Back from Chengdu

September 18, 2006 in China

Pun of the day:
Some people dislike t’revel in foreign lands. Well, I had pun, so no complaints here. 😀

I’m back in Malaysia! 😀

This time around, I didn’t get CDS (Cheese Deprivation Syndrome)!

I’m all healthy and fine (and still cheesy of course), because this was what I ate in Sichuan.

I just love to break my own record. I took 2,748 pictures in 8 days. Total size of pictures: 6.91GB.


Sichuan was so much nicer than I imagined. The weather was nice. The streets were clean. The people were generally polite. Heck, the boys were cute too! The waiters in the restaurants, the bell boys in the hotels and even the massage boy! (They are all young graduates, so no old old uncles 😀 😀 ).

The best thing is that a lot of good stuff were cheap. I just did a set of nail arts for RM5 (RMB10), lash extensions for RM25 and ate cheesing cheesing nice ice cream for only RM0.75! Shiok nya.

However, the one thing I hate about traveling with tour agencies is that there’s bound to be people who will potong your steam everywhere, every time.

They have nothing better to do but complain about every single thing—things too expensive, things too cheap; too few scenic stops so get to see nothing, too many scenic stops so very tiring; spend too much time walking until almost fainted, spend too much time sitting in the bus so waste time (if you wanna save time, marry a Superman or your Super Ex Girlfriend to fly you there la); bread too hard, tofu too soft; duck too skinny, pork too fat……


They think that after paying so much for the tour, they are entitled to the best things in the world.

To me, traveling is all about enjoying everything. Even if things are ‘not so good’, I will just laugh it off and appreciate the ‘not so bad’ parts. That’s the whole point of having a holiday, no?

If you like to complain so much, might as well just sit at home and read up the government’s policies. Dammit, you can even go back to Limkokwing and study there again.

One day hor, I went shopping at Chun Xi Road, and discovered this little gorgeous boutique.

It’s called 南梦 Nemow. Girls, you must check it out if you go to China.

Their clothes are so nice!

I had my eye on this little autumn coat.

It comes in Silver and Turquoise Blue.

I was so going to buy it but I ran out of RMB. So I went to the money changer and those stupid people took forever to entertain me. When I got back to the shop, it was closed!!

I flew back the next afternoon, with no chance to visit Chun Xi Road again.

Sobzzzzzzz. I love it to death. So please, whoever goes to China…

(they have it everywhere! 深圳Shenzhen 北京Beijing 哈尔滨Harbin 昆明Kunming 南昌Nancang 长沙Changsha 南宁Nanning 广州Guangzhou 成都Chengdu 重庆Chongqin 南京Nanjing 贵阳Guiyang 苏州Suzhou 杭州Hangzhou 绵阳Mianyang 德阳Deyang and 宜宾Yibin)

Please please please look for Nemow, and help me buy that gorgeous coat. I will pray to Cheesus Crust every day that you will live 111 years and still look gorgeous.

Cheesy please! >_<

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19 responses to “Back from Chengdu”

  1. melle says:

    Ooh, very nice. I like the silver coat. It’s a bit 50s though, with the Peter Pan collar and flare skirt(?). Perhaps, u should try ebay. Just a suggestion

  2. astrosurge says:

    story more abt chengdu kay..esp those sceneries 🙂

  3. Porkie says:

    Like I said when you showed me, love the coat..looks good on you 🙂 Its a shame my friend’s gf came back already, otherwise could have asked her to get it for you – she wouldn’t have any problems doing so being a Mainland native 🙂

    Hahaha, its good you didn’t have CDS this time, means you didn’t have to cheese binge the moment you got back to Malaysia ne?

    About the tour thing, I guess thats just tours but then normal tourists are also the same..always hear comments like that from tourists who come to the London (ok, granted it is exp here but surely they know this befoe hand). You have a good attitude towards holidays though, laughing off the bad parts and enjoying the good parts 🙂

    Shame on the bureau de change not entertaining you..they should be shot -_- Anyways, will look into whether my friend’s gf is going back home in the next few weeks/month or so.. if she is will ask her to get the coat for you 🙂

    Looking forward to your next postings 🙂

  4. joe17301 says:

    nee porkie… long post… longer than cheesie one 😀

    Nice dress, nice cheese.. one more time you made me hungry…. grrr evil cheesie.
    But I agree with you, when travel to different place, don’t be depressed about small thing. I always try and keep positive attitude. Even here when can’t speak to anyone (not even pretty girl… so sad this!!!!), I keep positive attitude and, enjoy my time because, I am lucky to be here 🙂 I’m glad you are home safely now and, enjoyed holiday.

    Okaeri nasai!

  5. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    if i happen to go to china and pass by any of the Nemow shop.. i will surely get u one. 🙂 size 4 Turquoise Blue right ? 😉 i gather u start the holiday pictures backward since u mentioned flying back home the next day. 😀 cool…. end with the beginning of a story… the happiest moment.

    bloody delicious looking cheese…. yummy.

    u r right.. sure hate about those potong steam travellers.

    cant wait to look at 九寨沟(jiu zhai gou) scenic photos. but take ur time.. i m sure u hv a busy week.

  6. That’s a very lovely coat indeed.. Both shades look good.. 😀
    Did the entourage bring you guys to eat chuan chai as well? Super killer spicy those..
    And by massage did you mean the feet massage? 😀
    Damn shiok that one.. Really works wonders..

  7. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    oh yah.. i hope u enjoy ur first day at work. 😉 cheers

  8. Fashionasia says:

    you look lovely on it….i would totally freak-out if that happens to me!!!…not being able to see it again is such unbearable thought….hope some kind soul will help u out ya!!
    gggrr…dont they take credit card?!!!!!

  9. candyfz says:

    Scientifically speaking, human lifespan is 120 years! you only wish them 111 of looking gorgeous? Mean mean!

  10. dream says:

    hi. first time reading your blog. excellent! i wish i could help you buying that coat because i’m coming home end this month but you did not mentioned that it is available in Shanghai 🙁

    well, come to Shanghai in your next visit, there are plenty of such stores available here, very ‘Anna Sui’-type of clothing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Take the Turquoise Blue!
    How cute! 🙂


  12. debbie says:

    you look wonderful in it! =DDD so authentic

  13. cheesie says:

    melle: Thank you for suggestion. Thats the last resort la. 🙂
    astro: coming up coming up!
    damion: in sichuan of cuz eat sichuan chai la takkan eat Stephanie Chai right. Ngong ngong de lol.
    candyfx: They need 8 years to live in reality sweetheart.
    dream: Welcome 🙂 I went to Shanghai before. But didn’t get to shop a lot. 🙁 Thanx for the offer though.
    Kekeke: Hoi long time no cheese! Yes turquoise yes yes yes.
    debbie: Thank you! 😀

  14. rachel says:

    that was cute. =)

  15. xh says:

    u looks so cute in the coat! love it! i’ve got a fren who go to china 1-2 times a year. lets see whether she can get it b4 i go back to msia next cny.. i’d love to have one of those too =D how much is it btw?

  16. bioweapon83 says:

    I thought I saw a Barbie doll.. Nice and cute… Hmm faster upload more pics. Cant wait to see it. Especially massage session similiar to those at Vietnam :evil

  17. Doreen says:

    Wah! The coat damn nice! I luv the turquoise one, and it look damn good on you. MUST GET! MUST GET!

  18. Chris says:

    i also wan that blue coat! so nice =.=

  19. Dominik says:

    reminds me of Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, too bad u didn’t have an umbrella that day… and the headgear…. i’m cheesed by ur cheeziness…

    Arnold ada Dominik

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