Strawberry Mania

October 11, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit / Malaysia

Pun of the day:
This is the final straw : berrying myself in my work non-stop will do me no good. Therefore, i decided to take a sweet break at Cameron Highlands.

The other day Ching and I had a strawberry feast at Itallianies. On KC again! He is so nice. 😀 😀 😀

We had strawberry drinks.

We had a KC Special—heart-shaped pizza.

We had strawberry pannacotta! Waa so yummy can die.

Cameron Highlands

We had another Strawberry blast with Wilson and his Japanese friend Ryo at Cameron Highlands.

We went to the Strawberry Farm!! 😀 😀 😀

So cute wei!

This strawbie is such an ass!

They had cherry tomatoes too. Damn sweet.

Our little tea time!

SpiderEgg! Wahaha.
Guess what else we ate?

Warao so nolstalgic!

Though it looks a bit obscene, it’s the bestest strawbie popsie EVER!

Each person bought one. Suddenly, everybody was eating it.

Ryo wanted to know if the popsicle had coloring, so he took a pic.

Au Naturel! 😀

Unlike Ryo, Ching and I were strawbified. We mutated into Strawbists.

Look at our strawbified tongues!

Stay cheesed for more Cameron updates. 😉

121 responses to “Strawberry Mania”

  1. fish fish says:

    Ewwww… that’s truly red. What a RED coloring!

  2. Arnold Dominik says:

    just imagine… cheesy can start the whole place sucking on the popsicle, what happens if she has a recording contract…. she makes an album…. then the whole country and the rest of the world starts singing cheesie’s song…. they like it so much and all sing in harmony…

    YES!!!! the solution to WORLD PEACE is cheesy’s song.

    anyways….. is there anyway i could write to or contact Ching? She gives me butterflies in my stomach…. it feels funny…. wat does that mean?

  3. Berrilicious! But funny how the egg cracked so nicely like spiderweb..
    Almost like it’s the trailer for the upcoming movie.. 😀
    Nice tongue.. Haha..

  4. n305er says:

    Been to Cameron when I was small… don’t remember so many strawberries then…
    Perhaps I should go again…

  5. what0d0 says:

    Wei.. i like your fren mozzie @ ching .. she’s so cute and lovely… i want to know her! can give me her contact ah? wan be friend. thanks

  6. doreen says:

    I luuuuv strawberries!! That strawberry doesn’t look like an ass lar, it is heart shaped…sweet…..

  7. Kei says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!! XDXD

  8. clement says:

    that strawberri ice cream i ate before…is nicceeee….

  9. Albert Ng says:

    The expression in the picture where you pick strawberries reminds me of Mike Myers.

    …speaking of which, have you seen Wayne’s World 2? (Okay, okay, so I haven’t watched all your DVDs yet…)

  10. cheesie says:

    Albert: Wei!!! I want my pianist back!!!666
    I MISS HIM!!!


  11. Wu Fei says:

    Your lips look delicious!

  12. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    too bad the red tongue is not permanent. 🙂 so cute

  13. christofu says:

    Ah, obvious reason why you didnt post any pics with the popsicle in your mouth.

  14. wut0d0 says:

    Wei cheesie ahh…. i seriously want know your friend ching ahh… help help ler >_

  15. cheesie says:

    wutododundoanythingla: Go away she’s MINE MINE MINE MINE! *roars*

  16. Tristan says:

    How nice!KC isit da OU’s Italiannies manager???Everytime oso got special treatment…

    Ah,Strawberry Calada!

  17. ching says:

    hoi got war also never invite ah? diu…….

  18. Pilot7 says:

    Haha, I didnt know Ching has a secret admirer. Must admit that she look pretty. No wonder.
    Cheesie: Didnt know you were that dominant >.

  19. what0d0 says:

    wei… i’ve been ‘tengok’ing ching since your old blog til now.. really like her lehhh… come intro la..

  20. cheesie says:

    yalorwhatodopeopledowantoknowyou: She’s taken. By me. Die heart ba la. 😀

  21. What to do? Gimme your number we talk first.

  22. Hey Raymond i wanna talk to your mom too. Why don’t u gimme her number too.

  23. Terry says:

    cheesie u have a sharp tongue..myth : sharp tongue = good u agree with me?

  24. ching says:

    hoi! i where got lao bu?!?!?! what’s a lao bu anyways -_-||

  25. ching says:

    cheesie and i are sooooooo married *swoons*

  26. nryu says:

    yer.. sei lor.. u gals strawberry tongue gonna giv me nightmare 2nite…
    kept flashing in my mind… omg..

  27. cheesie says:

    Terry: Can’t agree more. 😉 Love sharp tongues.

  28. ching says:

    cheesie got sharp tongue or not must lemme kiss first, then only know wahahaha~!!!!!

