Back to Chengdu

October 27, 2006 in China

Pun of the day:
After the face-changing master dropped his mask, he quickly did some funny stunt to save face.

Sichuan Trip Day 6

We left beautiful Jiu Zhai Gou.

And took a domestic flight back to Chengdu.

Our first stop was the Dujiangyan irrigation system.

The irrigation system was built more than 2,200 years ago when the city was threatened by frequent floods caused by the flooding of Minjiang River.

The place wasn’t very interesting la, but i was fascinated by the little stone statues there. They reminded me of Spirited Away.

Even the dustbins were cute statues.

Kids adore the statues.

Then we visited a temple to bai bai, blah blah blah… Usual stuff.

After that, we walked across a hanging bridge called the “Husband and Wife” bridge. They say that if you walk across this bridge hand-in-hand with your spouse, you will live happily ever after blah blah yea right shit.

I hated it. It was swinging like crazy and it was so scary! >__<

*mantains balance and composure*

But still needed to pose properly for photos la. Wahaha.
Then we saw something…

Runaway bride? 0_o

Oh. There was a wedding photoshoot in session.

I had my photo taken with one of the cute brides. ^_^

At night, we went to Qing Ming street.

We watched the famous Sichuan Face-Changing performance.

They served chinese tea with kuaci. So old-school! 😀

Some little video recordings for you.

Whoa one face master damn geng, he could go down stage and change face right in front of your face. Lucky his face-changing skill was perfect. if not really lose face la.

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41 responses to “Back to Chengdu”

  1. Porkie says:

    Hey..another nice set of photos and memories you’re sharing!! You yourself looking good in the photos and love that hat, so cuuuute!! Have to laugh at the Spirited Away comment but too true ne..

    Another big laugh for the photo of the statue and the speech bubble “hands off my boyfriend wei”.. ROFLMCAO!! Hehehe…I see you managed to cheese your way into the bridal shoot..haha.. showing them how its done eh? 😛

    The Sichuan Face-Changing performance was nice, wouldn’t mind seeing it for myself someday!! Thanks for sharing the videos 😉

  2. sheon says:

    wow….nice photos….nice statues…nice girls…..thank you….i feel deprieved already..hahaha
    since you mentioned the “bian lian” art….apparently…they are only about a hundred performers in china who knows the authentic art of “bian lian”..and only boys could be apprentices to the masters….andy lau offered a HUGE sum to a master to seek apprenticeship with him….only having the government of China intervened and stopped it for reason that this art is not for sale……good huh?

  3. cheesie says:

    Andy Lau paid 3,000,000 Reminbi for it. But im dying to find out the bian lian secret. I mean, at least a rough idea how it is done. Anyone knows?

  4. cheesie says:

    This is the closest i could find.

  5. Porkie says:

    Porkie pay 3m Reminbi for you to find out then…ekekeke.. yah yah.. I know.. SIAO again 😛

  6. Boon Toot says:

    wow thats amazing my fav pic is the 13th pic!

  7. Boon Toot says:

    no wait its the 19th

  8. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    look!! i can do bian lian. 🙂 🙁 :I 😛 😀 O_O O_o {={0 {:{) o

  9. Calvinsanity says:

    U actually manage to trick me into believing that the wooden house had on its sign board… -.-“

  10. jays says:

    i saw a great you tube clip which show a magician doing change dress trick much like the chinese change mask trick. that is also unbeliavable how they can do it. i think that is more difficult then change face. too bad i cant remember the url to post here.

    anyway cheesie, thanks for the great sharing of your trip.. feel like going there already..

  11. CottoN CandY says:

    Dang! I like the dustbin…
    I’m gonna fly to wherever you took that picture and steal it…

  12. kelvWithaSmile says: cheesie?? u purposely choose a bride that’s shorter and not as pretty as u leh? 🙂 so that u’ll stand out in the pic?? 🙂 kekeke

  13. don juannabe says:

    i like ur first pic.. “little house in chengdu”
    to me, it portrays solitude and determination in whatever harsh environemnt. 🙂
    very strong character, very lonely. what an excellent snap shot. bravo.

  14. blah says:

    love ur pink top.. good match with the necklace

  15. cheesie says:

    Blah: You are so observant 😛

  16. Casey says:

    Simply adore your pink top cheesie! May i ask where you got it from if you don’t mind? 😀 THANK YOU!

  17. cheesie says:

    Casey: Got it from Guess. Might put it up in Wardrobe soon. 🙂

  18. kate says:

    which lenses (for ur canon) did you use or you would recommend? thanks dear

  19. EJ says:

    aaah..X3 I fancy going to chengdu and gosh Sichuan Face-Changing perf! I really love to see it…haha…nasib he no loose face..hehehe…X3

    and that bride with you is very very cute..I love her hair.

