Pun of the day:
Sometimes it’s good to rise to the occasun, especially if your life’s a beach.

This is a record: 60 photos. I hope you have the patience of a Saint.

Vietnam Day 3

On the third day, we requested for a 5am morning call so that we could watch the sunrise in all its morning glory. And this would have been the first sunrise I’d ever view in my life.

Well, we got conned. When the phone rang, the sun was already up.


And it looked JUST like a sunset instead…

So… is this a Sunny-Side-Up?

Don’t you think so? 😀

But the other side of the beach was totally morningful.

And it makes you wanna take a whole memorycardful of pointless photos.


the real sunny-side-up! (and omelette)

Another eggstravaganza for me!

And the cute Egg Master! ^_^

First Stop: Christ Hill in Vung Tau City

Today was not only the Sunny-Side-Up day, it was also the Sunnies-Exchange day. 😀

This was the hill we had to climb! How exhillarating!

Along the way, there were people selling straw hats for 5,000 Dong each.

Ivene adored her straw hat, though she kept saying it was like “着草”. -_-

Ivene seemed to be a mobile mini-garden. She had dragonflies dancing all over her.

Halfway up, I saw something.

From far, I thought it was a phony, but it turned out to be a real horse!

After adcending countless painstaking steps…


Oh, Cheesus Crust Jesus Christ!

Some even climbed up to Jesus’ shoulders!

I came, I saw, I Jesused!

Hora, isn’t it gorgeous!!

On the way down…

Warao freaking tired. So tired i almost pengsan.

And this was my reward for seeing Cheesus Crust Jesus Christ!


Next Stop: Some temple again

Do you know what these are? THEY’RE GUAVAS! I think these guavas used SK II. Their skin was so baby soft and smooth!

Waaaaaaa ice cream!

The ice cream vendor placed a little cap on each of our ice creams (because it was a hot sunny day hor), and we were damn happy.

Mana tau! He charged us extra for that cap thing!

Ivene gave him 10,000 Dong, and he only gave back 2,500 Dong, for two ice creams! Fucckaccino!
HE IS A CONE-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cone-man seemed to enjoy trick-not-treating unsuspecting tourists. What an unscoopulous wafer him to make quick money.

But honestly, the ice cream was excreamly yummy under the hot, hot sun.

Ivene almost wanted to jump out of the bus window when she found out that other people bought the exact same ice cream from another ice cream vendor for 1,000 Dong each.


Lunch time

It. Was. Seafood. AGAIN.

Eggxactly the same as yesterday’s. Some freaking skinny crabs, fish, lalas, prawns, and eggstremely tasteless oh jien (fried oyster & egg).

Oh, 贱. -_-

Poor Sze Kerng. He is not a shellfish person, so he left all the seafood for us.

This was yesterday’s

Where got people mix peanuts with lala one. Nuts!

Today’s worse!!

80% of the lalas were empty! How shellfish of them!


Needless to say, I was crabby beclaws of the eggscruciatingly similar meal they served us.

Next Stop : War Museum

Ivene’s matching camo skirt.

The prison

It was quite sien la. I’m not a warful person.


we saw this damn cuteeeeeeeeeee guy!


😀 😀 😀 😀

He’s so cute we went to look for his shirt.. 😀

Next Stop: Shopping!!!!!

On the way to the big market, we passed by…



Man, i need to re-evaluate the services in Ho Chi Minh City.

We also saw…..

Uhm… Head Service?

Ok that sounds wrong.


The Big Market

Mountains of candies!

Beeeeeeeeef noodles!

This purple goo… Fuiyoh, I tell you, it’s the kaoest shrimp paste EVER! Shiok!

Chilling in the mall…

Escada escada escada! I adore Escada!

I suddenly feel so beachy.

How could I not try the famous Vietnamese Coffee?

Even though i’m caffeine-intolerant!

It was so incoffeecatingly good!

Ivene had this super nice strawberry ice cream for USD1. It’s better than Haagen Dasz. Seriously.

Dinner time!

Finally! Some authentic Vietnamese cuisine!

Throughout the whole trip in Vietnam, there were peddlers everywares…

And this cutie was the cutest!

Watch how she tried to sell her postcards to me.

So, which is your favorite picture?

[Edit: 01.10.2007]

I re-read this entry and i think it’s the punniest entry of my life omg.