My First Marriage Proposal Season 2

October 29, 2006 in Cheesoron / The Stinky Cheese

Pun of the day:
In John’s case, it’s just love at first (web)site… is he sure he wants to marry me? 0_o


Season One rerun here

What should i do?


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  1. Chellcee says:

    Okay … Actually I’m quite speechless after reading that. Hope you’ll know what to do soon, Cheesie.

  2. iGo says:

    Marvellous! Hilarious! but NOT COOL at all.

    hope you’ll cheese your way through it, best of luck (not to John of course).

  3. don juannabe says:

    john john.. u poor old sod. i wish i could laugh at u. but i pity u more. amen

  4. kormmandos says:

    I think you got yourself an internet stalker. If this keeps up, your story can go into making a Hollywood movie.

    Until then, it is good to consult the police on a restraining order for this guy…
    Or you could fly to, say, the Amazonian Jungle. I’m sure blog entries about your exploits will be really cool. Even more if John here decides to follow.

  5. Terry says:

    i gave up reading half way through..lucky u did truncated the words if not i think i wont bother reading it d :). Anyway,cheesie best of luck ya! Stay cheese!! 🙂

  6. rachel says:

    woah.. that was..
    err.. intense if not more creepy….
    and i thought i was a stalker to my crush..
    lol.. jk!

    good luck, Cheesie!

  7. kormmandos says:

    Or how about posting morbid, wicked, sadistic stuff that you might do?
    Maybe a psycho/basic instinct-inspired entry for Halloween?
    Of course need to make it look like you are really a deranged serial killer or something.

  8. bullshit says:

    omg that guy is creepy. but i do agree wif him on 1 thing tough… the pink top was nice,or shd i say kaboom? other than that, i dunno wtf he was rambling abt.

  9. lyn says:

    hmm i wonder hu bothered reading the whole thn?i gav up aft a readin the 1st few,if i were u,i would hav blocked him long ago.

  10. Ellone says:

    Sigh – that is abit scary ……
    Maybe ignoring is the best solution.

  11. naVICgaTOR says:

    omg so long~!!!

    What to do? Need to ask meh? MARRY HIM LAH~!

  12. Mon Angelica says:

    Hey cheesie,not bad huh got a huge fan (admirer perhaps*).Hey this john abit gone case la..hehehe..he is either a lone ranger,a lonely guy who need love badly or a psycho!or even a nerd?hahah
    i had faced this experienced before and what i been through is this guy turns out to be a nerd…

  13. pikachu says:

    I object!!!! dun marry him

  14. John says:


    Scary? Well Some may find Love scary… Personally I think its great! (There is no higher power… Anywhere)

    But –
    A restraining order? Oh thats good! 🙂 To..what? restrict my writing to Cheesie?
    Hmmm. Have done what I can to make contact, but its not like I’m stalking her, not even on the same continent – same world? maybe///

    I must admit a bit of surprise to see this here, but in truth it gives me hope that possibly…
    Ah well, what can one say about someone like me? Seems many of you think I am “creepy” or “a lost basket” Thats getting closer I guess! JK!

    Let a lot of things slip by in my life, but I had no real love of them… desire maybe. Joy maybe… but sometimes you just have to dive in head first and be bold. The worst she could tell me is NO. I only went looking – rather innocently too I might add. And Wham!

    I’m not perfect, who is perfect…

    In regards to this, and our other communications – perhaps it is time to write more on my own blog.
    Attempted to give all opportunity to bail on me, and she could just ignore me yes. 🙁
    I am no harm to her, nor anyone else. I think some of you are just..well, impatient. And I know what thats like in a big way, and I got tired of it – so I threw it away. But it came back.

    Chellcee – I agree with you there.

    bullshit – “other than that, i dunno wtf he was rambling abt.”
    Really? well, perhaps you should open your mindseyes more man. And a name like that wont score you points! OY…

    lyn – You seem very nice, but its no wonder you gave up reading since you seem unable to type a complete word yet. It’s ok, I understand time constraints and all, but what is wrong with proper wording? I see its place in a chat box, but…in a post? Any way – no hard feelings eh? Love to You @+

    Whatever! – I have no need to explain my self to anyone… except those I choose to.
    Happy just to see she even acknowledges my presence.
    Ok… Time for me to do other things today, busy sunday!

    Peace and Love to You All!!!

  15. Mat says:

    John’s surname isn’t Hinckley is it? I’m just noticing some similarities here…

  16. pikachu says:

    # naVICgaTOR says:
    October 29th, 2006 at 11:56 pm

    omg so long~!!!

    What to do? Need to ask meh? MARRY HIM LAH~!

    >>> wah, write long letter only, accept already ar…. like this i send her my 5000 words assignment, then she will marry me la.. lol

  17. stoney84 says:

    send him a big-ass josstick..xD

  18. @l says:

    lol looks like something i would have done before … you don’t love her but you could love her quite easily .. there’s a difference 😉

  19. Cece says:

    It’s good that you’re publishing things from him. It makes everyone who reads aware of what is happening, relieving the strain on you and perhaps making you feel safer.

    Save all correspondance from him, just incase you need it down the line for any legal reason.

    “John” is professing love in his e-mail and many many many many other things to someone he has never met. How would he feel if the tables were turned and a complete stranger acted the same way towards him, badgering him like this, giving him unwanted attention? He would be freaked out and want it to stop.

    “John”, you’re scaring this girl. Stop it and get a life. Read her posts and enjoy her humour, then go outside and live a life of your own.