  29. cheesie says:

    Eh i thought you knew. 🙁

  30. ching says:

    but haven’t tongue you before wor… can’t exactly be sure


  31. cheesie says:


  32. ching says:

    awwwww… but but but…

    since i was too drunk to remember, would you lemme smooch you again?? 😛

  33. cheesie says:

    But you will need alco to summon up ur courage. Til then you will be too drunk to remember again. 🙁

  34. ching says:

    i promise it’ll be different this time… 🙁

    preeeees??? preeees preeees preeees!!!!!

    muah muah muah…

  35. cheesie says:

    See u muah’ed me oredi. 😛 Sharp anot. lol

  36. ching says:

    *lao gai*s

    i dowan fake one.. i wan real one!!! *hmph* don’t tell me you got affair with someone else that’s why don’t let me muah you.. 🙁

  37. ching says:

    hor!!!! i know!~!!!! rupa-rupanya you really got affair!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    sob.. sob.. *sigh*

  38. cheesie says:

    No leh….. I need like, listerine. *shy*

  39. ching says:

    no need geh!!! you eat garlic and onion and swallow the whole durian also i will smooch you wan!!! 😀 😀 😀

  40. cheesie says:

    Wahaha best-nya. *checks out Limberger on Cheese-bay*

    Somehow Cheesebay sounds wrong 0_o

  41. kelvWithaSmile says:

    hahaha.. i also wanna join in the tongue-ing… can can?? 🙂 tot it was a fake tongue! must be a fake wan lah… how could cheesie’s tongue be so long!! and sharp!!isit a fake wan??

  42. cheesie says:

    Tongue also got fake? Latest gadget from I NEED HOUSE ah? 😀 😀 😀

  43. ching says:

    *tongue tongue tongue*!!!!!

    ahem *blush*

  44. ching says:

    i won’t share my smooch partner *hmph*

    *rolls eyes* *folds arms*

  45. cheesie says:

    *stomps ching’s feet*

    nah helpcha.

  46. kelvWithaSmile says:

    really?? tot maybe u had a popsicles in your mouth??? so long your tongue!!>>?? hahaha… yah..saw ching in yer old blogs too… guess ryo is your bf huh ching>?>?

  47. cheesie says:


  48. ching says:

    *wiggles eyebrows* don’t make me do something else with YOUR feet ah……….. nyeah nyeah nyeahahahaha

  49. ching says:

    since now.. muahaha…

  50. cheesie says:

    OMC!!!666 *strangle ching with hair*

  51. ching says:

    aaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!! must smooch me good good make me repent ma… hahahaha

  52. kelvWithaSmile says:

    hahaha.. eh!? how johnie boy cheesie?? ching… u should stump jonie’s feet ler..

  53. cheesie says:

    u dun pray pray u dun regret later i smooch someone else u know

  54. raY says:

    gila mia….

  55. ching says:

    oooooooooh!! lilat la!!!

    cannot!!!!! *doggy whine*

    smooch you kaw kaw first before you file divorce 🙁

  56. naVICgaTOR says:

    hi Cheese, hi Ching, hi kelv, hi Ray~!

  57. kelvWithaSmile says:

    smooth me ?? me? hahaha.. k,gotto go.. u two continue sa-fa-cheong lerr.. 🙂

  58. ching says:

    neh… *points at cheesie* she la!!! tarik me smooch here smooch there… know la she damn addicted to my tongue 😛

  59. kelvWithaSmile says:

    hey navicgator.. u’re just in time to join us all smooching.. tongue tongue.

  60. cheesie says:

    Kelvin: Woi kenot. You are sucked into this triangle pentagon octogen affair d.

  61. naVICgaTOR says:

    cheesie invited me in…. rupa-rupa-nye…. she wants me to be in this affair…. PESTA TONGUE-LONG~!

  62. cheesie says:

    naVIC: good response. So you must be fast-tongued.

  63. ching says:

    naVICgaTOR damn fast tie knot already… sure longer than our tongues combined -_-|||

  64. cheesie says:

    It takes two to TONGUE-GO you see.

  65. naVICgaTOR says:

    Tongue you berry much~ Hehe

  66. cheesie says:

    Tongue! I’m lost for a response. 🙁

  67. kelvWithaSmile says:

    want a tongue tie release..??i know how..done many too 🙂 really hahah,, simple procedure navic:) i’m so tired and stressed lah people…. keep thos blogs coming cheeserie… like i said, no need use brain.. easy and nice to read!! 🙂
    nite people..

  68. ching says:

    lidees more than two already wor…

  69. damion says:

    issit me or msn isnt working…

  70. cheesie says:

    Yalor. Tongue-go party wut.

  71. ching says:

    no, we just prefer mstongue-ing here 😛

  72. naVICgaTOR says:

    chat this way is very tiring leh…

  73. kelvWithaSmile says:

    hahaha… y lost respond?? tongue tongue tongue tongue loh.. 🙂 get it??