  20. Cozzie says:

    it would do nice to post up a map of where the heck is it in china 😛 googling for the location seems a bit daunting and it would spice up your blog considering you’d add some funky caption to your images anyway.

  21. kindaichi says:

    the mystery has been revealed! no one can fool in front of me… the trick behind the face changing is…

  22. Albert Ng says:

    Nice top! 😀

    Whoa, I’ve seen one of those many-masked people perform in Malaysia!

    It looks like it took ages of practice, so go work on your altercheesegoes first. Oh and in a spammy note, my latest blog entry might be of interest to you as it has two mentions of you.

  23. Jeff from LA says:

    I must apologize if my comment is perhaps a little unrelated to this specific post. I am a Chinese American, i.e. I was born and raised in the United States. As I speak Mandarin, I can usually understand most of the terminology that is used in this blog. However, there are certain terms, such as “hor” that I am unfamiliar with. I am wondering if anyone around here can provide me with a definition.

  24. cheesie says:

    Albert: You sure had fun. Haih i missed Halloween for the 22nd year. 🙁
    Jeff: Sei for. How to explain hor leh? Anyone cares to help ma?

  25. John says:

    I will help with Hor.
    Now, there is un-doubtedly more to say about Hor. But, here is two informative pages.

    One Quote –
    “Hor, gatherer of oils, priest of Montu, opener of the gates of heaven in Luxor, son of Ankhori and son of Karem; Hor, at one with Horus and Thoth, enshrined with Atum and carried to the cemetery with the Apis Bull; Hor stood silent in the dark corner.”

    You can also learn of Ba, Ka, and the All important Akh in the second link.

    Peace, Light, Love to You All!!!

  26. John says:

    Was going to add in the last post, only just found current verifiable info…

    Hor is also a short for Horus. Heru and Hor… ALso was the above pharoah ^
    If you see a hawk; Hor is near, just feel – comforted ->
    Can get a bit confusing…

    Since I am spouting links – Seshat is one of my personal favorites.

    All good and proper! /// But what is kuaci? They look like pumpkin seeds??
    Once again your photos really stand head and shoulders above, Cheesie! Qing Ming Street looks like a really fun place. How late do they wander around there?

    Peace and Love to You! +

  27. Popiah says:

    ‘hor’ is nothing to do with what whatever ur talking about John.

  28. kelvWithaSmile says:

    John: What are u talking again man!!! NOt funny at all !!!

    Jeff from LA : “hor” is just a local slang… so are lah, bah, lerr…
    all these are an expression of “puntuations”
    U can ignore them if u want and still understand the conversation…


    A : hey.. arent u gonna eat??
    B : no lah… just had s’thing before i came out….( u can substitute lah with lerr or bah.. eg: no lerr… just had s’thing.. or no bah, just had s’thing…) It’s just a slang..

    In English..

    A : hey.. arent u gonna eat??
    B : no man.. just had s’thing before i came out.. 🙂 or u can say… No dude, just had s’thing.

    get it??

    “hor” is more of an expression of question mark…so if u put hor behind a sentence… usually u’ll articulate the sentence in a question form.


    A : U wont leave me for another girl hor???
    B : of coz not lah… i love u so so much lerr!! 🙂

    Hor = ??right

    A :u wont leave me for another girl right??
    B : of coz not dear.. i love u so so much honeyBun!! 🙂

    Get it Jeff?? 🙂

  29. Thanis says:

    Haha! that’s a nice explaination of “Hor”

  30. John says:


    Not correct?

    Read again – I wrote first line – “Now, there is un-doubtedly more to say about Hor.”

    And not funny? well, I suppose thats a matter of view is it not? It obviously has “newer”
    meanings, some of which are not funny. It is easy to ignore, much rougher to face freedom of relation. You may think what you like of Hor… One simple word can mean a lot.

    “Hor = ??right” Now, that is correct.

    Love YA!

  31. Albert Ng says:

    cheesie: You better be my succubus this Tuesday night.

    “Hor” in this context can be replaced with “riiight?”

    “You won’t leave me hor?”
    “You won’t leave me, riiight?”

  32. Jeff from LA says:

    KelvWithaSmile, Albert Ng, thank you for answering my question.

    As for John, I must say, you sure do have a weird sense of humor. Oh well, to each his own.

  33. kelvWithaSmile says:

    Thanis : haha.. thanks 🙂
    Jeff from LA : anytime man… 🙂

  34. lix says:

    that bride reminds me of Jacqueline

  35. bian lian zí says:

    hello! fun to see mask-changing. i dont lie but i can that. my sifu on kung fu have tell me and i learn out it now. i am 13 year and i live in sweden. it was fun at see it and can it and now how there doing.

  36. cheesie says:

    bian lian zi: OMG teach me can?

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