    Chessie, I wouldn’t respond to anything he sends you. It would be a sign of hope in his eyes, even if it’s a “leave me alone”. Once you respond to anything, it will only get more frequent and worse. Take it from someone who’s had to change her home telephone number recently.

    Good luck with everything.

    P.S.- Long time reader, first time posting…love the space.

  20. candyfz says:

    i heard somewhere that when you need to make a guy run away, just tell him you want to marry him and have his babies.

  21. Kingkongkang says:

    Cece…your post was one the best 1!juz mis-spelled cheesie’s name again..LOL

    Well…john…if u read me….then stop replying our (readers of cheerland) comments will show your love and respect to cheesie…it is her blog dude…don’t be too much and get a life dude…if you don’t know how to…email kennysia….

    I not trying to bring up any religion issue here…but I guess John is either Catholic or Christian….and if he is Christian..then it’s really humiliating…..sigh….

    cheesie….天生美是罪……for the first time found that this phrase is applicable…LOL…so instead of feeling scare and dunno what to do….cheer up and continue to write good blogs for us to read 🙂

    just ignore him…

    ignorance is bliss…..

  22. bullshit says:

    maybe we shd all come out n meet somewhere, cheesie n fans n that creep. us fans can form a mob! Yeah that’ll be fun…

  23. Albert Ng says:

    Hey John,

    Just send her a picture of yourself. It’s only fair since you have seen so much of her. And I know damn well she is superficial (which is why your words, however poetic, are NOT WORKING.)

    Send her your handsome mugshot.

    Oh, and don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.

  24. nat says:

    Please lodge a police report for goodness sake… better be safe than sorry.
    Be it a joke or pyschotic stalker…. i’m sure ur mum does not wan to lose u.

  25. azhan says:

    ohmigawd. a stalker or what? i could just freak out!!

  26. zagary says:

    Check whether is he a local. If he is one of the local here. Report him to the police. Send him to jail. (^^)

  27. Monaro says:


    Hai~ very kantan one, lei OI this gwailo mou? If OI mah pei hei chance lor, If sien mah show hei lei ge middle sau chee lor. KAUTIM!!! 🙂

    Yo John,

    Decipher this, dude! Bet even babelfish can’t help you 😉 Cheers, mate.

  28. John says:

    Certainly plenty of options.
    Interesting to see all the diferent advice! Some of you seem..well, paranoid. (no offense though – it is rampant these days! carry on…)

    Like I could scare Cheesie! Now, that is funny. And you should never scare those you love, not like some of you seem to think is…cool/

    naVICgaTOR – hey thanks! Good to see some positive emotional input here 🙂 Bless ya!

    @l – Eh? People COULD love a lot of things (or other people) but many just like to dis…

    Mat – nope, no relation – Thank God for that. Aye, Thank God for every thing… He deserves it.

    Cece – Are you always so cheery? Oh heavens yes, save my marital proposals for a legal case! Some people like to tell me to “get a Life” Excuse me.. I have one here. Like… oh I know, go to work or something, maybe go for a walk – or find someone I don’t feel love towards, and try to force myself in to a bad situation,,, nah. sounds like you been down that road, I’ve had enough abuse – thank you very much. If some one did this to me?
    I would have to consider the situation, which, I am sure we all would do.. well ok some just run away. But! I have yet to find the one I wanted to be with, I have waited… and looked -Some are just impatient, and they wonder why they get burned?
    All she needs to say is Leave me alone and go away.
    It would be done, Honestly.
    I have not heard that, so… / Besides whats wrong with attention? It can help one learn things even! :0

    KingKongKang – I, am a Christian. Also many other things – Ignorance is bliss, correct. But so is acceptance. Prefer acceptance.

    Albert – Have done. But thanks for the good suggestion. 🙂 Are you sure they are not working? maybe, maybe not… Time will tell. Words only work up to a point anyway.

    nat – Umm, police report? for what, Love letters? I’m sure they would be right over after they grab a donut or two. And, well there comes a time to grow into living your own life.
    Why would she lose her mother? Sheesh! Do you think I’m going to run away with her and hide in a cave?
    Granted, if she told me off – and I continued… bam! She has something to hang me on. In the meantime, just enjoy the show I guess.

    I Love debates… but prefer conversation, or – even just talking!

    But since most of you seem to like to try to keep her from thinking anything nice about me, and prefer to spread fear, mayhaps it best I do leave this blog alone. Maybe then you can be happy that the world is safer from my nasty, evil, terrible affections of Love.

    Love You All, Anyway!!!
    Yea, Even if you hate me. BOO! – Happy Almost Halloween! 🙂

  29. tc says:

    This is easy! 4 words will solve your problem. That is “NO, leave me alone!” (unless you do want to marry him). He is just using you to get his fame. The more we talk about him, the more satisfaction he gets.

  30. Porkie says:

    You know what I think about this whole matter and what you should do.

  31. saiful says:

    This is 2006, and still got people like John… Where are you from John? Mars, year 1666?

  32. Kenny says:

    Man…this guy is sad.

  33. lollerskates says:


    marry ME instead 😀

    [insert dramatic life story here]

  34. n305er says:

    Uhh… Why don’t that girl what she would do? You know? That girl.

    She’s preety good at writing replies that people just want to ignore her later after reading her replies.

  35. xh says:

    erm i actually think he is pretty cool and brave. he is just voicing out what he think, better than some chickens..

  36. cass says:

    choose 1 answer from the multiple choice.

