Sichuan Trip (Le Shan & Emei Mountain)

September 20, 2006 in China

Pun of the day:
We received a very cold reception at the top of the mountain, which consequently rained on our parade.

A month ago, I went to a one-star country.


I wasn’t satisfied with it. I wanted a five-star treatment.


So i went to China.

Love it! 😀

This was the first time i saw such a small baby on board. So cute!

DAY 1–Le Shan

Reaching Chengdu Airport.

The first destination was the Le Shan Buddha.

It’s supposedly one of the greatest Buddha statues in the world.

It looks more spectacular in real life. But don’t think it’s very easy to shoot the above photo leh. We were standing on a moving boat, and there were tons of people around.

And then we went to see some mountains which supposedly resemble a sleeping Buddha.

I left see right see upside down see also see no sleeping buddha (unless the buddha has boobs and a tummy).

You see yes see no?

DAY 2–Emei Mountain

You know, before i flew to Sichuan, the tour leader called us and said that “the weather will be around 20+ degrees, so summer clothing will do”, and that “it will be A LITTLE cold on the mountains, so bring along a jacket too”.

I checked the net and found out that the range was 22-29C. So I went to Emei Mountain with my summer clothing, plus a coat.

Emei Mountain is over 3000m high.

They have a really interesting ticketing system.

Halfway up, they will take a picture of you before letting you proceed. And then they will print your face ON THE TICKET. It looks like this.

These are the most personalized tickets, ever. They made us look as if we’re the ones being exhibited.
We had to change two buses, and then take a cable car.

When we finally reached the top of the mountain…

It was so. cheesing. cold.

It felt like 2 degrees. No kidding.

It was SO cold, I …….

Pruned. -_-

SUMMORE IT HAD TO RAIN!!!!222 @#$%#^@*


We had no choice but to rent some raincoats there.

Eeew. Damn gross. I almost banged my head against the tree trunks. I have so many nice coats sitting happily in my wadrobe yet i had to pay 100RMB for this stinky second-hand MULTI-HAND rain coat!!!


Everybody’s raincoats were almost the same. It’s like seeing hundreds of Agent Smiths hunting for cheese in thick fog. So scary!

Eh, no. It looks more like The Village”! “The Fog”! 0_o

Those we do not speak of! Muahaha!

It took us 20 minutes to make our way up to the “Golden Summit”, where the Buddha statue is located; all the while enduring the chilly rain.
And this is what we saw.

This was my best shot. Can’t complain.

Whatever la. I climbed Mount Google to see the statue again today. CLEARLY.

The weather gives a whole new meaning to “fashion” — Emei Mountain style.

Her new fashion statement.

I felt so… defeated. By a grandma.

I was wearing open-toes and three-quarter pants summore. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. They felt like two popsicle popsicurd sticks.

And my lip gloss became rose-flavored cream ice.

On the way down, I saw…

So cham. Last time in Vietnam’s Christ Hill also liddat. The phony horsey was carrying super heavy stuff while lumbering up the hill. This time around, humans seemed to be the workhorses. Can’t they build an escalator or something?!?


Anyway, I must admit that they have the cleanest longkangs, ever.

Thank Cheesus, we were staying on the foot of the mountain, so it wasn’t as cold at night.

I went for a massage!

Wahaha you wish! No nude photos! 😉

This was where i went online to reply all of your mails and comments.

One hour in a Sichuan cyber cafe only costs RM0.75. CHEAP RIGHT! 😀 😀 😀

Stay cheesed for more updates on my Chengdu Cheescapade.

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36 responses to “Sichuan Trip (Le Shan & Emei Mountain)”

  1. Porkie says:

    Heeeey.start off with in-flight shots..I likey!! Oh yah, what airline was it? China Airlines? Cuz my friend was saying how much it sucked.. then again she’s fussy like that -_-

    First stop was that buddha huh? Nice.. I wonder, if this is the buddha that you see in Stormriders..hmm.. seems similar.. Anyway, looks nice and you did well to shoot it with what you said (moving boat..ppl etc) 🙂
    Sleeping Buddha.. well.. looks vaguely like a sleeping person but I wouldn’t say Buddha.. and you’re right if its supposed to be Buddha then he’s porting a pair of boobies.. Saying that, since its China and plastic surgery is common maybe he had implants for a good price 😛

    OMC.. you hate cable cars too? Ditto here..I just get worried about the cables snapping..and keep hearing about that happening in various places.. its soooo off-putting!! Nice and foggy up in Emei mountain I see!! Cold to huh? Poor you, not used to that 🙁 Should have taken some warmer clothes girl 🙂 climbed all the way up to see that statue up close? Impressive or a waste of a climb? Really have to feel for those poor guys having to climb up with all the stuff on their backs but then its good exercise… trust you to suggest they should have escalators though!! Nice that at the end of that you could come back down and have a relaxing massage 😀

    That’s certainly some cheap net access there!! How was the speed etc? fast/slow? Good posts thus fair my Princess, the forthcoming ones are gonna be just as good i predict ^__^

  2. cheesie says:

    I flew MAS.
    I HATEEEEEEE cable car! High rides! So kong bu! 🙁

  3. Porkie says:

    Ahhh.. hehe.. MAS flight was ok then? I guess can’t really go wrong with MAS 🙂 wonder you’re not keen on going rollercoasters!!!

  4. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    ah.. finally, the long awaited day 1

    Le Shan Bbuddha… this is one buddha that i’ve been wanting to c since my child hood. Saw so many documentary about it.

    u know why u got to wear that oversized smelly yellow jacket to mt emai?
    u got to be humbled before the BUDDHA…….

    that longkang water seems drinkable.. maybe better evian drinking water.

    let me know when u need ur next head massage.. i do it for free.
    i know other guys will offer free too.. but i offer first. LOL

  5. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    oh yah.. nice lacey sleeve and the black coat compliments it well.. very nice.. very GOLI. nice combo.

