My First Marriage Proposal

October 2, 2006 in Cheesoron

Pun of the day:
Who wants to John him in holey cheese matrimony?


So far, my blog has yielded quite a number of surprises. Apart from the Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne (KC told me that there were actually people who ordered that from the restaurant after I posted about Italiannies again 0_o), this is another one of them.

I received tons of emails from this one ‘fan’. This is one of the most recent ones.



Whoa. My pictures are put next to a Holey Bible and Cheesus Crust.

And my response was…






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93 responses to “My First Marriage Proposal”

  1. joe17301 says:


    that is only thing I can think to describe.

    I think, we should have national holiday about this haha.
    Cheesie… I feel sorry for you… must get this a lot of times!
    But don’t worry, you got lot of supporter!

    Cheesie Death Squad: Sign up today and receive free toaster!

  2. candyfz says:


  3. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    hmm….. serious stuff. 😀

    how many proposals hv u got so far? 🙂

  4. astrosurge says:

    i think is alright lah to have a fan to email those kinda nonsense. it does add cheese to her bloggin life. a ‘nottivational’ boost perhaps?

  5. Porkie says:

    I think he might have got Cheeserland mixed up with Asianbrides4u or something 😛

  6. joe17301 says:

    errbad… it’s called First Marriage Proposal…
    so how many you think she had ^^

  7. monkey says:

    that is freaky!! :O :O :O

  8. Aki says:

    awwww.. be safe dearie

  9. cheesie says:

    Aki Mui Mui: You’re heeeeeeeeeeere! Mwah!

  10. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    Joe17301.. who’s asking u?

    it could since +john pproposed up tll now. can or not?

  11. joe17301 says:

    I thought it’s forum, anyone can have opinion, right?
    My answer: does not matter… it was joke and you missed it so, no point ne

  12. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    joe17301 haha verey funny. 😀

  13. chris says:

    wah lau!!

  14. Cozzie says:

    I extend my hands for you too cheesie, would you accept?? 😛 That makes the 2nd one. Damn I shudda did it earlier and I’d make internet notoriety.

    on those email, I find that when it says “No virus found in this outgoing message”. At least you know he is fresh cheese 😛

  15. cheesie says:

    Cozzie: The type of bacteria used to produce cheese determine the taste. 🙂

  16. dolly says:

    This guy is a real weirdo!! What kind of person declares all this when they haven’t met or seen the person in real life? Show pictures of Cheesie by a bible and all these religous materials is plain freaky. Makes me think you’re trying to brainwash her for some religious cult or have some ill-intention towards her. Cheesie, tread cautiously…

  17. snow says:

    I think it’s really creepy…be careful Cheesie.

  18. Ellone says:

    Wahahahaaaa – this is so funny, but …
    it’s abit scary also la…

  19. james says:

    Thats scary putting your pix next to religious articles. Please be careful!

  20. Kenny Lee says:

    Maybe he thinks u will come out from the picture like ‘the Ring’, so he put a bible there. Remember he mentioned’ spooky’?

    BTW, ask this John to get a life.

  21. HORNYANGMOH says:

    Ha! Ha! Pretty gurls like will sooner or latter get this kind of proposal. If I submit one 2 u will u consider?

  22. converse says:

    Hey ya cheesie! My first time posting here, I linked you and you tagged my board before. =)

    About the marriage proposal, I think it’s freaky. Did he seirously mean “marriage”? o.O

  23. clement says:

    Wahhhh……He intend to show u that he wont cheat u becoz he is a christian???? >_

  24. Nonnie says:

    Aren’t you afraid if this “John” is actually a psychotic Pien-Tai who will try to steal your panties and sniff whole day long?


  25. Lydia says:

    I think I get the Bible part. It meant that when you guys marry you have to stand in front of the priest who reads from the Bible.

  26. angel says:

    cute stuff !!
    you should put another counter on your site …
    “Marriage Proposal Received Counter”
    8 digits will be great …

  27. Zoe says:

    It’s freaky that he even printed the photos… Ink very cheap these days eh? Anyway just becareful. I mean a lot of crazy people these days… Like what Nonnie said.

    Take care~!

  28. converse says:

    The worst case scenario would be a picture of +john’s room covered with cheesie’s photos *shiver

  29. Baby Jane says:

    psycho mutha….

