Cheesie very hard to spell meh?!

October 23, 2006 in Cheese-offs

Pun of the day:
Typing my name as “chessie” will not spell trouble, but i still find it -_-ish .



Then it occurred to me… *maybe* they’re just typos la. Who doesn’t make typos right? I magically transformed “tot u busy” to “tit you bust” before.

So thye msut be tpyos laaaaa.


Or not. -_-


I’d be happier if you misspelled my name as “Chessel”, “Cheezels” or heck, even “Chesty” instead of “CHESSIE” uRGH!!!666!

Mind you, my forehead doesn’t spell “i’m obsessed with chess“. I’m not obchessed with that bored board game lar. Furthermore, cheese and chess are as different as cheese and chess.

You don’t type “I’d like to have ESX with you”, do you?! So freaking stop misspelling my name la!

Anyway, i found this. You’ve prolly seen it a million times oredi, but it’s so cute can die!!!666

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36 responses to “Cheesie very hard to spell meh?!”

  1. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    whoa….. Cheezels.. this is one serious typo. freaking lots of typos. 😀 i tot i m the onli one.

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    wow… too cute.. that cat… so geram with that cat.. feel like squeezing that fur ball.
    is that a real cat??? O_o!!!?

  3. Celestina says:

    Interesting dilemma. =) Hopefully they are just pure innocent typos instead of some mind-wobbling conspiracy. =D Cheers.

  4. Cheryl "da Rascal" Chow says:

    Aww…..taht kat is sooooo ctue!!!!

    I rcenelty aodpetd a kietetn taht is binld and has sikn porbelm and has a cookred tial. But he is dman manja…

    Can you read tihs?

  5. s0hp0h says:

    lolx.. maybe it is typo, chessie.. Opps, i mean Cheesie.. LOL…

  6. azhan says:

    at least i spelt it correctly on my blog. cute cat!

  7. christofu says:

    Haha, Chessie, your posts are always very interesting..

  8. azeelia says:

    cute kittie!

  9. pikachu says:

    cheesie… cheepika lol

  10. naVICgaTOR says:

    My Hypothesis:

    CHESSIE wasn’t a typo, but CHEESIE was~!
    That’s why they came to instead of, but they ended up falling in love with the unintended one…

  11. blah says:

    hey chEEsie~ i love ur pics in “bold city chic”.. love how u PS-ed all of you into a single frame.. want to ask.. how come your hair parting is not always perfectlly straight?

  12. candyfz says:

    it’s never typo! its a conspiracy, i tell ya. when alien invades earth and and and and….

  13. leftright says:

    maybe it’s the left right brain thing, i think ppl who r left brain bias tends to read what they “thought” they saw which could be totally not what they saw. get it?

    hmmm… maybe they’ve been reading chessie all this while. their brains are in the state of denial. totally lost track with the real world.

  14. cheesie says:

    Blah: I know right! Damn annoying. It’s never stright. Kennot do the Dae Jang Geum look -_-

  15. Arnold Dominik says:


    A thousand and 1 apologies for misspelling ur cheesieness name
    how i adore thee cheeseness of ur highcheeseness…

    i bow to thee……sorry…

  16. cheesie says:

    Arnold: lol it’s ok. You’re forgiven.

  17. raY says:

    -_-” ….. “cheese and chess are as different as cheese and chess.” u indirectly shooting me liao… i’ve been using “CheZz” and “CheZzIe” since 1997 til … now… i choose -> chezz = chess + cheese … ZZ sounds cool… SS = ZZ … seriously lehh… i love cheese… and i was a chess player that time… so …. lolz.. !_! then i use “CheZzel” since last year..

  18. Kingkongkang says:

    haha,me is new cheese eater here thx to…

    btw u can start a story about cheesie and chessie where in the cheezerland came chessie and saw cheesie eating cheese and chessie invited her for a chess game but cheese dunno how to play chess and only know how to eat cheese sadly in the end cheesie and chessie seperated becoz of incompatible.

    the morale of the story is, cheesie and chessie is different….

    then ur cheezerland visitors wont mixed up again lor…

  19. Eve says:

    Cheese, i’m so sorry i mispelled your name!! I didn’t realize it until i saw it here =( I guess i wasn’t concentrating properly when i linked you up. sorry again!!

  20. ehuey says:

    cheesie!! i saw my name =p
    i was thinking hey did i spelt it rite when i start reading yr post and then… saw my name hahaha…

    a BIG sorry to CHEESIE ^^
    promise no more mispell!!

  21. cheesie says:

    Haha… 🙂 It’s okay people. No mispell no fun! You all are the best. 😀

  22. cheesie says:

    Kingkongkangkung, keng!

    My mom kept laughing at ur nick la. Haha.

  23. Thanis says:

    What a tasty looking cat. Yum *grins*

  24. dannie says:

    i’m so bore here as i was forced to be on duty today in the office ! so don’t mind me, I just going to insert a comment on every blog that i’m read today… and for this blog, interesting ! how did you manage keep your pear shape body when you “cheese” so much ??? >

  25. Jason says:

    Hehehehe. Want a piece of fame in Cheeserland? Just spell Cheesie wrongly. Aiya, why you didn’t tell me earlier, i could have spelled Chessie on purpose also. =p

  26. Kingkongkang says:

    cheesie says:
    October 24th, 2006 at 11:28 am
    Kingkongkangkung, keng!
    My mom kept laughing at ur nick la. Haha.

    OMG, your mum read your blog too?modern mum =.=”
    by the way Kingkong is the nick and Kang is the name…cheesie the cheezer…..

  27. Fashionasia says:

    hmm…well, its actually good publicity….should be honored to be Female’s top 50 gorgeous ppl ma…..but i dont quite like that pic of yours they put up……I think you look nicer when u smile 🙂 bcos u’re the “cute” type

  28. Thanis says:

    Chessie ….. ooops … Cheesie…

    Out of topic – but here’s the link for the Bruneian Foods – A Hari Raya day post.

  29. astrosurge says:

    cheesie cheesed her cheemui till she cheesed her chesty back & cheesingly lose her chestity belt cheesinly to a perv cheeser till she cheesingly cheesed out cheebye to that cheesin cheebye cheeser who ceehsinly stalk cheesie in her cheeserland.

    see no taipo? bwahahaha.

  30. stephanie says:

    sorry ya…mispelled ur name…cheesie…=) dun angry la…

  31. Cozzie says:

    lol ironic, i just played a very good chess game today. but really i know how it feels 😛 i never mistype… or do i?

  32. Popiah says:

    Chessie is a lot closer to Cheesie than Jojo Struys is..I’m sure you will agree on that!! 😛

  33. Arnold Dominik says:

    Hey cheesie aka ringo….

    I’ll be heading up to KL from sg on the 5th Nov, any recommendations on a nice place to relax for a couple of drinks? me dowan to go to those loud discos…. too many here…. maybe if u free can be my tour guide for the evening…. i’ll continue up to penang the following day though…. will spend a few days there…. then pass by KL again…. then back to sg…..

    its chill out time for me and a fun roadtrip ahead….

    dom aka arnold

  34. Hijackqueen says:

    Just double check my e-mail to you. Thanks gawd I spelt them correctly.

  35. jessie says:

    haha…i was thinking how to spell ur name…now i know is CHEESIE instead of CHESSIE…lolzzz..pity u…

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