Just some Cameron-whoring

October 12, 2006 in Cheescapade / Malaysia

Pun of the day:
Have you heard of Boh? Boh tia ke ah? It’s Cameron Highlands’ specialtea!

The last time i went to Cameron Highlands was probably some 15 years ago.

Ryo is prolly the biggest eater i ever know. He ordered a tosai, a a roti cheese, and a plate of nasi goreng kampung.

The food sucked ok. The roti cheese was freaking sweet and it tasted odd. What’s more, it came with a piece of Cheesedale plastic wrap. -_-

And i thought mamak food is always yummy wherever you go. -_-

Ryo was so surprised to see me spit it out and continue eating. He said that if it had happened in Japan, the manager would have come out to bow and apologize for 15 minutes. And you’d prolly get free food for a year in that restaurant.

Great. Now I know what to do when i’m broke in Japan next time. *captures some flies for future use*

In another chinese kopitiam, I ordered Hakka Mee.


Wilson had some mee soup thingie. And his mee was the same as mine.

Ok i get it. No matter what you order, be it Hakka Mee, Hokkien Mee, Cantonese Mee, Teochew Mee, or Do Re Mee, ALL THE MEE WOULD BE THE SAME!

Haih. Is it not possible for us to enjoy nice scenery and good food at the same time?

So, you can’t have your scenery and eat it too. 🙁

At least the flora didn’t disappoint us.

So huge the hibiscus!

One thing made me wonder… Why do people like to leave their mark on the cacti?

1996! Still visible wei, after 10 years!

I think hor, cacti are the worst sufferers of heartbreak. Their wounds never heal. Even over time. Their scars remain forever. Poor things.

Got Gong Xi Fa Cai summore. -_-

Tea plantation!

This picture just looks so nice-blended. I wonder how they seem to blend so well with the scenery. Is it because of their clothes? Or maybe it’s because they are blonde?

*This is the part where you can skip and scroll fast fast*

Tak jadi self-timer pic. lol.


*Here ends the part where you can skip and scroll fast fast*

Ei, end oredi wor. 0_o

24 responses to “Just some Cameron-whoring”

  1. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    just to be the first. i know.. sori ppl

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    go back to JZG wei… i m still waiting.. neck also long aredi.

    btw.. that waterfall looks like some exciting ride.. did anyone try?

  3. cheesie says:

    Not yet la! Wait! So fast post not shiok. You watch Lord of the Ringo also have to wait 3 years.

  4. Porkie says:

    Anymore Cameron pix Princess? These are nice to sea since I haven’t been there before! 🙂
    Feel sory for those cacti.. must people damage them like that? Wonder if they like things etched into their faces or not? -_-

    Eh.. Ching has got jam with her scone.. you didn’t throw it away did you? ehehe.. I know you hate jam 😛

  5. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    my head almost drop off waiting for LOTR… i wore a neck support for 6 months after the final part. damn.. can still feel the sore during rainy days.
    I m damn sure ur JZG entries will make me wear neck support again. O_O
    OUch!!! i think i just twisted my neck.

  6. cheesie says:

    Porkie: It’s strawberry PUREEEEEEE

  7. Porkie says:

    LMCAO.. okok.. its pureeeeeeeeeeeeee 😛

  8. blah says:

    wah double date ah! haha first time see u with guys lol.. X) no offence ah..

    cheesie u going out with ryo? 😛

  9. miow says:

    I remember there wuz a shop selling Mee Jawa.. which is friggin delicious…
    my last visit wuz.. around ..10 yrs back… lol*

  10. John says:

    Cameron Heights looks Beautiful!

    I really like #24, the angle makes it look sos steep!
    Those terraced gardens sure look green… do you use a filter?

    All in all, I’d say you had a fun trip – judging by the photos of course.

    What are those things in Cam32? They look like giant barriers or something. Or is that some form of pipe for the water near there? Hmmm

    KaBoom! 1 to 15/6th and a 30/3rd to the Top! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Peace, Light, and Love Ya ALL!!!

  11. pikachu says:

    nice scenery… love the flowers there

  12. sheon says:

    those on cam32 are steel hollow sections…..will be erected as steel columns…normally for billboards or telecom towers or maybe cable-cars….hmmm………

    nice photo blog there cheesie………would love to see more!

  13. kelvWithaSmile says:

    cheeserie… what’s yer msn messenger’s add???

  14. zOee says:

    been reading your “cheeserland” for months..n you know what?? it’s my best lunch-buddies ever since!! it’s not a L.u.n.c.h B.r.e.a.k without cheesing in cheeserland! 😉 just like my daily dose of calcium 🙂 especially luuuvvv your travelling pixs.. i didnt know that there were such nice “greenies” at Cameron.. must plan a trip to Cameron Highlands! 😀

  15. singyee says:

    i love ur shoes! where u got it from! my mom has it too. when she first bot it, i tot it looks ugly and lala…but when i see cleary, is actually pretty! i regret not buying it! the price is over rated in sydney…i shuld have just gotten it when i went bek home for winter break..now..i havta wait for another 2 months to get that….if they still have it la

  16. cheesie says:

    Blah: No la i’m single.
    zOee: So happy to hear about it. Do drop a comment or two more often! 🙂
    singyee: Eh! That’s my travelling shoes. Cuz quite comfy la. I share it with my mom! 😀

  17. clement says:

    Cheesie, first time see u din 化眼妆…….(嘿嘿,给我懂掉)

  18. Arnold Dominik says:

    Cheesie still single….. sounds very nice…. if only i had a chance.
    However, my heart and stomach are still with Ching…. Ching…. could u just say hi to me?

  19. John says:

    U Rah Rah Arnold! 🙂

    Go for Ching. LOL, that.. sounds a little doubled up on something!

    Good sense Shoes, even better – they are Comfortable for Travels. Wise Choice, and… Sharp on you!

  20. zOee says:

    sure will 😉 i do check on your “Various Collection” too! hehe.. cant miss out any of the good cheese…. i like your post of “My Mom” in Senti-Emmental collection. It touches my heart..because my mom left me already 1/2 yr ago ;(
    so..do love ur chessie mom more ya..!
    Stay cheese!

  21. christofu says:

    Wahahaha, “Ei, end oredi wor. 0_o”!!!

  22. star of africa says:

    Ryo is soooo cute~! I think he looks damn kakkoi~

  23. cheesie says:

    Start of Africa: I will tell him he got admirer d 😀

  24. Jessica says:

    Ryo is kwet! When are you going out with him again? Take more of his pics and show it here! haha..

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