one ok? null

For the first time, i saw the flower of a dragon fruit. It’s so… dragonfruity.

And the underage dragon fruit.

“Neh, look behind wei.”

And it’s very bloody indeed.

But wait until you see…

OMFC dragon fruit chicken!!!

Cheez, i had never expected them to come out with such… interesting dishes.

They actually had something more adventurous.



There was this Dragon Fruit Enzyme juice also. Freaking sour but i loved it.

They even canned the juice!

Both red and white dragon fruit.

Damn pretty leh the color. Love the look of it, but its taste was a major disappointment.



Like, hello? Can cheese taste like chicken feet?

But the wine was not bad though…

The dragon fruit plant is a very useful plant. From the fruit to the flower to the fruit of it, all are edible.

Just that it looks a bit… odd. -_-

Somehow things just look a little funny! Or is it just me? -_-
Actually, even though we were late, we were just in time for the yummy feast!


Dragon fruit flower duck
(It has a very nice chinese name la, but i damn lazy to translate la)

Dragon fruit flower erm, soup.

This is dragon fruit stir-fried sting ray

I’m sorry i had to remind you about Irwin! Grrr… At least i chomped down the bloody sting ray ok. >__< Cheesallujah.

This is an underage, immature dragon brat. It looks just like a bitter gourd. But the strange thing is, it tasted like okra! Like the saliva-sticky, gooey natto bean too, ewwww.

Last but not least, the crab!

Now this was really good.

All in all, it was a very out-of-the-ordinary feast. It didn’t send me to hareven, but it’s interesting, you know.

The only food i love to be paired with fruits is….

What else but FOIE GRAS!!! 😀 😀 😀


I have tried…

Foie gras and ox tongue with longan compote

Foie gras with blueberry sauce

Foie gras with sweet plum sauce

Foie gras with passion fruit

Waa so yummy can die.

Now, how about dragon fruit foie gras!

😀 😀 😀