Wardrobe clearing!

October 8, 2006 in Photoshoot / Useless fashion

Pun of the day:
She wanted to dress up as a servant to the costume party, so a fitting ensemble was maid to order.

Halloween is just around the corner!

You used to wonder where you can buy Cheesie’s fancy costumes. Well, wonder and wait no more, because Cheesie is selling her costumes now!

I wanna buy more costumes, but mom said i must get rid of my old ones first… 🙁

I bought them all from Taipei last year. They’re all in mint condition; i only wore them once for my photoshoot.

French Maid

Left: Japanese Sailor

Elegant Gothic Lolita

Anyone care to take care of my costumes? You can wear them this coming Halloween, or wear them on your school’s costume party. Heck, you can even wear it in… to surprise your… you know, the ceiling is the limit. null

I’ll set up a separate page for my items soon, with more details such as prices and descriptions. Well, if you are interested, you can drop me a mail first. 🙂

40 responses to “Wardrobe clearing!”

  1. kelvWithaSmile says:

    hahaha..i bet johnie boy will globbled down all 3 costumes, so no need to set up seperate pages lah.

  2. Thanis says:

    Yup. What if an old man decided to buy them and wear them in his private room :O

  3. chermaine says:

    hey hey.

    le meridien hotel in singapore gonna set up an cheese fair.
    lotsa CHEESE!

  4. singyee says:

    are u pure chiinese?

  5. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Wow,u look soooooooooooooooooooooo cute in those costumes!!!
    U look a bit like Amber in the last pic~ 😉

  6. candyfz says:

    the ceiling???!!!! you know this one time we did it under the star….

  7. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    🙂 the french maid costume and the elegant goli costume is some of my favoutires. what a shame to c them go. 🙁

  8. Jason says:

    singyee says:

    October 8th, 2006 at 4:25 pm
    are u pure chiinese?

    No, she’s a pure Cheesie. Hehehe.

  9. christofu says:

    Dont let John buy it. You never know what he might do with it….

  10. Cozzie says:

    im sure those arent all of it is it? hrm what is with people’s obsession with french maid coustume. I wonder if the french still uses it themselves… XD

  11. giving.up says:

    lol @ kelvWithaSmile’s comment. =D even if Cheesie doesnt sell them to john, he might ask someone else to get them for him. I think Cheesie would be getting more mails from the guys than the girls for the costumes. God knows what they will be doing with them.

  12. bulat says:

    aww so cutee~~: 3 i would buy them but judging from the size..Er…lolz cant fit T_T

  13. Albert Ng says:

    Wow, if female sailors dock, do they scour the town to look for…

    Oh well, I’ll be there.

  14. Jasmine says:

    Hi Cheeserland,

    Im interested in your costumes.. Please fill me in with the details… price, size, availability, how to collect from u… Thanks so much !!

  15. snow says:

    I love those costumes but too bad considering the size and the distance. *sigh*

  16. Kei says:

    Ya, I love them too!! X3

  17. Pommes Frites says:

    no figure and no occasion to wear. = (

  18. stoney84 says:

    buy it from her…n sell it to John XD …

  19. madeline says:

    OMG… I want the french maid costume…..

  20. Mimi says:

    I hope you bought those clothes with your own money…and not waste mama’s money buying those useless clothes…

  21. Thanis says:

    I wonder when kennysia will make a spoof out of these costumes! LOL

    Imagine kennysia in a sailor or maid costume. OMG

  22. Melissa says:

    *sobs* I like the sailor outfit. But I’m 13 aka TOO SMALL TO WEAR THAT! T.T

  23. annie says:

    do you have a better picture of the lolita one? and what size?? xo

  24. John says:


    Now thats Halloween… !

    Personally, I am more the Pirate, Hobo, Vampire Type – For my own choices on the sam day.

    I would buy those, but I don’t think State Street is would be where I would want to be seen
    dressed like that! LOL

    And.. I prefer to have women wear their own clothes – Looks FAR better.
    Besides I’m a bit short this month in my wardrobe funds! I’ll just sit back and watch the world go by…
    The Gothic one is fantasomania! But perhaps, it should be a Go-Diva outfit… from what I know, (which is not much some days), Goth do all white and black. Cheesie has a LOT more color than those.

    Peace, Light, and Love to You All!!!

  25. Yoruichi says:

    Ooh… I’m interested in the french maid & GL costumes!! But must see size first.. I’m very short >_> Post more pics pls~

  26. John says:

    Stoney84 – More like Boxcar Willy. But Sam and Frodo Rock!@

    Yeah, She looks like Flamin Ice in anything to me!


  27. Michelle says:

    Hi, I am interested with your white boots from your dressing as the theme of French Maid. Kindly let me know whether the boots fit me or not. I am wearing the size of 8.

  28. liselle says:

    it all looks cute. Do you sell the gloves/accesories separately?

  29. cheesie says:

    Annie: Yes, coming up soon. 🙂
    Michelle: Unfortuntely my shoe size is super small. Either 4 or 5. 🙁 But i’m sure you can get nice white boots somewhere. 🙂
    Liselle: Normally they come in a set. 🙂

  30. liselle says:

    awww. i love the sailor shoes and the french costume’s gloves =(

    Oh well, i’ll wait for your price then!

  31. funnycheese says:


    don’t be surprise if John snap up all available costumes for sales…..could be another cross top of the scared gothic costumes… 🙂

  32. Kagome says:

    ohmigod. i’m in love!!!!!
    i love love love the outfits. now how can i make them into my real life?
    tisk tisk. i dunno but i still love it

  33. Kagome says:

    ohmigod. i’m in love!!!!!
    i love love love the outfits. now how can i make them into my real life?
    tisk tisk. i dunno but i still love it

  34. cheesie says:

    Kagome: I’m selling some soon.

  35. keiko chan says:

    anata wa tottemo kawaii ne…..

  36. Chio sama says:

    Konnichi wa

    Kawaii >.

  37. Chio sama says:

    I forgot put my mail…

    Gomen nasai U.U U


  38. Dollita says:

    Love lolitas fashion so much.wish to have one.dressing like a doll sure is uniq.n so kawaiii!!!anyone who is kind enough to give me one.i’ll hug them tight.JK..=P

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