FEMALE’s 50 Gorgeous People

October 22, 2006 in Photoshoot

……minus one.

Don’t even know why i was selected with the dash-underscore-dashy photo.


I’m one of those people who absolutely detests all this SMS voting crap. Let’s face it la, who will be so bo liao to vote for the contestants of some dodgy reality shows, except the contestants’ own family and friends? You think no need money ah? One sms costs 50 freaking cents ok. Instead of sending one SMS vote, you can add an extra slice of cheddar to your McEgg. Imagine how many slices of cheddar you could get if you refrain from sending 100 SMS votes!!!666

Siao. Too much money is it?

Dunno how Suki won the competition really.

“Should your nominee win the Favourite Gorgeous Man And Favourite Gorgeous Woman awards  (based on the most votes and the most creative entries,) you could win a Samsung Ultra Edition 6.9 (SGH-X820) worth RM1,099.”


No need la. Go to kennysia.com and type a few lines and you stand a better chance to win an LG White Chocolate. No need to waste money summore.

So i’m not gonna ask anyone to vote for me, because i won’t even vote for myself.

Having said that, I’d like to thank *someone-who-wants-to-remain-anonymous* for nominating me.

Now i’m gonna see if i can find some ways to digitally enhance my picture. 😀

Anyway, Wardrobe’s final bidding closed tonight 11.59PM. Go secure your favorite items now! 😀

Oh yea. Not forgetting the PODT:

Pun of the day:
SMS voting is all just a con-test, as reality shows.

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30 responses to “FEMALE’s 50 Gorgeous People”

  1. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    cool.. i will still vote for u anyway, anytime. 🙂

  2. s0hp0h says:

    lolx… sms is indeed a con-test

  3. Terry says:

    Best of luck 🙂

  4. huiwen7 says:

    Congrats for being in the FEMALE mag!

  5. doreen says:

    Oh please Cheesie, don’t digital enhance your photo can? People want to see the real you, which is already so gorgeous. Digitally enhanced photo is so deceptive and fake and so not you. Of course lar, erasing a stupid pimple is ok. Hehehehe

    Good luck for the competition.

  6. astrosurge says:

    wah Mabel Kwan…naish..gonna vote for mabel…
    Zouk? erk! that’s so not you. (clubbing?)

  7. astrosurge says:

    oh yea, Suki use bomoh Jepun. thats why la she can win.

  8. Thanis says:

    Bomoh Jepun? Plastic Surgery? Boob Enhancements?

  9. Reon says:

    Your PODT summarize the whole story. And I’m really impressed that you ask people not to vote for you too. A big “woowoo” for Cheesie! 😀

  10. Mimi says:

    I agree. voting is sucha waste of money. It’s all telco marketing scheme to ditch our money. Moreover, it’s so insulting this contest per se, does it mean if you don’t win, you’re not gorgeous??

  11. pikachu says:

    i wanna vote…

  12. iblogtogod says:

    Will there be cheese at the party? Will cheese milk shakes be served? 🙂

  13. joanyee says:

    i’m a new reader to ur blog but i’m loving it. so, keep it up!

  14. Tristan says:

    Hey,U look nice in tht photo!!!It’s wild and err…flamboyant.OMG,r u going to JB as well…!!!Can’t wait to see u there.

    And I think I’ve wasted 2 sms-es voting on SUKI during her final and few more sms-es during other qualified rounds.She looks kinda friendly on screen though,din expect her to be so F*** up as wat u’d described previously 🙁

  15. xoxo says:

    U asked people not to vote for you..
    Why not just don’t participant at the first place??? then nobody will get to vote for you.


  16. Cheryl "da Rascal" Chow says:

    Love your POTD.

    Anyway, dont be surprise that someone will john the sms contest and vote for u…u know what i mean 😉 Be xtra careful when u go for the party.

    My friend, who “was” once a close friend to a DJ that has recently transferred to Mix fm told me that he spent thousand over ringgit sms-ing for himself just to win the DJ contest. He won at last (of coz) and after he won, he never hang out with my friend anymore. I guess to him, hanging out with the hitz and mix DJs are cooler.

  17. John says:

    I agree – The POTD is very apt.
    And very true also, I might add.

    xoxo – I get the impression she did not actually enter the “contest” perhaps it is something the magazine promoter does? Just a guess. Maybe cheesie could explain further?

    I don’t see a contest here. Nor place a vote. Cheesieisascheesiedoesgorgeousanyway.
    LOL!!! 🙂 Could really care less what some mag thinks. And in truth – they are all gorgeous.
    I just have…preferences, thats all.

    Peace be upon You. +

  18. viviensiu says:

    aye, SMS votes are IMHO freaking unfair so that’s why ppl like suki can win *rolleyes*

    anyway, you are always the most gorgeous gal in our hearts *shoe-polish abit* XD

  19. Herman says:

    lol. my old irc friend is on the list.

  20. Anon says:

    Who is no.47 Jasvinder? Shes hot! She brings out the stalker in me. btw what is her last name? is it Gill?

  21. Dude says:

    Yup! Her name’s Jasvinder Gill. 18 this year and an ADP student at Taylor’s. Highly sophisticated and intellectual with an amazing smile and a face that will turn heads everywhere! Vote for her people!

  22. Don Juannabe says:

    Yo dude!! u rally at the wrong place lah i think… LOL.. take the next turn round the corner 😀

  23. RAY7 says:

    I vote for DAP!! wahaha…wat a fool…

  24. Fashionasia says:

    hmm…well, its actually good publicity….should be honored to be Female’s top 50 gorgeous ppl ma…..but i dont quite like that pic of yours they put up……I think you look nicer when u smile 🙂 bcos u’re the “cute” type

  25. simon says:

    well…….what number is cheesie? …do not her real name..so any one can enlighten so that can vote for here??

  26. DreaMachine says:

    Hey, You’re a really nice & modest girl. Keep it up.

  27. Susan says:

    Hmm That’s you in the picture. You look so different.. Carmen’s so pretty.

  28. yaya mohamed says:

    i will vote my prince charming, basri ^_^

  29. anon says:

    haha, mdg’s sms based, isn’t it? you said you wouldn’t ask people to vote…but i guess times change, along with the situations.

    but you did alright there, welcome back.

  30. m.connors says:

    are there no indian beauties in your list :(?

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