  30. giving.up says:

    This is freakily fun. I’ve been “proposed” once online too, haha. Just be careful. Those ppl are freaks, Cheesia. Take care!

  31. giving.up says:

    Cheesie* haha, I just have to correct that =p

  32. s0hp0h says:

    i sign up!!!!! whr’s my free toaster??? lolx…

    btw.. it’s reli kinda freaky.. wat if he drools looking at ur pic everyday?? wafakkkkkk…

  33. John says:

    First off –
    I had Annies Mac and Cheese for dinner, (Nice purple box, and Annie is their rabbit mascot) with added Pepperjack cheese and Sambal Oelek for a bit of hot. That’s the most magical dinner I bet I ever ate. 🙂

    Yep, I’m crazy as a Loon! 🙂
    or is that A Baa Loon?

    Converse – I have only printed a few, but I have saved as many as possible to ponder her when I need to get some fresh air.

    And yes, I really did mean “Marriage” or those words may have been something like –
    Hey bb, can i getr a datr? Or – How aboutz yoos an me get a drinks somwhere?
    Pffff… Got to have Guts when you feel the ruts!

    If ya can’t take the heat, get out of the Kitchen is what I say.

    And Clement – Cheating is something many Christians do, just not the actual ones!
    If theres something I cannot stand – it’s cheating. In ANY Fashion.

    As far as being Christian, I am am also an Omniologist, a Theologian, a Hare Krsna nut, a decided non politician – and a decorated cheesearoamatherapy inspector!
    I live in the Cheesehead State, I know my cheese.
    Oh, and I know how to fix cars, cook real meals, fold towels, actually WASH dishes – and say “Thank You!” when people snarl at me!
    Plus, I’m even a certified Safe Forklift operator, flatbed tow truck driver – and all around honest John.

    Anyone have a comb? My dog is getting all gnarly. oh shoot, I don’t have a dog 🙁

    Ya knows, sometimes you just have to take the chances, if theres going to be large dances.

    And… Since I have not put it to text today: I LOVE CHEESIE!!! 🙂

    Just wish I knew her name… C’mon somebody throw me a bone!
    Begging hasnt worked, groveling is useless before her mighty cheeseiness.

    Thought of doing net skullduggery to dig it up somewhere, but… hmm what do I look for?
    I dont’ think google’s going to help. And not being the computer hacker type, I figured I would just ask… But all the good fish play the line well!
    Too well, sometimes 🙂 Gonna have to get a muskie pole methinks.

    My interest in Cheesie is related to her mental faculties first, and her pictures of food make me hungry! And… Ok I think she’s just darn Tootin Gorgeous, that never hurts either!

    I fell into her trap the moment I came to Cheeserland. All I could do was read, and stare –
    then my jaw hit the floor!
    Afterwards, I regained consciousness – and a portion-pak of my brainpower.
    I knew what had happened!

    My heart went poof! sputter, paaatoooey! then it lit on Fire!
    My mind was doing strange whirly things I never knew it could do!
    I fought, I really did. But the power of Love is far too strong for a man of my leisure to contemplate in it’s entirety. More into manly things – like Reading books. And thinking about stuff I could be doing if I did not spend all my time thinking about it!

    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace.
    – Jimi Hendrix

    I think it was a record, Love at first sight in under 2 minutes.

    But – In all seriousness, I wish to just say “Thank You All!!!” and God bless +++
    Had a day unlike any other today, and NOW, sheesh! IT’s like Cheesie KAbooms cereal with extra bunny shaped marshmallows!

    I was going to go to sleep as I only got 3 1/2 hrs last night.. but – Suddenly Salad! Im not tired/

    Think I’ll just melt into my chair now///
    Do I dare even consider the reality of this??? Ehmmm YES!

  34. Jojo says:

    =_=” maciam bery spooooky la…anyhoo….take k cheesiee… *hugs*

  35. joe17301 says:

    what the hell is that?

    I fall in love with your picture… Oh please marry me! I’m so pathetic, I don’t even know
    what means love! Seeing picture and fall in love… this is ridiculous… it’s not romantic, it is just sad and upsetting.

