Pun of the day:
The Mooncake Festival Celebration in Negeri Sembilan made the land-tern into a state of excitement.


Seremban is just a small little town, and there are only so many beauty queens in Seremban.

We do photoshoots together.

We partake in fashion shows together.

We get invited to events together.

And we often see each other with our own tiaras on display.

This time aound, we were invited to the Mooncake Festival Celebration in Lukut.


It was full house.

There were various performances…

Lantern competition…


And Miss Serembans.


At first we thought we were invited just to be seen and eat mooncakes. But indeed, as a Miss *Something*, we are bound to our duties and responsibilities to the community and beyond. After all, without people like us, who else would step up to try and solve world hunger, as well as put a stop to terrorism?


Well, at least that’s what the Miss World contestants say. lol


First of all, of course we’d have to look like Miss Somethings.

We had to entertain our little fans.

We had to entertain those, well, you know.

We even had to entertain little animals. You know, to promote world peace ma.

We had to model for some cars.

Not only that hor. We actually had to parade around the whole town on the cars.



Really not easy being a Miss Something wei.


But the best part of the carnival was actually this:

The fireworks exploded right above our heads. It felt as if a part of the sky suddenly burst open with a loud bang, raining fiery cheexie dust on us.

It was an awesome, exhilarating experience, though i have to admit it was also pretty chee geek! Mom was so scared that she was screaming until it ended. Haha. 😀