Vietnam Day 3

September 2, 2006 in Just Punny / Vietnam

Pun of the day:
Sometimes it’s good to rise to the occasun, especially if your life’s a beach.

This is a record: 60 photos. I hope you have the patience of a Saint.

Vietnam Day 3

On the third day, we requested for a 5am morning call so that we could watch the sunrise in all its morning glory. And this would have been the first sunrise I’d ever view in my life.

Well, we got conned. When the phone rang, the sun was already up.


And it looked JUST like a sunset instead…

So… is this a Sunny-Side-Up?

Don’t you think so? 😀

But the other side of the beach was totally morningful.

And it makes you wanna take a whole memorycardful of pointless photos.


the real sunny-side-up! (and omelette)

Another eggstravaganza for me!

And the cute Egg Master! ^_^

First Stop: Christ Hill in Vung Tau City

Today was not only the Sunny-Side-Up day, it was also the Sunnies-Exchange day. 😀

This was the hill we had to climb! How exhillarating!

Along the way, there were people selling straw hats for 5,000 Dong each.

Ivene adored her straw hat, though she kept saying it was like “着草”. -_-

Ivene seemed to be a mobile mini-garden. She had dragonflies dancing all over her.

Halfway up, I saw something.

From far, I thought it was a phony, but it turned out to be a real horse!

After adcending countless painstaking steps…


Oh, Cheesus Crust Jesus Christ!

Some even climbed up to Jesus’ shoulders!

I came, I saw, I Jesused!

Hora, isn’t it gorgeous!!

On the way down…

Warao freaking tired. So tired i almost pengsan.

And this was my reward for seeing Cheesus Crust Jesus Christ!


Next Stop: Some temple again

Do you know what these are? THEY’RE GUAVAS! I think these guavas used SK II. Their skin was so baby soft and smooth!

Waaaaaaa ice cream!

The ice cream vendor placed a little cap on each of our ice creams (because it was a hot sunny day hor), and we were damn happy.

Mana tau! He charged us extra for that cap thing!

Ivene gave him 10,000 Dong, and he only gave back 2,500 Dong, for two ice creams! Fucckaccino!
HE IS A CONE-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cone-man seemed to enjoy trick-not-treating unsuspecting tourists. What an unscoopulous wafer him to make quick money.

But honestly, the ice cream was excreamly yummy under the hot, hot sun.

Ivene almost wanted to jump out of the bus window when she found out that other people bought the exact same ice cream from another ice cream vendor for 1,000 Dong each.


Lunch time

It. Was. Seafood. AGAIN.

Eggxactly the same as yesterday’s. Some freaking skinny crabs, fish, lalas, prawns, and eggstremely tasteless oh jien (fried oyster & egg).

Oh, 贱. -_-

Poor Sze Kerng. He is not a shellfish person, so he left all the seafood for us.

This was yesterday’s

Where got people mix peanuts with lala one. Nuts!

Today’s worse!!

80% of the lalas were empty! How shellfish of them!


Needless to say, I was crabby beclaws of the eggscruciatingly similar meal they served us.

Next Stop : War Museum

Ivene’s matching camo skirt.

The prison

It was quite sien la. I’m not a warful person.


we saw this damn cuteeeeeeeeeee guy!


😀 😀 😀 😀

He’s so cute we went to look for his shirt.. 😀

Next Stop: Shopping!!!!!

On the way to the big market, we passed by…



Man, i need to re-evaluate the services in Ho Chi Minh City.

We also saw…..

Uhm… Head Service?

Ok that sounds wrong.


The Big Market

Mountains of candies!

Beeeeeeeeef noodles!

This purple goo… Fuiyoh, I tell you, it’s the kaoest shrimp paste EVER! Shiok!

Chilling in the mall…

Escada escada escada! I adore Escada!

I suddenly feel so beachy.

How could I not try the famous Vietnamese Coffee?

Even though i’m caffeine-intolerant!

