Pun of the day:
Even if there’s no cheese in Sichuan, i’d have beancured of my CDS (Cheese Deprivation Syndrome), because i found a great alternacheese.


Cheeserland was siao today. It said server overload. WTC. Now you cheese now you don’t, almost drove me cheeses. >_<

Anycheese. Let’s begin our journey to Sichuan.

First, i want to talk about the interesting transportation in Sichuan.

In Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Province), trishaw fares are more expensive than taxi fares.

These are not motorcycles; they’re electronic bicycles.

And there are traditional bicycles aplenty too.

Heck, they even have ships in the city! o_0

Oh. It’s actually a restaurant, serving the famous Ma La steamboat.
Someone asked me if i ate any Sichuan chai. Hello? In Sichuan of course eat Sichuan chai. Tak kan i eat Stephanie Chai?!?

And btw it is “cai”.

There, your Sichuan Chai.

Cold Noodles

Veggie Pancake

Chilli! Fuiyoh.

Apart from Sichuan cuisine, i still needed my daily dose of calcium, of course.

But what if they didn’t have cheese?

No worries, because i also found Chinese cheese– fermented tofu. They share a similar characteristic as cheese: the older they are, the richer they become. And they don’t go bald. Love them.

Speaking of tofu, Sichuan is famous for its tofu.

We had this tofu lunch full of all sorts of tofu. You will see how to-ful it was.

First, there’s the Ma Po Tofu.

Deep fried tofu.

Little tofu coffins.

Eggy tofu soup.

Someone in our group who wasn’t very happy with the tofull arrangement made a remark that the tour agency 呃鬼食豆腐 (cheat ghost eat tofu). Wahaha what a pun! 😀

Apart from their exotic tofu, they also have this trend of putting a celebrity’s face on the pakaging of snacks, as though the snacks will only taste yummy with their autographs on it. WTC.

Fan Bing Bing Sandwich Cookies

Gigi Leong Biscuits

Jau Chou Chips!!!

Zhang Shao Han Ice Cream!

Speaking of ice cream, whoa i tell you, the ice creams in China are like excreamly delicious.

The Zhang Shao Han ice cream was almost as creamilicious as Baskin Robbins’.

And this is the BEST choco yam ice cream i’ve ever tasted in my life. Serious.

Guess how much i bought it for?


Waaa if i stay there for one month, i will become an ice cream cheese (Well, I’m a cream cheese…).

However, there are also some weird food i will never touch in Sichuan.

Let’s see if i can directly translate the menu.

Crispy Shiok Cow Yellow Throat!
Toothpick Bunny Kidney!
American Fat Cow!
Hand Torn Fresh Hairy Stomach!
Highland Thousand Layers Stomach!
Brain Flower!
Green Hairy Stomach!
What The Melon?


And i tell you hor, Sichuan people LIKE TO EAT BUNNIES!!!




And.. and and… *gasp*
This has to be the most cruel of all:

Hand-holding Bunny Heads

So kong bu these people.

Anyway, enough about gross things. Let’s look at some cuties.

Caligraphy art

Damn cute bunny!

Damn cute mousie!

Bunny and piggie made of dough.


This girl damn kesian. She lost both her hands… 🙁

Eh, wait…

Oh… okay. -_-

Mainland chinese people are really magicians. They can control the size of melons and make their hands invisible.

Now you see now you don’t! Like Cheeserland! (Still haven’t gotten over it yet)

Just like in Vietnam, peddlers were everywhere.

They would go to such an extent to peddle their wares…

But their thingies were quite cute la. And CHEAP! I bought some cuties.

Cute anot? 😀