  37. Shawn says:

    Marry the bastard and get it over with 🙂

  38. munak says:

    multiple choice answer – go sit on a track or number 8 nyahaha

    i had heard about psycho lovers, now i have seen one.

    John how can u ramble all the way expecting her to give an answer without even showing her your face? kinda creepy i would say. You know what, i can give you some directions on how to go geylang, quite easy to get there u know. If you think writing all these letters is expressing love then cheesie is doing the right thing by ignoring you because this is not how to express love. insane guy but i live you courage, not bad.

    So cheesie dumped you even before you got in a relation

    cheesie, your flash chat still got the problem, remember i sent u the screeny the other day. Maybe its got to do with IE 7


  39. s0hp0h says:

    hmm… *speechless*…………….

  40. gwen says:

    you don’t even have to blog a word.

    and this is one helluva long entry with only 4 sad pictures.

  41. pikachu says:

    speechless… cheesie, dun come out and talk

  42. cely says:

    continue to ignore him… 🙂

    Or u just shut him up by marrying him… hahha.. off coz.. that’s not the correct way…

    good luck cheesie

  43. Mimi says:

    Cheesie, suggest you block this dude from ever writing to you. He seemed like a total L-O-S-E-R who don’t have a worthy life you wouldn’t want to end up having to be stalked all time by a LOSER. Ask him to reveal his real name, his identity, his pic. You’ll get clearer picture 😉

  44. giving.up says:

    Stop replying to Cheeserland readers. It just feels strange for an everyday reader to read your replies, instead of Cheesie’s. Ugh.. tell me about personal space.

  45. snow says:

    This is OBSESSION not LOVE. John is worshipping Cheesie more than God and the prove is in the first entry where the location of the cross and bible were located. Love at first sight is not ‘Would You Marry me’ all of a sudden. I don’t think a rational guy would ever do that. Sorry John but you already gave me a really creepy first impression.

  46. Dax says:

    Please Grow Up Dude!

    Please beware and don’t be melted so easily!

    Marriage is not just “FEEL” Cheers!

  47. ching says:

    may i add that cheesie is already married to me?

  48. Goldfish says:

    Ignorance is bliss. Jz ignore him and he’ll go away. 😀

  49. lim0806 says:

    he is kind of…overly expressing his love. Ignore him.

  50. clement says:

    John: I intro u a book to read……Boy meets Girl…..available in many gospel shop i think…

    Cheesie: So “lucky” ar u….^_^

  51. tigerkiller says:


    John…dude…its the internet…dun do this mate.

    This needy love crap doesn’t sit well with dames that you haven’t met before.

    Its damn creepy. Imagine a girl does this to you…you’ll be scared too. I think you should really rethink your mode of courtship. Its Creepy and its Unwanted. And dun appear in front of her either…cause if its in front of Kenny (i doubt she’ll come to Singapore that often) I can promise you a broken nose and a dislocated arm.

  52. relfy says:

    well maybe u can meet him but bring someone along with u
    maybe he might turn out to be a nice guy
    or u can tell him u are not interested at all
    if not u can ask him to to fu*k off?
    or maybe even make friends with him
    but who knoes he might turn out to be someone that stays at home and stares at the com whole day long

  53. winnie says:

    cheesie…i am ur loyal reader..i like reading ur blog.
    think wisely!!i think that this guy is kinda mad n could a man express his love towards a girl through this way?it’s more like an EMOTIONAL ABUSE!!

  54. Sharon says:

    John is starting to sound pretty desperate. does he have a REAL life?

    How could you ask someone to marry you when you dont even meet that person in real before?

    I understand his obsession with Cheesie but that kind of approach is pretty scary.

  55. SGD says:

    Ahh i don’t get it O-0 why the hesitation to just say “no”. Think about it if someone who you don’t know just come up to and ask you will you marry me? will you say yes there and then?! Your obvioius answer will be “No”…It’s no brainer…Now i don’t know the details of your contact with this person but i think you should give him an answer. The longer you leave it the more misunderstanding it is for this person. Don’t need to meet with him or bother to write a thesis to give him a reason. Just Type NO and hit the send button.

    Formula for Marriage
    trust + friendship = Love
    Love + Care = Marriage

    This person is asking you

    Never met you + Expressing My Love Through Email = Creepy Person
    Creepy Person + Marry Me = Freaky Creepy Person


  56. en says:

    heyy!cheesie!well he DOES have a great command of the language..XD but he seems to deviate… ALOT.haha.unless u want a longwinded person to talk to then you can accept his very long proposal.haha.oh its my first time posting here…stumbled upon ur blog a few days ago..and have been laughing, gasping, and rolling my eyes at the cheesieness.oh i realise that ive started using cheesie language(eg: wt cheese) ever since then..XD good job though!keep it up!

  57. Squid says:

    hi, i’m not related 2 john. lol.. disclaimer comes 1st =p. Meet up wif him.. 😀 get 2 know him a lil’ then act accordingly… since u can’t love someone u never met? havin same interest over cheeze is.. a gr8 start XD .. not askin u 2 marry him, just at least give him a chance? lol! gotta give him some credit 4 proposin lol! 😡 although it sounded a lil dodgy =d

  58. pikachu says:

    maybe he do this just to get to cheesie’s blog “P

  59. Popiah says:

    Fr those of u who keep saying Cheesie should meet this guy, why dun y’all sponsor her air fare (1st class of course) n accomadation to America? If not quit with da she should go meet him stuff!!