It was so incoffeecatingly good!

Ivene had this super nice strawberry ice cream for USD1. It’s better than Haagen Dasz. Seriously.

Dinner time!

Finally! Some authentic Vietnamese cuisine!

Throughout the whole trip in Vietnam, there were peddlers everywares…

And this cutie was the cutest!

Watch how she tried to sell her postcards to me.

So, which is your favorite picture?

[Edit: 01.10.2007]

I re-read this entry and i think it’s the punniest entry of my life omg.


37 responses to “Vietnam Day 3”

  1. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    Wow!!!.. fantastic sun rise photos. 😀
    great shots. 😀

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    what a matching white top u and ivene had. 🙂
    the vietnamese breakfast buffet sure looks interesting.
    but i still like that traditional sunny side up and half boiled eggs. 🙂

  3. saiful says:

    Oh, that little girl is soooo cute.

    So does you and Ivene.

  4. Snow says:

    What happened after your shoe got torn? You didn’t walk barefoot did you? That little girl is really cute and her voice is so sweet. I love all your pictures specially those with you in it coz you are very photogenic. Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  5. cheesie says:

    Snow: We went back to the hotel, and Ivene lent me her sandals. You’re welcome Snow. Thank you for leaving some droppings in cheeserland. 🙂

  6. Melissa says:

    OMGG! She’s so cute! xD How old do you think she is? 😛

  7. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    you’ve paid like rm0.25 to rm0.50 for that XTRA “cone” on your ice cream. not too bad lah. tourist contribution. LOL.. relatively cheap con job. the most important thing is that u girls enjoy that icecream during that time. money well paid. 😀 makes that icecream XTRA memorable. 😀

    how much is that straw hat? must be in the thousands also…. 😀

  8. dialup waiting hell says:

    anyway.. no matter how painful is the wait… it is worth it.
    so many wonderdul photos with pretty faces. in it. 🙂
    brightens up my day like those sunrise pictures. 😀
    “u r my sunshine, my lovely sunshine….” – CORNY enough? 😀

    pity we onli see sunset into the sea in west malaysia.

  9. cheesie says:

    恶人饿了扁: You people really never read properly. -_-
    I said 5,000 Duh Dong.

  10. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    i converted to rinngit mah.. rm1=approx4316 dong
    so… 1000dong = around26sen
    so if u paid 7500 dong for 2 icecream, ie. 3750dong per i.c. minus 1000dong which it is suppose to costs. 3750-1000=2750dong xtra for the cone which is around 60sen

    so ok.. i calulated wrongly. 😀

    correction: u paid xtra rm0.60 for that xtra memorable moment. 😀

  11. Porkie says:

    Great pun to start off a great post Princess..simply punderful!! 😀

    Wah..more breakfast, you really know how to make people hungry in the mornings!! *wonders if there’s anything to eat downstairs or not now..*

    Back to the post, two beach bunnies (is Ivene a bunny?) enjoying the beach..thats two look like you’re having so much fun 😀 After that climb to see Cheesus’s brother…all you got was a broken shoe? paaahh…

    Seafood yet again for lunch? O_O Is that all there is to eat? Hahaha..I think I’d be like Sze Kerng oso leaving all that seafood too!! 80% of the lala is empty is rather -_- Awww…you din draw on the crab claw this time 🙁

    Hahaha…you and your Escada!! I think Escada is third to your Cheese and Jolin obsessions 😛

    Authentic Viet cuisine for dinner? cool but erm.. more seafood again? O_O Really think if I’m there, I might sea-food but I don’t think I’d eat most of it 😛

    OMC.. that little girl peddler is soooo adorable trying to sell you those postcards!! Bad bisty for not buying from her!! 😛

  12. Tristan says:

    IMO,I think all the photos are nice…so hard to choose but the pics wif u looks exceptionally nice :p

  13. candyfz says:

    i think vietnamese serve clam grilled wif peanut and onion in oil…. look yummy tho… i want to go from north to south jst to try out all the different cookeries.