  74. damion says:

    havent been able to log-on since 8pm..
    must be the tongue-ing here making the network disruption.. hmm..

  75. Porkie says:

    so many tongues 😛

    wah.. now i heard everything.. first you married chings without telling me.. then you talk about tongue action.. but hor.. bad ching didn’t mention she had affair with ryo to you?

  76. cheesie says:

    Hmm. Tonguetalizing.

  77. ching says:

    oei… damion cannot lidat blame us wan… ‘tongue ngor ketuk lei ge kepala seen”

    *whack whack*

  78. damion says:

    tonguesation… gotta be the tongues…

  79. naVICgaTOR says:

    wow suddenly so many ppl joined the Pesta Tongue-Long…

  80. Porkie says:

    Tonguetalizing indeed… i wanna hear more of ching’s affair 😛

  81. ching says:

    tongue ngor man man explain bei lei tongue

    i tongued him 😀

  82. damion says:

    ching, dun dare ler.. later i tonguebified by u.. haha

  83. cheesie says:

    Porkie: Dowan la! Make me throw tonguetrum aje! >__<

  84. naVICgaTOR says:

    Ching is from Tongue Dynasty…. beware~!

  85. damion says:

    wonder if got anymore ching-tongue noodle in my house o not.. feeling hungry tim..

  86. cheesie says:

    Yea she is damn tongerous.

  87. ching says:

    cheesie: ang goo goo… come i belanja tonguedoori chicken don’t throw tonguetrum ok? *tongues*

  88. Porkie says:

    cheesie: throw tonguetrum lor!! you’re a tonguetrum tonguing princess 😀

    anyway so let me see that..

    tongue to tongue tongue tongue… 😛

  89. cheesie says:


  90. Porkie says:

    LMCAO!! CCCA!!

  91. damion says:

    tongue msn logon tongue dou oi sei d… dowan tongue le.. tata all..

  92. ching says:

    nemai i teach you yoga, we go tongueple practise 😛

  93. Porkie says:

    I like it when the tongue goes da na da na
    Baby make your tongue go da na da na
    Girl I know you wanna show da na da na
    That tongue to tongue tongue tongue
    I like it when the tongue goes da na da na
    Baby make your tongue go da na da na
    Girl I know you wanna show da na da na
    That tongue to tongue tongue tongue

  94. ching says:

    learn meditation to get rid of tonguetrums 😀 highly recommended… also good for reducing tonguesion

  95. cheesie says:

    naVIC: the chicken la abuthen!
    ching: ok ok. And get Tongueled up.

  96. Porkie says:

    anything to help tonguestipation? i heard there is tongueko tongues.. sold by tonguey from the blog tonguerland 😛

  97. cheesie says:

    Ching: Now you are up to TEN arent you. -_-

  98. ching says:

    tongueled up wor.. you think squid tonguetacle meh.. so easy to get tongueled up… hahaha!!!! :D:D:D:D

  99. cheesie says:

    Yea. I have a tonguedency of being blur sotong.

  100. Porkie says:

    everyone tongueled up? so few tonguings now 🙁

  101. naVICgaTOR says:

    u all can tongue from 8pm till 11pm…. *respect*

  102. ching says:

    hahaha omfg!!!! tongue you for reading my mind -_-!!

  103. cheesie says:

    naVIC: and soon we’ll need a tonguetal sugery.

  104. naVICgaTOR says:

    u all enjoy your tongues lah, i’m going off dee. got sumthin to do… 🙁

    Happy Tongues Giving Day~! O Tongue-joubi Omedetou~!

  105. cheesie says:

    Oh Tongue Job Omedetou sounds wrong.

  106. ching says:

    my tongue stongued already… need to rest hahaha

  107. cheesie says:

    Damn po-tongue steam. -_-

  108. naVICgaTOR says:

    oh tongue job~ LOL 😀

  109. ching says:

    i’m tongueing in already… damn sleepy.. nainai!! 😀

  110. cheesie says:

    Ok. Sila da-tongue lagi.

  111. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    awe… i miss the whole tongue event.

  112. naVICgaTOR says:

    it’s FRIDAY THE 13TH~!

  113. astrosurge says:


  114. Jessica says:

    Strawberries here are expensive! One small pack is sold for around RM20! Moreover, they are a bit sour.

    Does the spiderweb egg tasted like spider? haha..

  115. Lina says:

    The Hakka mee grossed me out! It’s like looking at a bunch of worms wriggling in a bowl!!

  116. dontmindme says:

    cheesie – nice blog, keep up the good work.
    ching – your one of the hottest girl around, love your smile

  117. curryegg says:

    You’ve such a nice trip there.. Happy to read this post… ;D
    And thanks for visiting my blog… Hope to see you again..

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