  60. Monkticon says:

    just ask him “don’t you have anything else to do in your life than asking someone to marry u…doh…”

    or maybe since he wants a simple reply…just say Hi! u are mad…doh!

  61. yh says:

    What a sad life you lead.
    And you claim to be a Christian?


  62. CandYBabY says:

    Erm…can’t really comment abt this since…i didn’t read most of it.
    Its damn long lar wei! Shorten it a little larr…
    Read until mata pun sakit!@.@

  63. Daniel says:

    For Christ’s sake, Cece, she’s CHEESIE, NOT CHESSIE. John, are you sure you’re in love? Are you sssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? If you do, then give up. To start with, you don’t know her in real life. The fact that your emails dont appeal to her means that she’s not interested in you. No interest, no love. The end. Fullstop. Btw, the fact that she’s posting your email here does, in fact, mean she’s acknowledging your presence. But please accept the complementary fact that she’s also seeking help to GET RID OF your presence. Lol. A post too long. Ciao man. Eat some cheese if you’re outta control.

  64. christofu says:

    Ahm that homo from Rassha! “man he talks alot…..”

  65. christofu says:

    good luck chessie

  66. Squid says:

    Since John’s so madly over her, y not ask john to sponsor her xD
    he might b able 2 use d chance 2 realli express himself over her
    haahaah… but den again , it makes me wonder if diz john guy actualli
    searches 4 hox cheeze’s blogs online n uh.. drool over ’em??

  67. Oli says:

    Good excuse to buy a dress you know….

  68. pikachu says:

    omg, this crazy….

  69. Robanz says:

    I think SGD had the right idea…why on earth would you even consider marrying this guy?! why are people saying to go visit him? He’s just a guy who’s infatuated with a picture and some stories. The only logical solution is just to say no. He’ll get over it; the situation will be over.

  70. Jo says:

    What kinda nonsense is this? I can’t believe this is what Cheesie goes through everyday. Did Cheesie actually went through the whole ‘novel’???


  71. John says:

    Quite a cloud here today. It’s like putting my hand in a hornet nest… ouch!

    Minor note – One, this and email are the only means available to me to communicate with her. If thats being “creepy” Then I guess we have a lot of creeps out there!

    Two note – Still Stands. She says leave – I’m Done.

    Three – As much as I appreciate the mud in my face from some of you, (She is very popular I have… discovered) none of you, well except Ching 🙂 as far as I know – can speak for her as to her own personal choice in this matter.

    Virtually none of you actually – know me… In my correspondance I have tried to express myself honestly. Honesty is always the best policy, learned this the hard way. She could probably ruin me if she cared to. / Gave her the ammo to do as she wishes… I do have my motivations,(purely innocent) don’t we all?
    I extended trust, in faith that she would make the right decision. And time marches on.

    “Desperate” – More a case of vision, and action – as I see it. (And no this not all a material matter.)

    XH – Thank You for the boost. All I said before still stands.

    Actually, I write more than speak, unless there is something good to actually speak about…
    As for the rest, a lot of you seem to very opinionated on my “life”. And as far as contradictions,,, well maybe you should rethink your own postings, before bashing me in the face over my – fools drivel. 🙂

    Oh yes. I AM a Christian, among other things. I have the papers to prove it. But who cares about papers?
    Yea.. sure.

    Anyway I think its cool about Cheesies blog activity- Wow! 73 replies!?

    Oh – Cheesie, I would like to try that Diet Plum, but of course.. If I had your address…
    I might…………*&( Send you Flowers or something! :0

    Gotta admit, I was ignorant of who she was,(still kind of am – lol, tryin here!) before I hit Cheeserland. Still don’t know her truly, as a person. Just tryin to “Get a Better Life” here! Besides, She is quite capable of handling herself on this blog from what I’ve seen!

    In a very minor way, kind of resent being called a “Bastard”, a “L-O-S-E-R”,
    “Freaky Creepy Person”, and of course everyones fav – ” Pathetic”
    I shall overlook those verbose, unknowing me sentiments and look to the correct action…. /// O.
    Still, I would invite any of you to my site, where we could debate things outside Cheesies Blog – and her – in the crossfire. Cmon in, the waters fine! 🙂 It is an unusual yes, Prefer larger concepts in general. Although – still Like to shoot the shite on light topics…
    oh, did I just swear? whoop!
    Whatever. I am capable of defending my view also. But always listen to/respect anothers, I just choose to expand it if that’s possible. Quite open minded.

    As far as Kenny goes, Papertiger – Don’t actually know him either, (Would read his blog, but I don’t want to marry kenny.) from what I glean from this blog, he sounds like a great guy!
    Maybe they should get married? Really! …exactly –

    What is important here?
    It’s What she, as herself – wants to do in her own heart. That is all I can ask. I have no beef with Kenny or anyone else here.

    Out. Got things to do -> believe it or not.

    Peace, Light, and Love to You All!!!

  72. Kate says:

    It’s turning into a circus. John means no harm. In cases like this, a mature reply of “Sorry I’m not interested” will suffice. Then if he continues to write, that’s the time you post and we’re more than happy to give him a piece of our mind.

  73. MOUSE; says:


  74. xiing~ says:

    get him to show his photo;
    then we judge if he match you not;
    hahx. xP

  75. Cherry says:

    you know what,
    seeing that chesserland has an increasing number of obsessed fanbois lurking around, i doubt cheesie would write freely in her blog anymore

    it’s all your fault johnny boy.

    now chessie’s readers have to suffer!