    Please find someone you know, I mean really know, not just hot sexy girl on internet… I think you would enjoy this more. Should be easy for you also, sound like you got “obsessive” personality, and all takes for you fall in love is hot body and pretty face.

  36. melle says:

    Awas! Bahaya nya. Dia macam pesakit dari Tanjung Rambutan. Aku takut untuk Cheesie. Cheesie, jaga baik-baik nya.

  37. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    joe17301: look who is talking :), i always knew u were a hypocrite .

  38. yh says:

    Somebody save him.
    I’m not a Christian, but those pictures appear…

  39. waNLei says:

    wahh!!! so crazy of him, i wonder how much he loves u …. muahahaha :p

  40. vic says:

    eeeeeeek . . . so freaky. and what’s with the idea of him putting your pic next to a bible and cross? and i just read his comment. . . i don’t think you can be a christian and “a Hare Krsna nut” at the same time. you’re either one OR the other.

    anyways, cheesie, be careful !

  41. lyn says:

    cheesie if i were u i’ll prob freak out.its jus plain scary!

  42. chairmanmeow says:

    Don’t really have to worry about this one, since he’s not even smart enough to use the interweb to find the real name of this fromage.

  43. Tristan says:

    watch out behind u anytime anywhere…freako it seems but still talked as if everything is meant to be and ought to be…he could be a religious extremist.Just believe tht u hv ur own free will to overcome his unwanted lust.Spooky…

  44. kelvWithaSmile says:

    John.. Are u hearing what u’re typing?? my goodness.. get a life man!! Go see the World or something…. .. haiyOOoooOo.. pathetic!

  45. John says:


    Did’nt tell her what pics to show, that I sent to her. Those were just some to be a bit comforting is all. Don’t care for God, hey – not my business! And she asked me if it was ok to blog it… Why not, I have nothing to hide from anyone.

    If some of you do not like my approach – eh sorry!
    Not any skin off your nose, I put myself in the hotseat.

    As I said..her pictures are not what attracted me to her. They just dont hurt either 🙂
    Takes more than a pretty face to turn my heart around. Those are a dime a dozen… maybe less these days.

    But believe what you wish. I sure won’t stand in your way. -_-

    If you believe everything you read, it opens doors to new possibilities. Just be sure to doubt what needs doubting. And to do that, takes Discernation.

    Scarey? You want scarey? BOO!!! JK!… sheesh! 🙂 peace!

    Oh, I have a life. maybe a small one, but it works for me.
    See the world? I have seen several places in the world, just not as much as I would prefer at times. Been to Europe, Canada, Down south…
    Home is where the heart is. And I always live at Home.
    Hope I hear what I’m typing, kind of difficult to not think before typing, although many people apparently do just that. Maybe I think your pathetic, for labelling me something you have no idea about. Hmmm? LOL!

    Of course she has choice, as do we all. As far as unwanted… well whos to say?

    Assail away – Great Fun! 🙂

    Peace to You~

  46. John says:

    Just a Safety note:

    Don’t worry – I won’t take anything personally or anything. 🙂
    Wasted to much of my time doing just that. Fire Away!

  47. converse says:

    They said love is blind, but this is really overdoing it x_X

    How often do you find true love by seeing a picture of someone you’ve never met at all. And spare me the ‘we’re lovers in our past life’.

  48. Pommes Frites says:

    John : you re funny and interesting.haha

  49. bkk says:

    I think John is serious about her and i think there is nothing wrong with it, he have every right to declare his love to anyone. As he said he didnt know her name and i am not surprise if John dont even know where the heck is Malaysia ! 🙂 I think thats the only way he can gets her attention and it works ! But the photos do looks so freaky ! Anyway, way to go john !

  50. joe17301 says:

    So what did you fall for John? Her… writing style? Love is something that develop when you KNOW someone… read blog and see pictures is not know someone… this is called infatuation.
    At least, admit that 🙂

  51. Thanis says:

    Heh. Sounds like fun. Will you marry me too ? ;D

  52. Don Juannabe says:

    Oooii.. m i missing the fun?

    will u marry me too cheesie? 😛

  53. Christofu says:

    John, will you marry me? I am a homosexual from Russia. LEAVE CHEESIE ALONE MFker

  54. Porkie says:

    That is the best comment…EVER!!

