Pun of the day:
Some people dislike t’revel in foreign lands. Well, I had pun, so no complaints here. 😀

I’m back in Malaysia! 😀

This time around, I didn’t get CDS (Cheese Deprivation Syndrome)!

I’m all healthy and fine (and still cheesy of course), because this was what I ate in Sichuan.

I just love to break my own record. I took 2,748 pictures in 8 days. Total size of pictures: 6.91GB.


Sichuan was so much nicer than I imagined. The weather was nice. The streets were clean. The people were generally polite. Heck, the boys were cute too! The waiters in the restaurants, the bell boys in the hotels and even the massage boy! (They are all young graduates, so no old old uncles 😀 😀 ).

The best thing is that a lot of good stuff were cheap. I just did a set of nail arts for RM5 (RMB10), lash extensions for RM25 and ate cheesing cheesing nice ice cream for only RM0.75! Shiok nya.

However, the one thing I hate about traveling with tour agencies is that there’s bound to be people who will potong your steam everywhere, every time.

They have nothing better to do but complain about every single thing—things too expensive, things too cheap; too few scenic stops so get to see nothing, too many scenic stops so very tiring; spend too much time walking until almost fainted, spend too much time sitting in the bus so waste time (if you wanna save time, marry a Superman or your Super Ex Girlfriend to fly you there la); bread too hard, tofu too soft; duck too skinny, pork too fat……


They think that after paying so much for the tour, they are entitled to the best things in the world.

To me, traveling is all about enjoying everything. Even if things are ‘not so good’, I will just laugh it off and appreciate the ‘not so bad’ parts. That’s the whole point of having a holiday, no?

If you like to complain so much, might as well just sit at home and read up the government’s policies. Dammit, you can even go back to Limkokwing and study there again.

One day hor, I went shopping at Chun Xi Road, and discovered this little gorgeous boutique.

It’s called 南梦 Nemow. Girls, you must check it out if you go to China.

Their clothes are so nice!

I had my eye on this little autumn coat.

It comes in Silver and Turquoise Blue.

I was so going to buy it but I ran out of RMB. So I went to the money changer and those stupid people took forever to entertain me. When I got back to the shop, it was closed!!

I flew back the next afternoon, with no chance to visit Chun Xi Road again.

Sobzzzzzzz. I love it to death. So please, whoever goes to China…

(they have it everywhere! 深圳Shenzhen 北京Beijing 哈尔滨Harbin 昆明Kunming 南昌Nancang 长沙Changsha 南宁Nanning 广州Guangzhou 成都Chengdu 重庆Chongqin 南京Nanjing 贵阳Guiyang 苏州Suzhou 杭州Hangzhou 绵阳Mianyang 德阳Deyang and 宜宾Yibin)

Please please please look for Nemow, and help me buy that gorgeous coat. I will pray to Cheesus Crust every day that you will live 111 years and still look gorgeous.

Cheesy please! >_<