  14. lyn says:

    omg!!!tt girl is sooo cute!!

  15. Motsu! says:

    i think i heard this cute little girl said “one, two, three, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN” for one thousand, hahah she directly jump from three to seven (or did my ear got problem?) …she is so cute :P!

  16. cheesie says:

    Motsu!: Nah, i started recording when she said “four”. 🙂

  17. Motsu! says:

    oh ya started from “four”…..after i listen properly 🙂 haha go check my ear later~~~ recently cant listen to thing properly 😛

    authentic Vietnamese cuisine vs beef noodles…Noodles seems more appetizing yummy, great pics, how much did u spent totally for this trip?

  18. gwen says:

    she so cute! the way she counted.

    and you took picture of a leng jai you see?

  19. kenneth says:

    haha, nice 3rd post 🙂 brought up lots of memory!!! thanks heaps.. ahh walked up the jesus statue and yeh lol.. pretty freaky up thr on his arm becoz everyone was like squeeezing and pushing.. for a sec i thot i was going back down the “express” way..

    but yeh! FOOODDDD AGAIN!!!!!! YUM! haha… :S but the jail is freaky…

  20. cheesie says:

    kenneth: You been there too! Did you get coned? LOL

  21. CraSH says:

    nice post and thanks for sharing. i think the hottest post will be the 5th…. the last one was hot too.. but how come there was no cheese shot at the end? haha

  22. stoney84 says:

    i like….

    the horse’s hairstyle…..resembles “pak leong kam*

  23. blah says:

    i liked “Beeeeeeeeef noodles!” nice angle..

  24. joe says:

    well, thats shows how fortunate were we… wonder wad we were doing during her age..

    Anyway i saw alot more such children in cambodia.. pityful..

  25. enrico says:

    did u help the gal? HAHA…

    i like the 5th photo….HEHE…

    i also like the 8th photo ….HOHO… only if her hand reposition

    9th photo also not bad…. HUHU…

    ok for the gal…not really cute for me….but wanna finish it with a HIHI….

  26. Leanne says:

    Poor horsey he has to carry so much stuff.

  27. sheryl says:

    aww.the girl is just so cute.fiivee,sixx,seven,eight,night,ten.*looks at you with amazingly cute eyes*fer one dollar.

  28. kenneth says:

    @ cheesie – nah i didnt get conned – didnt really trust those road side food :S hahaha.. it looked rather… yeh! lol… but when i was thr, it wasnt tht hot .. i think it was winter in china or smething so it was rather cold @ times…

  29. clement says:

    i like the sun rise photo……so nice….

  30. Albert Ng says:


  31. joe17301 says:

    hora hora sea food is good, what is problem? Just send to me if don’t want.
    Wow so many picture… really so nice to see. Thank you again for sharing lot of pictures with us. Now I know, Vietnam is very beautiful and I feel like want to see it. So I think tomorrow morning I will walk to beach and look at sunrise and appreciate it even more ^_^.

    Ya so my favourite picture is cheesie-sama on beach with sunrise… good picture and good cheesie-sama T_T

  32. tingnan says:

    Was that HCMC, Sangria and Vung Tao that you went to? 😛

  33. Tiger says:

    (not related to Vietnam) Wow, your hair is really long! haha…

  34. Edu says:

    Hi my name is Eduardo Kashimata, 29 yrs, form São Paulo Brazil, i saw your photos and was very interesting!! cool! if you have messenger my e-mail adress is see ya

  35. Edu says:

    hello my name is Edu from Brazil – São Paulo,nice pictures!! very cool!!
    do you have msn? see ya

  36. Smeagol11 says:

    Wow, the sunrise is beautiful. I want some food to, I am hungry 😯 , that ice-cream look great. The video with that preety little girl impressed me very much. I mustn’t forgot about the hats, their are so funny.

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