    *hands Christofu the ‘Best Comment award’* 😀

  55. stoney84 says:

    John…ur my hero XD damn salute u…

  56. funnycheese says:

    Im back….hehe

    wow….i only been away for a while only…
    now cheesie has someone propose to her online, and yet not knowing her real name..

    John…try eBay…u might get to buy a marriage there, just only that what you see may not is what you get….and it cost cheaper, plus with bonus package as well if there is one with free online marriage registration certificate, certified by WORLDWIDE MENTAL INSTITUTION, plus fro your sincerety, you might another bonus package for free, a few children from different contingent, just only in different color…..good for you, it might remind you of the country where you PLANT ur own genetical seeds…

    btw, this is CHEESIE, not CHEE SIEN (gila).

  57. flanegan says:

    or get a wife thru Russian Mail order bride like what Raab Himself did on Viva La Bam.

  58. Henry says:

    lol, Eve like V for Vendetta

    Johnny my man, you cannot love someone from the internet, you just love the idea in your head you have of her! keep it real chief

  59. starmist says:

    sheesh.. john’s freaky haha..

  60. Baby Jane says:

    a bAsKeT oF rArE cHEeSe anD pLUmS tHAt gIVE yOu tHE rUNNeRS mIGhT PaVE yOUR waY to hEr hEArT, jOhN….

  61. giving.up says:

    WOah.. Agree with Porkie. Christofu, canggih man your sentence! Short but concise. Haha. I’ve been reading the comments on this post of Cheesie, and was trying to think of something else to say, and then… O_O! SUPER HEROIC ACT! Lol. *double thumbs up!*

  62. Christofu says:

    haha porkie

  63. henghan says:

    ahahaha see la..
    say cheesus christ summore hehehe

  64. Christofu says:

    hey has anyone figured out John’s URL in tha email to socks smell? Or has he told you already and i didnt c it…. well i figured its something close to which is not it but close

  65. vivien says:

    LOL!!! I don’t know whether I should say lucky you or unlucky you Cheesie XD

  66. vivien says:

    oh yeah did mama Cheesie read this post? XD If I’m your mom I’ll sure go stim that John, hahahaha!!!!

  67. joe says:

    that john is obviously werid. and those who actually argue or debate with him is obviously werider…

  68. Albert Ng says:

    Wow, his lengthyness reminds me of Dabido somewhat.

    And you should’ve changed your name before sending out the email. Make him hunt your site for it. 😛

  69. zra says:


    coolness!!! 🙂

  70. clement says:

    Wah…cheesie no comment already….ur admirer help u reply pula >_

  71. matt says:

    ah ger ar,,…. you not pantang meh? dun turn your marriage proposals into a joke….

  72. anima says:

    whew, now we know your name :p

  73. Vagus says:

    Man that is one scary guy…

  74. gannu says:

    All I can say is, it’s good that there was no virus found in that outgoing mail.

  75. holly (pun intended) ##%%.. that’s all i can say for now…

  76. Chloe says:

    All the way John! I’m falling for u this time!

  77. jenkins says:

    i used to think ur blog was an interesting read… but of late… ur blog has been churning out airheaded post… but i guess air headed post has done u wonders… u’ve got the fame u seek and even a dish named after u…

  78. Popiah says:

    Oh Cheesie, will you marry me? You are breathtaking and you’ve taken my breath away. Please accept my proposal for I will whisk you away to a fairytale land with a castle to live in and only the finest foods to eat. Please be mine.


  79. Simon Seow says:

    Oh, you wrote him a Dear John letter.

  80. ♥ Temptation says:

    he’s so HOLY. lol. ;x

  81. Honey_Z says:

    love your bag with the teddy bear! you brought to HK! where did u get it?

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  83. veronicca says:

    Probably i’m the only one that find this sad…poor man ….

  84. Bar Advice says:

    I will say…at least he has the guts to try. Most guys only think of doing it but never take any action. In his mind he hasn’t failed, just didn’t try hard enough. So he’s really inspirational to guys in SG. Even PAP will be happy he’s trying…lol

  85. Hahaha Cheesus Crust! You’re so funny Cheesie!

  86. Anonym says:


  87. ChristianDea says:

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