  6. santa says:

    i m glad u wear the hat santa gave u. at least it keeps your head warm. i think i’ll order my toys from china this year. costs cutting lah. HO HO HO. be a good girl. c u on DEC.

  7. John says:

    P.C. was’nt meant to be the Politically Correct.
    It’s the Peace Core!

    I could Go on, but I just gave upp…

    A.O.D Rides on wings of Dreams and sights of Means.

    Be sending you an E-mail.

    +Love Ya! +++

  8. Don Juannabe says:

    U still look cute in that hooded yellow/blue 2 tones jacket.
    I wouldn’t kill u. I rather u kill me softly in your arm. 🙂

  9. astrosurge says:

    aiya, the scene pic was sabo-ed by da weather..dang…

  10. mushroom lookalike plastic bag cap… like wow…
    btw, 1st photo of day 2 is repeated from the “have a good fright baby” above…

    and overall,
    i wish i was there… *sigh*

    and also i wish i was home now… grrr….

  11. stoney84 says:

    oh…wat big eyes u have….wat big camera u have…oh wat big…err…cut the crap…anyway….that raincoat gathering..looked like a bunch of obiwan kenobis xD

  12. Kei says:

    awwwwww poor u so cold there… I would like to go there though. XD

    WAH!! RM0.75 ONE HOUR?? @_@

  13. flanegan says:

    i love cable cars… and i love cold weather…..
    I’ve been to china before.. shen zhen and xia men… everything is cheap, but sad that i don’t have chance to go shopping… maybe next time lar

  14. e-quan says:

    i like the “keep me warm plz” photo. carrying a dslr around during vacation will be a burden bor? but i think it’s worth it rite..the photos so pro =).


  15. doreen says:

    Hey Cheesie. Am really enjoyed your Chengdu posts! It gave me a good idea of where to go and shop next year. 🙂 waiting for more…..

  16. blah says:

    how come the “smallest baby on board” picture is the same as the one below? i think u post wrong pic again..

    i think mommie cheesie is quite a good photographer too! =)

  17. angel says:

    you’re having good time at chengdu..
    while i’m suffering from the aftermath of blewing my exam here in campus..

    sobz.. ;-(

  18. cely says:

    lovely eyes… 🙂

    u look sooo funny with the rain coat.. ahhaha

  19. Hijackqueen says:

    The rain really potong steam!

  20. cheesie says:

    恶人饿了扁: You can try it if you like. I mean the longkang water, of course. 🙂
    Damion: OoopS! Thanx for pointing out! Fixed.
    Doreen: Thank you! A lot more to come. May you have Cheesie phobia soon.
    Blah: She is the best photographer, ever.
    Angel: Wei i had my hard time too ok. Now it’s time to reward self. *plays angelic harp music* Your time will come.

  21. s0hp0h says:

    wah… cold until u pruned.. must be sumthing lolx…

  22. joe17301 says:

    it looks so nice… cold weather is ok heh… I’m sure, because I close North Korea, so it also
    gonna be cold here in winter… yaaaaaaaaaaaaay…

    You and mama cheesie look nice in all pictures, your photography skill is really good.
    Maybe ALL my pictures look same as your Buddha one but… my pictures taken on sunny days 😀

    Congratulations, this post again was very nice I think! Thank you!

  23. Zoe says:

    i think i have the same hat as you. my friend gave me as a gift… 😀

  24. cheesie says:

    Zoe: Waaaaa show, show!

  25. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    ya… 😀 I m sure it tastes as sweet as the perrier water. except it’s free. hmm…. if onli i can make it carbonated. 😛

  26. John says:

    The Wineing Bunny is in the House! 🙂

    FEar can Propel You, But Passion Fruits are Faster!

    I Bought a new Model “A” for October +~T. With V8 Overdrive!

    It’s All, So Easy – It just takes For-ever to Get Here.

    Time Stop is a great Idea, with Poor Planning to Boot!!!

    I LOVE Carbonated Drinks ?????! TU! – Although I still prefer Coffee in the Morning.

    Love All!

  27. Mimi says:

    Is Porkie your boyfriend? Is that a “he”? If so, it’s quite obvious from all the previous comments he’s your number one fan hehehe

  28. Jason says:

    Hehehe, i just saw the Chengdu/E Mei mountain travel ad in The Star. Funny, it was like a full preview of the places you are about to blog about, hehehe.

  29. Chris says:

    Last time I went to China wasn’t as fun as this lar… although you did have a fair share of cheeserings, like, 5 degrees in the rain is a bit too much rite? hehe… well at least u and ur mom didn’t get sick to enjoy the rest of the trip =)

  30. Tiger says:

    the part where everyone was in a similar raincoat and you were calling out for your mummy, is very funny! haha… how to find her? hahaa…

  31. windy says:

    y no puns on the Boo! Dha?

  32. Hello!!!!

    Sweetie, I enjoyed the pictures a LOT!! Awesome! And seeing how cute you were, was double the pleasure! and your humorous comments, triple the pleasure! You are funny! I hope you will email me.


  33. juan says:

    nice trip with nice shoot..but sometime make avonturir to other country it must be amazing stories… thanks for share friend..

  34. Elena Lerman says:

    Seems like you have some comment issues here (above) but I just wanted to point out that there are plenty of protective measures you can take on this particular platform to stop these abuses. Drop me an email and I will be happy to go through with you some of the options.

  35. Hi Sweetie,

    I enjoyed your photos a second time!
    Your humor is really SOMETHING!

    lyle dot cooper7 at cox dot net

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