  76. bellahhhhh says:

    OMGGGGG! im totally speechless!

    poor u john, are u sure it’s really L-O-V-E and not a mere infatuation? maybe fate tricked u, or maybe u 2 aren’t destined.i guess it’s all up to u to change it. but the way u approach our beloved ms chEEsiE here is really really not appropriate or to put it bluntly,freaky.
    may u get all this all sort out soon. if fate is real kind, u 2’ll prolly meet 😀 i dunno y i got an impression that jonh is an ang moh. well are you, john?

  77. bellahhhhh says:

    oh oh oh! i checked the blog and you John is obviously not a chinese or from Malaysia but US of an A.

  78. clement says:

    John…email cheesy ur photo……she will post it here ^_^

  79. SGD says:

    Reference from

    1. Strange or unusual; freakish.
    2. Slang. Frightening.

    In this case It would be strange or unusual.


    1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one’s skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.
    2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive: the creepy kids next door.

    In this case it would be annoyingly unpleasant.

    Freaky Creepy Person = Strange Annoying Person.

    And yes i agreed with you that there may be a lot of annoying unpleasant people out there. But it is kinda annoying when you receive an email from someone you don’t know asking you for marriage. It’s almost like Spam mails.

    No Hard feelings John.. Just an expression man. Sure i don’t know you, none of us do but Cheesie put this up and we are here to discuss and express our opinions.. Just like you expresses yours. So i don’t know why are so work up over it ?! O-o We are not here to attack you.

    I agreed with Kate.

  80. Cece says:

    Ok…so no one else has a panic attack or freaks out over spelling….

    CHEESIE…sorry I spelled your name incorrectly…jezz! And btw, I wasn’t the only one.

  81. xes says:

    He’s Nuts.

    Could you get him to send you a picture of himself 😛 *curious

  82. Kenny Sia says:

    What? Why is my name mentioned so many times here.

  83. ching says:



  84. xh says:

    hmm i guess the reason john is thought to be creepy is because 1. he wanted to marry cheesie 2. he didnt expose any personal details of himself. i guess john might really need to tell us more about himself.. but then again, i suppose when he say he wants to marry cheesie its more like saying ‘i’m interested in u?’. anyway, i dun really see bad intention here..

  85. joe17301 says:

    “I want to marry you” now means “I’m interested in you”? No, I don’t think that is true.

    So many people defend John, so many people attack John but, anyway, cheesie already revealed her true feeling about him because, she put this post into “cheesorons” section.

  86. annaaa says:

    I stupidly read this over five times since yesterday before I decided to post. I’m freaked out. Good luck, Cheesie. And like joe17301 pointed out, John, Cheesie put this entry in the “Cheesorons” section… 😛 Oh yah. I just realised, aren’t you married to ching?

  87. pikachu says:

    darn, i keep coming here to check out the replies lol

  88. kelvWithaSmile says:

    johnny boy.. why not u asked kennysia and some of cheesie’s blogger frens out.. along with cheesie of coz…
    that way u get to meet cheesie in person and cheesie also wont worry about u being an obsesser, might eat her up or something… plus everyone gets to see u and find out how not weird and funny u are ???? what do u think? 🙂

  89. annaaa says:

    John: This isn’t love, it’s something called “OBSESSION”. It’s scary, and what would you say if some stranger you’ve never met except for reading your blog (which seems useless enough) and seeing your pictures did something like that to you? Yup, we all know how beautiful Cheesie is, but you claim that you are Christian, and placing her pictures next to a cross, a Bible, a picture of Cheesus Crust etc.*more religious stuff*etc. really doesn’t show well. In other words, you worship her. 1) You already gave me a creepy stalker-ish first impression; 2) Why would Cheesie hook up with someone who worships her? 3) I doubt Ching would allow it. 🙂 4) I used to attend Christian school…and isn’t putting pics of Cheesie together with religious materials…sort of against the religion? Or at least that’s what my principal told me. Anyway, John, from the comments I see you’re kinda a nice guy, so I don’t exactly hate you, but I just wanted to point out what seemed out of place to me. I guess you should tell Cheesie more about you, instead of just jumping to sending her a really long letter (and I mean REALLY, REALLY LONG) full of poetic words and asking her to marry you only after reading her blog.
    Wooh. That was long. -ish.

  90. J.C says:

    Lol! This guy is just attracted to Cheesie’s looks. I admit, Cheesie is ‘model’ quality, but making a marriage proposal so soon without even knowing what type of person Cheesie is makes John look desperate! Before sending a marriage porposal, get to know her first! Don’t ever trust all this blogging comunity ppl cos most of them will put up a different face when met personally compared to when he/she blogs. I bet Cheesie might be different from what you expected(character wise) that you might just feak out!(Unless u r into her for looks only…then that makes u a stalker). But then, you might just be the type she falls for…who knows?

    Anyhow, I do admire John’s bravery and determination. You’ll nvr know what will happen in the future don’t you? Imagine a drama about an internet fan marrying her idol…dream come true? The future favors the bold! Good luck to the both of ya! Have a great time till then….:p

  91. the diplomat says:



  92. the diplomat says:

    For someone who just called himself the diplomat, I haven’t been very diplomatic, have I? My reply was obviously more anti- john. Per J.C, the future favors the bold and I believe many fans actually wanted to write similar letter but
    a) chickened out
    b) realised it’s not the right thing
    John, think about what you done and how the fans reply & try to understand why…
    Success comes from good judgement. Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
    Or something like that. Time to let go, John.

  93. pH7 says:

    Dear Cheesie,
    That proposal you posted really humour some of your fans (o_0):)~ Anyway….good luck…lol..if you are really not interested in that person. Make sure you do the right thing;)

  94. damion says:

    ching, we know leh… *pats on da back*

  95. viviensiu says:



    poor cheesie. I know exactly how a gal would feel. I think the fellow gals here had said my POV so there’s no need to repeat anything.

    just one thing: c’mon cheesie you deserve BETTER!

    and john: yup you keep on claiming you meant no harm but you have no idea how these kind of mails DO have an impact , DISTURBING impact. This is not a good way to express your “love”, especially when she has never meet you in person, if you really do love her, why disturb her like this?

    oh yeah say whatever you like, I have seen countless commentors here trying to knock some sense into that head of yours and heck does it work? NO. You keep taking them as mean attempts to thwart you and answer them in polite words yet spiky underlying messages. Which John, sheesh, you are definitely not worthy to cheesie at all.

  96. Hank says:

    Dude you need to learn. Desperate and whiney guys will never get the girls. sweet guys wont either, girls like the bad boy. Treat them badly (but not too bad or abusive), dont make enough time for them, talk with lots of other girls, and act like they are lucky to have you and you can have just about any girl. Girls dont respect the nice guy.

  97. Daniel says:

    some of you are pathetic. You can type and you cant type her name properly. It’s cheesie and not chessie. I like chess, and it pisses me off when chess is associated with cheese. ^%$#%

  98. KingKongKang says:

    WOW i am the 100th reply for this post….wuwuwuwuwu…cheessie do i get any special present for being the 100th?LOL….

    Cheesie..i think hor..the best thing to do….although not the good thing to do to delete this post (which has 100 cheese!!) and cut the crap off….and may it be a sweet memory to you forever…(doubt so though)…

    Enuf of john…now john this name sound so !@#$!@#% to me..sound like George in Desperate housewives season 2…….

  99. naVICgaTOR says:

    Cheesie, u get 101 kinda replies to this post and ppl are entertained~! LOL 😀

  100. pikachu says:

    theres a lot of shows on tv, go and watch desperate housewife!!!!

  101. Baby Jane says:

    Give John a’ Dear John’ letter…

  102. lix says:

    btw.. wonder whether the comment box could take in any html codes =/

  103. cheesie says:

    Been away and whoa, 105 comments for the laziest post ever?
    Thanx for all your feedback. Well, no intention of putting anyone down, seriously. It was just meant to be a filler post, you know, been busy!

    Happy Halloween!… Belated.

    Updates soon! Stay cheesed.

  104. Tristan says:

    Higher level of spooky-ness*.This guy is from mars I think.Anyway,be careful and watch out behind ~

  105. pikachu says:

    lol, she dont give a damn

  106. connie says:

    tats plain creepy. i wonder what he’ll do if u reject him. *shudders..*

  107. panda says:

    wow. just wow. i thought one email would be enough, but an elongated, historic proportion of a proposal?

    john mate, you might not think you are scaring her. consider all these comments then, and think how many people found it creepy. it gets scarier because you don’t even know cheesie beyond her blog, and what she has decided to show through her online persona. you have just “fallen in love” with her pictures and the side of her she is willing to show people online.

    how superficial could this get?

    then again, considering how many people before me have pointed out to you that you ARE creepy and scary, and those opinions have bounced off you, you probably wouldn’t care so much for this comment either would you?

    before you start going, “oh it’s the power of love, what would you know…etc etc?” don’t give me that bullshit. everyone here have experienced love at some stage, and know how it feels.

    so back off, e-stalker.

  108. Natalie says:

    Hey cheesie, reading ur blog is like my guilty pleasure, (in a good way though~!)

    And man that guy is really lost, and hopefully he didn’t go and auction your second hand clothes and wear them. That would be so creepy…0_o…

    A greeting from Canada.

  109. astrosurge says:

    not to side anyone but just treat this as a pastime humour lah. i dont see any hostility there in John’s email. Since he was ‘made’ public already I dont see there is a reason for cheesie to worry. cheesie is a smart gal & knows how to tackle this matter wisely. Anyway, its just a filler thou & i think john is no harm to anyone. Is just his desperation made him look..err..desperate? But overall i think he’s cool too cos he was able to come out with a long composition like that. As to john, i think if you really fancied cheesie & wanna win her over, the proper channel of doing so is waiting for u & I believe it was never too late to do the right thing.

    Be gentle to her 🙂

  110. Enrico says:

    after scan through all these commentss….
    i’ve found something quite suitable for this moment….

    what if YOU post your profile & photo to show ur details and we will have better image of urself…….

    and if cheesie (maybe the rest blog viewers) ignored u again, pls stop doing all these things….sometimes too much of something will make ppl annoying……

  111. sheon says:

    the repercussions of being somewhat popular……… get strange ppl stalking you… you keep a can of Mace in your tote? you better…….hahhaa…….

  112. ching says:

    # annaaa says:
    October 31st, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    I stupidly read this over five times since yesterday before I decided to post. I’m freaked out. Good luck, Cheesie. And like joe17301 pointed out, John, Cheesie put this entry in the “Cheesorons” section… 😛 Oh yah. I just realised, aren’t you married to ching?

    uhm, excuse me, i’m married to nobody except that squeaky yellow butt cheese o_O

  113. kcin says:

    walau, so many messages one? lazy to read all… maybe just accept his love lor since he’s so sincere and have so many time… 😀

  114. Daniel says:

    One benefit of marrying John would be more than 100 responses for every one of your future posts.

  115. maverick says:

    Came by through a friend’s blog. Honestly, John’s courage to speak up is impressive, especially since he’s professing to someone he’s never met in person before. Then again, for that same reason, shouldn’t he slow down and take things easy a bit? The direct approach scares most people off, especially when you don’t know them too well.

    ~verus rara avis~

  116. John says:

    Oh, I take things easy. Really quite laid back.
    But I did not “place” the Christ handout on the first pic. I keep that on my table. It just sort of happened.(the smokey eyes pic) so I took a picture…
    Yea, well believe it or not. Thats actually a minor motion to me these days as far as amazing goes.

    The others I did set up, after that fact. I’ve had that card move around my apartment once after that also. back to my dads cedar chest he made…. hmm never thought of that, I should look in there again.
    As far as worshipping Cheesie more than God, He is always #1. But I have moved past most worship and decided its better, and more conductive to be friends/partners. Do you “worship” your material father? Not saying you should not, or that its wrong.
    So in that sense – perhaps I do worship her over our father.
    Maybe.. all your choice, theres more than one way to relate to our Creator. In fact, relating is what its all about… God really wants to be your friend and guide over anything else.

    Anyways – Peace and Love to You All!!!

  117. Yan says:

    You can actually ask someone who doesn’t know you to marry you through an email..?? That’s wayyyy advanced man !! Year 2006 way of porposing.. Rofl !! Coolness ? >”

  118. Merc says:

    You guys should watch One Tree Hill Season 4, the first few episodes. It bears striking resemblance to this “case” now. Lol.
    If you guys watched it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But I hope “John” won’t be really stalking her though. Cheers.

  119. alss says:

    Dear cheesie,

    After checking out your last post, you look so gorgeous n likable i must say i think i might be falling for you too!
    But then again, i am a Girl! Maybe i have to rethink this.. AHHHHH!!!


    i cant believe ‘johns’ been replying to all the comments here… n dear, u dont have to keep sending ur love to everyone u know..


  120. leonade says:

    Hey ringo… it’s been quite a while i’ve visited ur blog, but after this post, i’m surely to come back for more. I’ve heard (and read) about guys and girls offering u stuffs, but a marriage proposal?!?! AHAHAHA!!! Guys like john don’t exactly know what you’d want, do they?? LoL… i propose u stick to Ching better. Haha…

    See ya around babez…

  121. Bluey says:

    Hey, long time no post !!

    (I have been taking quick study breaks to secretly read blogs. heh heh. including yours.)

    Anyway, John, you SERIOUSLY don’t know a thing about girls, do you.

    Just how old are you?


    (Even if you were Cheesie’s bf and if I were Cheesie (or any other girl) , and if you sent her an email THAT long… it’s seriously cheesy. (pun not intended.) WAY TOO CHEESY, AND IT’LL MAKE ANYONE CRINGE. )

    Seriously, John, get a life.

    Good luck!

    Love, Bluey.

  122. greentea says:

    im starting to think this admirer of yours is fake.

    i honestly cant believe someone would be this hopeless. or expect to succeed.
    yea well, nothings impossible and all, but oh well.

    ur efforts would be better put to use on another gal in real life.

    in any case, i pity u.

    on the other hand, havin such crazy admirers support the fact that cheesy is majorly attractive.

    *sigh* im so jealous.


  123. greentea says:

    hmm i would like to see john’s real pic tho. so as to prove its real. haha

  124. anonymous says:

    Hey John, aren’t there any chics at your place at all? Are you living in Mars? Want some girls sent over to your planet? Haha

  125. anonymous says:

    OMG that has got to be the lamest marraige proposal I’ve seen my entire life. Wonder if you’ve sent her a picture of the wedding ring along LOL

  126. cheddarina says:

    Ask him out … See whether he’s handsome n rich…. HAHA..

    Anyway, u should be more careful n precautious abt all the strangers

  127. John says:

    Bluey – I prefer women actually. I’m older than you.

    Gtea – fake? what, am I made of plastic? no.

    anon –
    Yes, amazing but there are “chics” and “girls” here. But please don’t send them to my place as I could go get some if I cared to. I don’t.
    How many proposals have you seen? (just curious) This is my first and only one – apparently lamest one in your eyes. Maybe you could write one for me? Besides, I’m not done yet….
    Peace, Light, and Love to You All!!!

  128. Eng Aun says:

    A latecomer here… Hmm, that’s a very ‘personal’ matter right? So my opinion doesn’t matter 😛

  129. anonymous says:

    Yeah your right, I’ve only seen like twenty of my friends proposed but I still stand by what I said. I would love to try your ‘technique’ to propose to my gf but I think she wouldn’t wanna marry me if I did. What do you think girls? Am I right or is he the best?

  130. Mandy says:

    I bet he’s reading this entry right now and going “i cant believe she posted that”. …You getting all these proposal over emails are kinda scary.

  131. calv says:

    Somehow i took the liberty to read the whole mail. now i realize how stupid i could be. well maybe coz i just have too much time in my hand at the moment. ok here’s the layout:

    1) u’ve not meet this guy. besides, u guys live in different continents
    2) John is somewhat harmless. i dunno, it’s just instinct. it happens to me often and it’s oftenly accurate :p
    3) u can give john a try in replying a short reply. well he did say he’ll be off if u do tell him off. so i guess we can hold his word for that.

    i’m not sure how u want it to be cheesie but i guess no matter what people comment here, it’ll all boil down to what u want. relax and think about ur next move.

    John, this is by far the weirdest way i see someone approach a girl. u’re being very direct. sometimes it’s good but sometimes it ain’t. maybe that’s the way u guys function back at your home but i do suggest that u should read up about asia and its culture before stepping in using yours. this is what respect is all about man. in order to gain someone’s love, u gotta gain someone’s trust.
    to gain a person’s trust is to respect that person. u know what i mean, since u did mention that you’re old enough.


  132. John says:

    Well, can’t resist a last note here as calv left a nice response…

    anon – wow! well congratulations to your friends in their marriages! +
    Can’t speak for your gf either, but hey, every one is unique person and who knows?
    If you want to, why waste time pandering?

    Mandy – Actually, I told her before… she could blog about anything she wanted in reference to me. So this was fair game.

    Calv – Thanks for the nice opinion!

    1. True, but ultimately… so what?
    2. Somewhat harmless is subjective, as far as Cheesie goes… totally harmless yes.
    3. You may hold my word any day on that. But… I have not yet “heard” much of any direct reply as yet. 🙁
    So I thought to not email her anymore, as I really don’t mean to pressure/disturb her. This also goes for posting here… but I’m slipping under the wire on this one. (maybe that will get a response… :)) *ducks*

    While I do have a flair for the unusual, weird is relative actually. And…boy do I have some weird relatives… ehm, just kidding!!!
    I was headstrong, but also somewhat limited in my approach options. -> and, trying to relate in emails/txt is not the best medium for conveyance of true feelings. Respecting her was easy, but I admit to being direct. – Guilty as charged!
    If being direct, loses me respect points… I guess that’s the price I’ll pay then eh?
    Trust is very important to me, and that’s why I have been honest to her. I don’t like fakes either.

    Besides, I’m guessing – most presume I meant more of – “marry me” as in the immediate sense of the word. It is meant as a real possibility, (obviously up to her) but more to make the statement that I would do so, in time. A statement of intent if you will – so Cheesie is aware of my commitment to a relationship, of any kind. Keeping my feelings hidden is not something /I prefer to do. It did take me awhile to decide…, to actually propose

    Not an expert on asian culture, but not completely ignorant either. And yet people are people all around the world are they not?
    Truly, I am very gentle – she just kind of blew me away is all… from only her writings. Can I explain it? No, not really. Can anyone explain love to me in 100 words or less? Heck, take all you need! Call it what you will, only did what I felt the drive to do. So I took the chance, instead of slinking away like I almost did…

    I’m a free spirit, and don’t plan to change that at this stage of the game.

    Love Ya!

    Peace, Light, and Love to You All!!!

  133. Cozzie says:

    Disregarding your sanity, your manners(being tactless or something else) your manhood at stake(no offense), reality and everything in between, be reminded that there is such a thing as a wrong place, a wrong timing and most importantly a wrong person.

    ps: I have no grudges against you concerning the post might be a bit rude =) Just to give you some food for thought.

  134. vincent says:

    John seemed like a nice guy , his approach is Unorthodox , sure but his intentions are harmless. It’s not like he knows her address or anything that he would travel to malaysia and stalk her. I’m sure many of you have come across or read articles of cases where people just fall in love with someone online based on writings or what they say online , there was a recent case just a few months back where two person in youtube just fell in love with one another just based on video entries alone. Cheesie blog is a reflection of her character and of who she is , it’s quite easy to like someone based on that alone , don’t you think ? I don’t think Cheesie is the type to go all freaky paranoid just because she receive a proposal online , she seemed like a pretty cool person and while i highly doubt John will get the right answer he wants , it’s still sweet though perhaps a bit too bold but harmless in the long run.
    As they said , one life , one chance , if you don’t try , you do not know. John , nice try but better luck next time. Haha ! 😀

  135. John says:

    ‘John seemed like a nice guy’
    Did I die? lol! oh ye…

    I would like to travel to Malaysia, yet as a gentleman I resent the inclination I would ever ‘stalk’ her. Besides, I am not that wealthy to just up and travel unfortunatly. I do.. have faith though.

    ‘Cheesie blog is a reflection of her character and of who she is’


    ‘nice try but better luck next time. Haha !’

    There is always… a next time. 🙂

  136. Tintin says:

    Har.. Har har hahahahahahahahahahahah xD
    this is so fun to read =P

  137. Simon Seow says:

    Comment # 142: Can I say that this is one of the entry that has the most comment or there’s another entry that can beat this?

  138. datuk kombat says:


  139. Grace says:

    Now that you reposted this and i reread it, I’m thinking–he might have been your equivalent of XX’s Mike!

  140. TJ Cat says:

    I must confess it’s definitely NOT meow.
    Cats can’t write THAT well. But …

  141. vee says:

    amusing…very amusing.

  142. flash says:


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  162. Nika says:

    Wow, he really droned on, didn’t he.

  163. Ker says:

    Wow speechless!!

  164. Chuckycheese says:

    I think that you should be nice enough to manage a simple “hi” to the poor thing 🙁

  165. Anonymous says:

    Oh, poor guy. He’s not in love with you. He don’t know you. You should be nice to him.

  166. Kash says:

    Oh, poor guy. He’s not in love with you. He don’t know you. You should be nice to him.

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